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les-medias-sociaux---conference-annuelle-2e-edition- - grandes-conferences - evenements Les activités sur les médias sociaux représentent maintenant 23 % du temps passé en ligne par les internautes américains ; 65 % des publicités en ligne sont évaluées sur la performance. Dans un tel contexte, il devient nécessaire de s’approprier les modèles de monétisation des médias sociaux. Nielsen Q3 2011 Cet atelier pratique vous permettra de découvrir les modèles d’affaires les plus innovants et les plus performants, et de comprendre comment bâtir votre plan afin que votre organisation récolte de réels bénéfices par l’utilisation de médias sociaux. L’introduction aura pour objectif de démystifier l’impact économique des communications digitales, et plus particulièrement des médias sociaux. L’atelier abordera des questions cruciales telles que : Quels sont les modèles d’affaires des différentes marques qui utilisent les médias sociaux ? Comment utiliser les indicateurs de performance comme levier d’un modèle d’affaires profitable ? Comment vendre les médias sociaux à votre patron ?

Twitter es la red social de la que más se utiliza La red social Twitter es una de las más famosas del mundo. Aunque no es la más popular, sus más de 300 millones de usuarios en todo hacen que los número se vuelvan colosales. Número de imágenes subidas por minuto, número de tweets o actualizaciones por segundo e incluso el número de usuarios nuevos diarios son cifras que se escapan de las tablas. Pero no todo es desde el punto de vista del usuario, sino también de desarrolladores y empresas. Klout, un servicio de medición y estadística sobre influencias e influenciadores en las redes sociales, nos propone una infografía que compara las llamadas diarias y mensuales a las APIs de diferentes servicios. Quizá si me podía esperar que una red como Twitter, en la que el momento lo es prácticamente todo, la interacción con el móvil es importantísima y las aplicaciones de terceros se cuentan por miles el tráfico hacia los servidores de su aplicación tiene que ser enorme.

Infographic: 5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media This infographic was created by Voltier Digital, a content marketing agency based in Florida, specializing on the creation and promotion of impactful content marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. We all know the usual names of companies that are doing well in social media. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the lesser-knowns and why they've had success, either on an ongoing basis or with some one-off efforts that stood out. And since infographics are all the rage, what better way to look at them? Dell is presented as a master in the art and science of listening. Please feel free to share this post or embed the image on your own site. <a href=" src=" /><small>Created by <a href=" Digital</a> for <a href="

Twitter 101 : Twitter Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking sites, mostly due to its ease of maintenance and simple, direct approach. All it entails is the submission of less than 140 characters, push of the enter key and your news, website, press release, etc. is tweeted to all of your followers. Piece of cake, right? Here is the ‘Twrommer’s Guide’ to using Twitter: - Since you only have 140 characters, you’ll want to conserve space by shortening those long and unruly URLs. - Need Followers (people who receive your tweets)? - Put a ‘#’ in front of key words in your tweet. - To reply a tweet to a specific person, add a ‘@’ to their twitter name, then tweet away. -If you read a tweet that you love and corresponds to your brand or aligns with your social networking purpose, retweet it. -And one last hint to help you keep track of tweets and who you follow. **Remember, once you tweet, it’s out there.

Tumblr Office Tour Daniel Goodman / Business Insider Here is the office of Tumblr, the super fast growing blogging platform that may be inspiring Facebook and has big plans for the future. We had to see where the magic happens. The Tumblr office is on E 21 St. and that building in the background is actually home to Business Insider. Tumblr splits its office between two floors. Of course, a big logo on entry. There is a book case on entry and the home of their 11-year-old Pomeranian Tommy. Once you get into the back there is a pretty good view of the whole office. There are balloons at each section of desks. Andrew Greene, 29, from New Jersey, is a Product Engineer at Tumblr and is working on improving the spam filters. Next we head over to the big hanging dice. The designers sit here and they have another great view of the office. Zack Sultan, 26, from Berkeley, CA, is using a cool pad for a mouse and for drawing designs. These Tumblr mugs are all around the office. So we head to the unicorn. Inside the fridge.

Thinking About Changing Your Twitter Avatar? 5 Quick Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Picture Your Twitter avatar, that little picture that accompanies every single message you publish on the network, is important. Probably more important than you think – a poll I ran a couple of years ago revealed that only 5% of my readers didn’t care about the avatar of the people they were following. Here are five quick tips to help you get it right. 1. We Want To See YOU You should always use a recent photo of your face for your avatar – 58% of my readers prefer and expect that. And just your face – not a close-up of your eyeball, not a picture of you (at least, we think it’s you) from a mile away, and definitely not a picture of your pet, your baby, your favourite celebrity or all of the above. Exceptions: if you’re a brand with an established, recognisable logo, and/or your Twitter profile is managed by a team (as opposed to one person), then it makes sense to put your ego to one side and use your logo. Otherwise, no exceptions. 2. 3. 4. 5. And when you do change it, announce it. Conclusion

PeaceJam | Change Starts Here Twitterfall Twitterfall is a UK-based website designed to allow users of the social networking site Twitter to view upcoming trends and patterns posted by users in the form of tweets. The project was founded by David Somers and Tom Brearley, computer science students at the University of York.[2] References[edit] External links[edit] Panorama des médias sociaux Aviez-vous remarqué que le terme « web 2.0 » n’est plus à la mode ? Il faut dire qu’à force de nous survendre du « 2.0 » à toutes les occasions, le concept fini par lasser. Maintenant, on parle de médias sociaux. De ce morcellement sont nés le social shopping, l’entreprise 2.0, les médias sociaux et bien d’autres encore. Publions, partageons, sociabilisons ! Dans « médias sociaux » il y a « média« , ce qui veut dire que les médias sociaux sont des supports numériques à une prise de parole ou une publication. Dans « médias sociaux » il y a « social« , ce qui implique des échanges (fichiers, goûts, points de vus…) mais aussi des interactions sociales (structuration de groupes d’individus en réseaux, acquisition de notoriété, influence…). Vous l’aurez compris, les médias sociaux sont donc des outils et services permettant à des individus de d’exprimer (et donc d’exister) en ligne dans le but de rencontrer / partager (et plus si affinités). Une infinité d’outils et de services Ouf !