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Geotagging of Youtube videos

Geotagging of Youtube videos
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Panoramio - Photos of the World vidmap Create your own Street View Have you ever tried to convey the feeling of walking through your favorite park? Or have you wanted to create an interactive tour of a memorable journey? Well, starting today, it's now possible for you to build your own Street View experiences to do just that. Creating Street View from your photo spheres is as easy as connecting the dots into what looks like a “constellation” of stars. To get started, just create photo spheres using your Android phone or a DSLR and then share them on Views. I built this Street View experience from photo spheres I created with both my Android phone (Nexus 4) and my DSLR camera. We are excited to see the different types of Street View experiences that everyone will contribute. And, just like with Street View, you can embed our interactive viewer on your own website or build applications with it using the Google Maps API. We hope this new feature will enable people to share and witness the beauty and breadth of our planet through Google Maps.

Polymaps Online travel journals. Create. Share. Explore the world. - MapVivo METRO MAP CREATOR If you have the code for a map please paste it into the box below, then click "LOAD"LOAD CODE Alternatively you can chose a sample route.DefaultPoo Land Here is the code for your map. Copy this code to a text file on your computer if you want to carry on with your map at a latter date. SAVE AS IMAGE (low res)Quickly save the map at a low resolutionQUICK SAVEWhen the image appears, right click it and chose save SAVE AS IMAGE (high res)To save at a high resolution follow these steps...Firstly before doing anything else, copy the code above into the clipboard.Once you have done this THEN click here

glos dodany do wirtualnej wycieczki Online Maps with Leaflet | Leaflet.js Walkthrough So you want to make a webpage with a Leaflet.js map: You can use to set up your page and show the code to us online. We’ll explain how to get to a working map, and you can send people a direct link to the final product by adding /show/light to your URLs. For example 1. Create your own jsFiddle page by going to First: you need to add in the Leaflet.js libraries. Do the same for CSS library -- and if you happen to be using Internet Explorer 7, add as well. 2. Now you’re ready to embed an interactive map, using map tiles from OpenStreetMap. <b>A Map using Leaflet.js</b> <div id="mymap" style="width:450px;height:430px;"></div> The first line is some HTML that uses <b> tags to put your headline in bold. The second line is an HTML division, known as a <div>, with dimensions 450 pixels wide by 430 pixels tall. map = new L.Map( "mymap" ); 3. 4. Mapping tools Watch the world's ships sail Earth's oceans in REAL TIME: Interactive map reveals crowded routes taken by planet's vessels Marine Traffic map lets anyone trace a vessel that has a position ‘transponder’ similar to those used by aircraftTransponder broadcasts the ships’ position, name, course and speed allowing other vessels to avoid collisionsVessel tracks are coloured according to type and users can zoom in to see which ships are moving in that areaClicking on a placemark allows users to find picture of the ship as well as its speed, vessel type and destination By Ellie Zolfagharifard Published: 11:16 GMT, 22 May 2014 | Updated: 14:29 GMT, 22 May 2014 All over the world, majestic shipping vessels are navigating through vast oceans as they bring their valuable cargoes to port. While their routes may seem far-flung, anyone can track their progress in real-time from the comfort of their desk using this addictive interactive map. Developed by a group of global academics, the Marine Traffic map lets users trace a shipping vessel with a position ‘transponder’ similar to those used by aircraft.

Quizy z wykorzystaniem mapy The rise of OpenStreetMap: A quest to conquer Google’s mapping empire om·ni·pres·entadjective \-zənt\: present in all places at all times This definition of omnipresent sums up many facets of society. Fast food chains? Everywhere. What started as a simple search engine back in 1998 is now an omnipresent force, spanning search, email, video, productivity, smartphones, laptops, glasses, navigation and more. Not long before Nest, Google acquired Boston Dynamics, a company that builds robots that can walk and run and have names like BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat and Atlas. Five years from now, Google may have data-points from every facet of your life – at home, on the bus, and in the car. Navigation: There’s a (Google) map for that Deeply entrenched in Google’s arsenal of innovation is Google Maps, a service you’ve no doubt encountered in your time online through Google’s own cross-platform mapping tools, or the slew of third-party apps that suckle from its navigational teat. “Have others tried their hand at crowd-sourcing map data as well? ‘Owning’ location

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