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Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

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a beauty blog: The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask Do you ever find a product that even on first try you've fallen in love with? For me, I have to say that I don't have that kind of experience a lot because of how picky I am with skincare. Sometimes it takes 3-4 times to try a product for me to really fall in love with it. I don't think it's because of high expectations I have, rather I really am in tune with my skin and what it needs, likes, and wants. It's taken me a long time to come to this point as I used to just use so many products without really understanding them, and that ended up hurting me in the long run. I'm still trying to deal with the mistakes I naively made in the past (and sometimes still make!).

7 Drugstore Foundations Australian Makeup Artists Love Given their indisputable experience and authority, we quizzed four Australian makeup artists on the drugstore foundations they love and use on the reg. (On clients, and themselves.) The reason being that if a supermarket brand happens to rock their socks, there's a good chance it'll blow us away too. Plus, as local artists, they're fully across the average Aussie woman's quest for flawless skin.

3 Moves, 3 Recipes: Your Super-Easy Slim-Down Plan Hi, Byrdie readers! It's Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up with your fall slim-down plan. The holidays can be a tricky time to stay healthy. There are so many sweet treats and get-togethers that keeping to a fit lifestyle can be challenging.

The Best Korean and Japanese Beauty Products For Combination, Oily and Acne-Prone Skin (Updated 2017!) - Amy Hayden Following the huge success of my “best Korean products for troubled skin” blog post, I decided to write a new version. This one is a little different as it also contains Japanese products, and is mostly based on my own failures and successes. The routine, step by step

Dermatologists Agree: This Is the Best Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin First things first, while many of us label our skin as "sensitive," that's not always the case. With so many products tailored to sensitive skin types, it's easy to guess you're the perfect candidate to use them: My skin is dry and itchy, so I should use these special products. However, Kerry Benjamin, a licensed esthetician and skincare expert, tells us the exact opposite. "Most people think their skin is sensitive, and most are wrong," she explains. "It's hardier than you think. Unless you have a substantial reaction to certain ingredients or a pre-existing condition like rosacea, chances are your skin isn't really sensitive."

A luxurious nourishing cleansing balm for winter - Sun Hye Mi, a beauty blog We all know how important it is to take our makeup off, and the best way to do a thorough job is to start by using a micellar water to remove most of it, then following up with a cleansing oil to remove any last remnants. As someone with sensitive skin, I try to minimize the use of cotton pads to avoid irritating my skin, so I choose powerful and effective makeup removers that can remove my makeup in less than three minutes without needing many cotton pads. If you’ve read my best cleansing oils post you will already know which ones I like the most, but I still want to introduce you to the fabulous cleansing balm I received from UNT, a cruelty-free Taiwanese brand that I have been using for a very long time and have a lot of affection for. The Absolux cleansing balm comes with a spatula, so you can apply it without contaminating it with your fingers, and an exfoliating muslin cloth that is so gentle it won’t irritate even very sensitive skin.

This Foundation Is So Good, Makeup Artists Use It Themselves "I am totally obsessed with Koh Gen Do foundation. It's great because you can build on it, and it's light but long-wearing. The colors are spot-on and super-flattering. It just works, and it's not fussy; it's super easy." — Tracy Murphy, celebrity makeup artist. Teyana Taylor Made A New Workout Video, Everybody Shut Up So remember when Teyana Taylor did all that crazy workout stuff in the “Fade” video and everyone was like, “Okay, maybe Kanye is a genius, but only for this one thing. This specifically one thing, and not anything else ever?” Well, now she’s turning it into an exercise series upon which all other exercises will be judged. And I’m looking at you, yoga.

Three Products You Need to Try That Will Wake Up a Tired Complexion - Korean Skin Care Blog - Peach & Lily Mondays are always tough, but the one after Daylight Saving Time is especially brutal. Turning the clock forward might have you (and your complexion) feeling sluggish. "Sleep deprivation shortens the time that your skin cells renew and replenish at night," says L.A. dermatologist Annie Chiu. And while you snooze, "transepidermal water loss is increased, and losing even an hour of this cellular renewal time can make the skin appear more dull."

YURI PIBU ARTICHOKE SERUM + 5 WAYS TO HYDRATE YOUR SKIN THIS WINTER. I think keeping your skin hydrated is really underrated. It's arguably one of the very most important things you can do for your skin - for overall skin health, to prevent premature aging and blemishes, and to alleviate acne, eczema and other skin conditions. Today we're talking about super-skin-hydrator, the Yuri Pibu Artichoke Essence ($38), available here at Glow Recipe (go check out their brilliantly curated selection) as well as 5 tips I use to hydrate my skin in the colder weather. This water-free serum claims to soothe and hydrate skin with 10 natural moisturising factors (NMF's) , whilst tightening pores, to leave you with baby smooth skin that feels fresh and hydrated. It comes in a frosted glass bottle - a blogger's aesthetic dream - with pipette. With it's bouncy, voluminous texture and opacity, this essence initially feels much more like a gel cream but has a great slip that ensures it smoothes over the skin with ease.

Shay Mitchell Answers Byrdie Readers' Burning Beauty Questions Shay Mitchell seems to be the go-to beauty girl in Hollywood. More than most celebrities we meet, she's game to chat hair and makeup all day long; plus she's involved with multiple cool beauty brands, including Bioré and Smashbox. Back in November, Shay collaborated with Smashbox to release seven drool-worthy eye shadow palettes, all of which come in the most mesmerising holographic packaging and flaunt a myriad of versatile shades. In honour of the collab, we got an exclusive invite to Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles to interview Shay at about all things beauty.

5 Affordable yet Amazing Foundations We Love at Byrdie HQ Finding the best foundation for your skin tone and type can be overwhelming, to say the least. With a plethora of options: full-coverage, matte, tinted (the list goes on), it's nearly impossible to know which formula to choose. And as for colour-matching, don't even get us started on that doozy of a task. Since we are all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of finding a good foundation, let alone one that's reasonably priced, we thought we'd help you out by exposing our personal favourite foundations under $41. Here at Byrdie HQ, we've tried just about every foundation under the sun, and still, finding a quadruple-threat formula—right shade, coverage, finish, and price—is difficult.

mobile.nytimes Photo Editors’ note: Here’s one of our favorite stories from the archives with a helpful tip for Smarter Living. For a greater challenge, see “The Advanced 7-Minute Workout.” And download our new, free 7-Minute Workout App for your phone, tablet or other device.