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ExcelRibbon.Tips.Net - Powerful tips on using Microsoft Excel

ExcelRibbon.Tips.Net - Powerful tips on using Microsoft Excel
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Filled Histograms Using Excel XY-Area Charts I recently showed how to create Histograms Using Excel XY Charts. This technique produces a human-friendly numerical X axis scale, which is easier to read and harder to be deceived by than the bin labels used by column chart histograms. The drawback of that technique is that it produces histogram bars in outline only, without a fill color. In this post I will show how to extend that technique to fill the bars, using the protocol from Fill Below an XY Chart Series with an XY-Area Combination Chart. I started with the data from Histograms Using Excel XY Charts. The calculated values in the middle column are based on the small table to the right. Area Value = Area Scale Min + (Time - Time Min) / (Time Max - Time Min) * (Area Scale Max - Area Scale Min) or something like this, depending on where the tables are in the worksheet: We need to use both XY and Area chart types. So let’s make the chart. Copy the Area and Counts in the second and third columns, including the first and last row.

WordRibbon.Tips.Net SysInternals Pro: What Are the SysInternals Tools and How Do You Use Them? This How-To Geek School series will teach you how to use SysInternals tools like a pro, so your geek cred will never be in question. Not that we are questioning your geek skills. You do use SysInternals tools, right? There are many other admin tools built into Windows, available for free on the web, or even through commercial sources, but none of them are quite as indispensible as the SysInternals suite of tools. These tools are used by every single reputable computer guy — if you want to separate the wheat from the chaff, just ask your local PC repair guy what Process Explorer is used for. Remember that time Sony tried to embed rootkits into their music CDs? This series will walk you through each of the important tools in the kit, get you familiar with them and their many features, and then help you understand how to use them in a real-world scenario. What Are the SysInternals Tools Exactly? Process Explorer is probably the most useful tool in the kit. This stack has not yet overflowed.

Documentary Heaven | Watch Free Documentaries Online Excel Pivot Table Tutorial -- Running Totals With a running total in a pivot table, you can see how amounts accumulate over a period of time, or through a range of products. To create a running total, use the Custom Calculation feature in a pivot table. In this pivot table tutorial, we'll focus on the Running Total custom calculation. Video: Create Running Totals To show running totals, you'll u se the Custom Calculation feature in Excel's pivot tables, as shown in this video tutorial.

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags What is a Twitter hashtag? A hashtag is a way to unite global Tweets around some particular topic. Basically, these are tags that that help those who seek similar content discover your Tweets. According to the official source: Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. Hashtags are getting more and more popular (despite the fact some people are against them wishing their Twitter stream to be metadata-free and “as human a form of communication as possible”). Add more Twitter Followers using twitter location search Anyway, I do use hashtags and find them fun, so I am sharing a few tips and resources below. Where can I find what hashtags people are using? is the first place to find most recent and hot hashtags. is another useful resource for discovering new hashtags and tracking those you are interested in. is a user generated wiki of hashtags. How are hashtags used? Do you use hashtags?

▶ How to reinstall Windows like a pro Reinstalling Windows is an important strategy for any geek, and a useful skill for anybody who doesn’t want to pay one. By starting over with a clean copy of the operating system, you can remove bloatware, wipe out malware, and fix other system problems. A full, clean reinstall is different from the Refresh or Reset your PC options in Windows 8, or a manufacturer’s recovery partition or disk for Windows 7. Those built-in options will set your PC back to its factory-default state—which could include some vendor-installed junk you never wanted anyway. A clean install uses the generic Windows installation media that you can download from Microsoft, and it’ll have just the OS, no other frills. You shouldn’t need to regularly reinstall Windows to keep it performing well. Reinstalling Windows can also save a computer infected with malware or afflicted by blue-screens and other system problems caused by software issues. Before we begin, back up all of your personal data.

250+ Killer Digital Libraries and Archives Hundreds of libraries and archives exist online, from university-supported sites to accredited online schools to individual efforts. Each one has something to offer to researchers, students, and teachers. This list contains over 250 libraries and archives that focus mainly on localized, regional, and U.S. history, but it also includes larger collections, eText and eBook repositories, and a short list of directories to help you continue your research efforts. The sites listed here are mainly open access, which means that the digital formats are viewable and usable by the general public. Efforts were made to go to the root source for these collections. As a warning, many states listed their collections as “archives” when, in reality, the sources contained secondary sources such as books and transcriptions rather than a digital image of the actual document. Localized Collections The sites listed below focus on a certain state’s towns, cities, counties, or regions within a given state. Idaho

Disrupting Class: How Disruptive ... Windows 8 | 7 Tips, Tricks, Help, Support, Downloads, Features 14 Cool Photoshop Tutorial Websites to Become a Photoshop Master. Photoshop is an incredible software and for a creative mind it offers unlimited oppurtunities to express itself. However, given our time limitations , we are not always able to spend the time to learn the complex menus of this software. The best option is then to use some of the sites which provide great photoshop tutorials and learn exactly what one wants to .I am listing here 14 cool sites which should not be missed by photoshop lovers. 1.PSDtuts PSDTUTS is a blog/Photoshop site made to house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around. gives you very detailed illustrations with a large number of pictures.The tutorials are very long , but perhaps because they go in so much of minute details and the graphics are complex.The collection is quite good and I use them often. 2.Photoshop Website An aggregator ,this site has a great collection of photoshop tutorials and hundreds of photoshop brushes to download. 3.PS hero 4.You Suck at Photoshop 5.PSD Learning 6.Photoshop Tutorials

The Whiteboard Blog Largest collection of FREE Microsoft eBooks ever, including: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 365, Office 2010, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, Lync 2013, System Center, Azure, Cloud, SQL Server, and much Live from New York, it’s… Oh, wait, that’s a different show. Regardless, the rumor is that there is a live Microsoft briefing going on today in New York that will have some very exciting news in it, and we’re bringing it to you live! Anyone heard that? Categories: Event, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10Tags: Eric Ligman, Events & Webcasts, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10