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Portfolio de Raphaël Velt

Portfolio de Raphaël Velt
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Sue Keely | Graphic Recorder | SHIFT-IT® Coach | Home information design patterns cookbook a sophisticated online collection of about 48 design patterns that describe distinct methods for the display of interactive information graphics, their active behavior as well as the forms of user interaction with them. as part of the written thesis in Interface Design from Christian Behrens, a freelance interface designer in Berlin, the website aims to inform graphic designers who need to deal with complex tasks in the field of information design, but do not have any specific knowledge in statistics or data visualization. it is intended as an online "cookbook" that offers a set of tools & methods to cope with all common forms of data visualization, similar to design patterns in computer science, such as the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. Chris informed me there is the possibility to publish the thesis as a book. any interest from infosthetics readers? [link:|thnkx angus & Christian]

of nodes and edges | home page Philippe Nieuwbourg | Intelligence d'affaires, Business Intelligence | Analyste, journaliste et enseignant-formateur Mindmapping, concept mapping and information organisation software Accordion Pattern - Design Pattern Library An accordion (or accordion menu) is a grouped set of collapsible panels that provides access to a large number of links or other selectable items in a constrained space. Each inlaid panel may be individually expanded (usually leaving the rest collapsed), generally by hovering on or clicking the title of (or an expand/collapse element on) the specific panel, to display a single subset of the options. What Problem Does This Solve? When there are too many items to fit into a limited space or when the number of items, if displayed all at once, would overwhelm the user, then the question is how to give the user access to all of the items in digestible chunks and without requiring scrolling, which can remove the user from the context or page position they may prefer. When to Use This Pattern Use when the number of options is large, the space is constrained, and the list of items can be logically grouped into smaller, roughly equal sized chunks. What's the Solution? Recommendations Options

The french touch of Network Sciences - Visualisation de l'information, présentations efficaces et tableaux de bord Le schéma heuristique : même si le terme n’est pas mnémotechnique l’utilisation devrait en être systématique ! Découvrez comment Bernard utilise les schémas heuristiques dans le cadre de son projet Lean Six Sigma dans le roman d’initiation « A la découverte du Lean Six Sigma » (Tous les fichiers sources des cartes présentées dans le livre sont disponibles dans le CD-Rom joint au livre) de Florent FOUQUE disponible sur : —————————————————————————————————————————————– Vous savez quoi…!? Je sors du cinéma avec ma belle et douce. Nous sommes allés voir « Pour Elle », un thriller français. Le schéma heuristique, la carte mentale ou le mind map (à vous de choisir le terme) est utilisé par le héros (incarné par Vincent Lindon) pour construire le plan d’évasion. On ne le voit pas très bien sur ce plan, car le schéma est un peu surchargé, mais si vous allez voir le film vous allez voir comment il est construit au fil de l’histoire. Source : J’en profite d’ailleurs pour souligner la supercherie que constitue l’invention du fishbone… M.

Getting Started - Design Pattern Library Welcome! You've found your way to our pattern library and we hope you find it helpful. If you still aren't sure just exactly what a pattern is then you may want to take a moment to review our About the Pattern Library page, where we explain what we mean when we talk about user experience design patterns. After getting oriented, there are a few ways you can plunge in and start working with the patterns in this library: Browse the Patterns When you're looking for inspiration, trying to find out what has worked in the past, or are trying to come up with a framework for a design project, explore the pattern collection, which currently offers patterns in the following categories: Download a Stencil Kit Patterns are informative and educational, and they can help you out in a pinch, but nothing speeds up brainstorming and design processes like a library of stencil shapes you can drag and drop onto your canvas. Try 'em out! Join the Community Let us know when you see something that could be improved.

Generative art and data visualization kevinokeefe : What lawyers put in their website...