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Calligraphy and Fine Art by Denis Brown

Calligraphy and Fine Art by Denis Brown
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The British Library Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts You can • perform a quick search (this searches for a word or number in all sections of each catalogue entry, including images); • perform a simple search using keywords and dates; • look for information about a particular manuscript if you know its collection name and manuscript number; • perform an advanced search using different types or combinations of information; • explore the virtual exhibitions of various aspects of the British Library's western illuminated manuscript holdings; and • check the illustrated glossaries of terms. • download digital images for further reuse such as in educational contexts, placing on your blog or sharing with others. Please see guidance notes on Access and Reuse. Updated 23 March 2018. Please note that only selected manuscripts in the Additional collection and no manuscripts in the Cotton collection are included in the Catalogue. Full digital coverage of selected manuscripts are also available on Digitised Manuscripts.

Josie Brown Calligraphy ~ Heraldry ~ Illumination Elisabeth Couloigner Peace New limited edition prints by Seb Lester I am proud to present a new limited edition print released today entitled ‘Peace’. It is available in two colourways. A classic metallic gold on black and a contemporary dark chrome on white. I would like to offer a little insight into the design. There are words that are common currency for calligraphers and artists. As is often the case I have drawn inspiration from our rich heritage of letterforms in the West. The background filigree is composed largely of spirals and stars. I know a piece is finished when I feel that adding or removing even the smallest of details would be detrimental to the overall design. Behind the scenes, the dark chrome on white edition in production at BEP Screen Printing in East London: Peace – A limited edition screen print from Seb Lester on Vimeo. ‘Peace’ is available to buy now. Some original pieces of art have also become available today. Shopping List Since I got into calligraphy all my shopping lists look like this.

50 Extremely Awesome Examples of Typography This time we’re gonna show you some truly inspiring works with text, also referred to as typography. This can be used many places; in magazines, advertisements, websites, logos and more. These great pieces will show you that there are no boundaries and that you can make almost anything with text if you have a good portion of creativity and talent. Typography can in todays terms be so much more than what you find in a book or magazine. Gun by ~mou5e Burdened by ~dylanroscover En Masse by ~clockblock your type by ~O-nay I Speak Alone by ~Gordorca Beauty by *mrgraphicsguy Typography Plate 002 by ~Postpwned I am not myself by ~OrigamiSuicida What Lies Within by ~um0p3pisdn Got a Light by ~DesertViper Typography by ~e-emoo John Lennon in Type by ~Dencii Come Back To Me_1600×1050 by ~Dmaghar Lying by =RenzGFX Steven Paul Jobs by ~dylanroscover Instant by *Shinybinary The Raven by ~swordfishll DUB.TILL.DAWN by ~ICDP Lion by ~rickystuffedpie The Garamond Fox by ~StolenStars Think Differently London 2 by *crymz

Beautiful Handwriting, Lettering and Calligraphy - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Handwriting seems to have lost some of its attraction over the last years. Nobody writes beautiful handwritten letters, and uses digital means of communication with smileys, abbreviations and standard lettering instead. And that’s a pity. Since handwriting is unique, it has a tremendous expressive power a standard lettering isn’t able to achieve. More than that, handwritten text can be incredibly gorgeous. In the overview below you’ll find excellent examples of beautiful handwriting, creative lettering and professional calligraphy. For further typographic inspiration you can browse through our previous posts Breathtaking Typographic Posters1 showcases over 50 breathtaking typographic posters designed by artists across the globe. Calligraphy 1800s Lettering Sketchbook:Journal 144Beautiful calligraphy from 1800s. Experiment with photographic paper_035Written by Marina Marjina, a type designer and letterer from Russia. Claredon Press, Flower6A book cover from 1987. Pool Word10

Calligraphy Centre | The Written & Hand-Lettered Word | Creative Letterforms Stéphanie Devaux 51 Breathtaking Post-Apocalypse Wallpapers Humanity has an obsession with its own destruction. From countless religions, myths, legends and doomsday predictions, humanity has always been curious about what the Earth would be like without us. Based on the Earth’s past, it almost seems inevitable that natural destruction will occur at some point, and man-made methods of destruction exist as well. In this post, we’ll look at 51 breathtaking, post-apocalyptic wallpapers that show artistic representations of what Earth would look like after a cataclysmic event. Hope you like them! (Click for the largest wallpaper size available). shodo1 Ken Barber