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The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

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Utah Legalizes Gold, Silver Coins As Currency SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah legislators want to see the dollar regain its former glory, back to the days when one could literally bank on it being "as good as gold." To make that point, they've turned it around, and made gold as good as cash. Utah became the first state in the country this month to legalize gold and silver coins as currency. The law also will exempt the sale of the coins from state capital gains taxes. Craig Franco hopes to cash in on it with his Utah Gold and Silver Depository, and he thinks others will soon follow. The idea is simple: Store your gold and silver coins in a vault, and Franco issues a debit-like card to make purchases backed by your holdings.

Gold, Oil, Africa and Why the West Wants Gadhafi Dead By Brian E. Muhammad -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: Jun 7, 2011 - 7:59:09 PM What's your opinion on this article? Transition Currency 2.0 - an online banking system for local money UPDATE (10th June 2011) Dear Transitioners, This is a note to say that we have now began work building a service infrastructure for complementary currencies (Transition Currency 2.0). We are working to the 'Request for Proposal' attached below with some minor modifications. The Dutch complementary currency foundation QOIN are now partners with nef and Transition Network in the development of the service infrastructure, having worked with us from the beginning on the scope and functionality of the system and having now also made a significant financial investment via a Dutch philanthropic donor. After a competitive tendering process, we have chosen to use the Cyclos open source software for the back-end of the platform which is a tried and tested system for CCs connected to legal tender as with the existing Transition Currencies.

Occupy Wall Street's Battle Against American-Style Authoritarianism The Occupy Wall Street movement is raising new questions about an emerging form of authoritarianism in the United States, one that threatens the collective survival of vast numbers of people, not through overt physical injury or worse, but through an aggressive assault on social provisions that millions of Americans depend on. For those pondering the meaning of the pedagogical and political challenges being addressed by the protesters, it might be wise to revisit a classic essay by German sociologist and philosopher Theodor Adorno titled "Education After Auschwitz," in which he tries to grapple with the relationship between education and morality in light of the horrors perpetrated in the name of authoritarianism and its industrialization of death.[1] To see other articles by Henry A. Giroux visit The Public Intellectual Project. Democracy is always an unfinished project.

Stephen Zarlenga’s speech at the U.S. Treasury (Dec. 4, 2003) I thank the US Treasury for inviting me. It’s a great honor and opportunity to bring the research results of the American Monetary Institute to your attention, which are relevant to the developing fiscal crises faced by several states. Part of our 501(c)3 mission statement is to do just that. The fiscal problem has its roots in the structure and control of our monetary system, and I intend to show how that structure has ultimately been based on a false or inadequate concept of the nature of money.

Police gun down man in street, threaten to shoot witnesses for filming incident (NaturalNews) When Narces Benoit decided to use his cell phone to film Miami Beach police officers gunning down a man sitting in a parked car early Monday morning, he had no idea the same cops would eventually target him as well. According to video evidence and witness testimony, officers pointed a gun at Narces and his girlfriend, threw them to the ground, destroyed his camera and what they thought was the footage he captured, and handcuffed and arrested the couple, all because Narces happened to capture indicting video evidence of the officers' heinous actions. The Miami Herald reports that Narces and his girlfriend were driving on Collins Avenue in South Beach, Fla., when they happened upon the shocking tail-end of a police chase involving Raymond Herisse, the suspect in question who had allegedly fled police following a scuffle. You can view the video footage for yourself here: The entire event reeks of abuse and coverup. Sources for this story include:

Eka-People.doc Description of the system of mutual relations "Eka-People" Key ideas of the system : humanity and balance. Financial relations must become humane, and human relations - balanced. The first can be archived by following the Gold rule of morality - do not "act in relation to other how you would not like, that they acted in relation to you". The second comes from understanding that even the best internals of people, appearing in the field of defective rules, involuntarily become on service to this system of rules. Powell Memo « The People's Book Project Class War and the College Crisis: The “Crisis of Democracy” and the Attack on Education The following is the first part of a series of articles, “Class War and the College Crisis.” By: Andrew Gavin Marshall Today, we are witnessing an emerging massive global revolt, led primarily be the educated and unemployed youth of the world, against the institutionalized and established powers which seek to deprive them of a future worth living.

The Euro is a Big Success - No Kidding The idea that the euro has "failed" is dangerously naive. The euro is doing exactly what its progenitor – and the wealthy 1%-ers who adopted it – predicted and planned for it to do. That progenitor is former University of Chicago economist Robert Mundell. Worse than meltdown, government report says devastating 'melt-through' has occurred at Fukushima; Official suggests Japan could become 'uninhabitable' (NaturalNews) Recent reports confirming that Reactors 1, 2, and 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility completely melted just hours after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the area on March 11 ( have been trumped by even worse news that those same reactors have all likely "melted through," a situation that according to Japan's Daily Yomiuri DY is "the worst possibility in a nuclear accident." And senior political official Ichiro Ozawa suggested in an interview with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that the Fukushima situation could make the entire country of Japan "unlivable." A nuclear core meltdown involves nuclear fuel exceeding its melting point to the point where it damages the core, leaks out, and threatens to potentially release high levels of radiation into the environment. IAEA has already stated that the Fukushima disaster is at least as bad as the Chernobyl disaster ( but this new information now suggests that it is probably even worse.

I agree with you on the secret of OZ I also think the inside job docu was very good. Im new to peartrees so still building my pearls. Im just looking at your banking reform now looks interesting.I have following the Lord James of Blackheath he spoke in house of Lords on the 16th Feb 12 about $15trillion transfer to HSBC intriguing story by freedomseeker Mar 4

I've watched a number of similar digital documentaries on the topic, and this is by far the best. I'm glad you enjoyed it. On the facebook page I've been highlighting items in the archive and giving them some additional context — relating items in here to one another. I haven't done anything on banking reform yet, but I should sometime soon. by tor.nelson Mar 4

This was an amazing documentary by Ben Still that made so much sense. Thank you,You are arming us with knowledge, and knowledge is power. by freedomseeker Mar 3