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Renewable Energy World - Renewable Energy News, Jobs, Events, Companies, and more

Renewable Energy World - Renewable Energy News, Jobs, Events, Companies, and more
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Chava Energy Software Tools | Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY | Leadership in ecoInnovation Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY is the Canadian leader in clean energy research and technology development. With over 450 scientists, engineers and technicians and more than 100 years of experience, we are Canada's knowledge centre for scientific expertise on clean energy technologies. CanmetENERGY supports Natural Resources Canada's priorities to promote the sustainable and economic development of our natural resources, while improving the quality of life of Canadians. We are the largest energy science and technology organization working on clean energy research, development, demonstration and deployment. Our goal is to ensure that Canada is at the leading edge of clean energy technologies to reduce air and greenhouse gas emissions and improve the health of Canadians. We work with the energy industry, academia and environmental stakeholders on cost-shared basis through in-house work and funding support.

BuildItSolar: Solar energy projects for Do It Yourselfers to save money and reduce pollution Renewable Energy — Conti Industrial Our approach to industrial facility construction is simple: deliver the highest quality project at the lowest cost possible to our clients. To support this goal, we have developed a tradition of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving to keep projects on track. Environment Protecting both people and the environment for over 30 years by successfully remediating contaminated project sites, increasing sustainability and cleaning our nation. Infrastructure Providing build and design build services since 1950. Energy Conti’s experience includes many types of facilities such as waste-to-energy plants, wood pellet plants, natural gas-fired simple and combined-cycle facilities, nuclear generation facilities, cogeneration plants, petrochemical facilities, and renewable energy projects such as landfill gas power plants.

Scanneurs laser 3d, laser trackers, numérisation 3d Main Page REPP: HOME Torresol Energy - Gemasolar thermosolar plant Gemasolar is the first commercial-scale plant in the world to apply central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology. The relevance of this plant lies in its technological uniqueness, since it opens up the way for new thermosolar electrical generation technology. Characteristics of Gemasolar: Rated electrical power: 19.9 MWNet electrical production expected: 110 GWh/year Solar field: 2,650 heliostats on 185 hectaresHeat storage system: the molten salt storage tank permits independent electrical generation for up to 15 hours without any solar feed. The prolongation of the plant's operating time in the absence of solar radiation and the improvement in efficiency of the use of the heat from the sun makes Gemasolar's output much higher than that which is delivered by other technologies in a facility with the same power. The notable increase in the plant's power efficiency guarantees electrical production for 6,500 hours a year, 1.5 to 3 times more than other renewable energies.

Green Power Conferences Profile on Environmental Expert Green Power Conferences is the market leader in renewable energy conferences Since 2003, over 22,000 delegates from over 152 countries have attended over 200 conferences, exhibitions, workshops and training courses providing strategic business intelligence to the renewable energy and sustainability industries. Our expertise lies in producing high quality, interactive conferences that provide ample networking opportunities for delegates, sponsors and partners. Our events create micro-market places for utilities, developers, investors, suppliers and policy makers to meet, do business and develop partnerships. Renewable focus: We specialise in renewable energy and produce a broad portfolio of events for the wind, solar, biofuels, biomass, biogas, geothermal, ocean energy and climate finance markets. Global reach: Our Mission: To fight climate change with event media... 10 reasons to business with Green Power Conferences Pioneers High Quality Events, Robust Agendas Global Figures & Thought Leaders

Isolation thermique, économies d'énergie, isolant feu, acoustique, étanchéité | Rockwool France Kohei Minato: Magnet Motor Hokei MINATO Magnet Motor John Dodd: "The Techno Maestro's Amazing Machine" (Japan, Inc., March 2004) Kohei Minato: US Patent # 4,751,486 K. Minato: US Patent # 5,594,289 Henry Curtis: KeelyNet BBS Posts Michael Randall Emails Padrak: INE Press Release Photos The Techno Maestro's Amazing Machine Kohei Minato and the Japan Magnetic Fan Company A maverick inventor's breakthrough electric motor uses permanent magnets to make power -- and has investors salivating by John Dodd When we first got the call from an excited colleague that he'd just seen the most amazing invention -- a magnetic motor that consumed almost no electricity -- we were so skeptical that we declined an invitation to go see it. If the technology was so good, we thought, how come they didn't have any customers yet? We forgot about the invitation and the company until several months later, when our friend called again.

Rocky Mountain Institute - Driving the Efficient Use of Resources Creating Better Buildings Achieving deeper levels of energy savings will require a scaling up of investment in energy efficiency. RMI’s new practice guide on how to calculate and present value from deep energy retrofits can help drive that investment. EERE: ESPC Center Of Excellence About The ESPC What is an Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC)? ESPC’s – a method for Federal agencies to leverage private funds to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Once the projects are completed the guaranteed energy savings are used to repay the Energy Service Company (ESCo) for their investment. Legislation allows the use of an ESCo to assist agencies in meeting the goals and directives set by the Secretary and the EPAct. Detailed Introduction of the ESPC Process (PDF 53 KB) Where Do I Start? Start by reviewing the information on "Detailed Introduction of the ESPC Process". Who Do I Contact First? A Federal Financing Specialist can assist you in all areas of your project. FEMP's Field Office Federal Energy Projects Financing Specialists

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