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Credit Union Email List , Mailing Addresses

Credit Union Email List , Mailing Addresses
“If there’s a calm in the economic storm, it may be credit unions, whose investors are sleeping through the night.” – Susan Lisovvicz (CNN) If names like Navy Federal Credit Union, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Alliant Credit Union, NASA Federal Credit Union etc. are something you are familiar with, then your financial investments are in the right path. In 2015, Credit Unions in the United States set a new record with 103.992 million members made up by 45.4% of the economically active population (Wikipedia)! So wake up! You need to think beyond conventional banks and consider connecting with decision makers from Credit Unions for your business. So begin today by making use of Lake B2B’s Credit Union business email list! Gaining Business Efficiency with Lake B2B’s Top Credit Unions Masterfile At Lake B2B we value our clients and believe in being able to build long-term business interactions with them. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! What you get in the Credit Unions Mailing List

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CFO Mailing Addresses “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin When thinking of financial investments and policies, even the smallest mistake and loophole can have catastrophic results for an organization. It’s not surprising therefore for organizations to value the role of the Chief Financial Officer or CFO who monitors, analyses, mitigates and manages the financial risks that companies face. At Lake B2B we therefore believe that for marketers with products and services that would benefit CFOs in carrying out their role more effectively, it’s unwise not to connect with them directly. With our CFO mailing lists we simplify the process and provide the right tools for communication with CFOs from multi-national and smaller organizations.

Nurses Mailing Addresses “Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.” – Dag Hammarskjold Nursing is a healthcare profession focused on caring for individuals for improving and/or maintaining their quality of life. They practice in diverse areas, often in close association with physicians, and usually have a different approach to patient care. Pediatrics Mailing Addresses According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics it is estimated that between 2012-22 there will be an 18% increase in employment opportunities among pediatricians due to increasing healthcare demands! So if you thought the market for pediatricians was saturated, think again! If predicted statistics prove to be right, there could be enormous opportunities for business growth from this single specialty alone! And in order to assist our clients to make the most from this business opportunity, Lake B2B offers their clients the pediatrician email database for easy and effective b2b communication.

Doctor Email Database "In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men" - Cicero Doctors are medical professionals who diagnose and treat ailments and restore good health. They are trained to examine, diagnose and treat patients. Cardiology Mailing Addresses According to research by the American Heart Association it was seen that in the USA more than 2200 deaths are caused each day by cardio-vascular diseases with an approximate $300 billion total costs every year! Opportunities for cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons are on a global rise. With pharmaceutical companies and research labs carrying out necessary R&D to introduce improved drugs and treatment procedures, it is unlikely that their demand is doing to dip any time soon. So let’s not wait for the right time – because “today” is the best time for you to reach out to your audience base. With the timely and methodical use of our email list of Cardiologists now is the best time for you to leverage from market opportunities and engage with Cardiology Specialists who have the authority and interest to invest in your products and services. How to benefit by campaigning with our Cardiology email database:

Printing Industry Mailing Addresses The Lake B2B Printing Industry Professionals Email List consists of over 50,000 contacts involved in all phases of the printing industry. Email, postal and telemarketing data are available for a multi-channel campaign. Printing industry mailing lists has the potential to make you reach business professionals working in today's printing industry. Every small little thing, from manuals to newspapers to t-shirts to little tags on clothes and linens, nearly every product calls on the printing industry somewhere along the line.

CEO Mailing Addresses “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffett (CEO Berkshire Hathaway) And that’s exactly why your business needs to do things differently! Forget the old fashioned way of using single communication channels to reach targeted business decision makers like CEOs, CFOs, CIOs etc. Instead invest in the authentic and fool proof CEO email and mailing database from Lake B2B to gain from multi-channel b2b campaigning.

Dermatology Mailing Database We cited those figures to make marketers realize the potential dermatology as a specialty has, and how much can be benefited from it only if one plays the game systematically and in a planned manner! To start with, one must get for their marketing campaigns comprehensive databases that would support the campaigns with its verified and accurate data on dermatologists. And the dermatologists email database will do that and more for your campaigns! College Mailing Addresses “Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” – Mark Twain College education undoubtedly is the setting stone for thousands of young minds willing to nurture and cultivate their thinking. It’s probably for this reason that universities and colleges are always in the search for the right books, software, educational paraphernalia and more, to help them deliver quality education. At Lake B2B, we help education marketers optimize this opportunity and offer the college database as a means to reach out to connect with university deans, directors, principals, trustees and other authorities in the most cost-effective way!