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Imagimap Baselayers v2

Imagimap Baselayers v2

OpenStreetMap wordpress »plugin OSM is a wordpress plugin that deals with geo data. Simply wordpress shortcode has to be used within your post or page to: There are some samples how to use this plugin, you might need a combination of different samples, simply take the shortcode arguments you need from each sample and put it into your shortcode for the map. Click on the image to see a live-version and the tutorial for each map! Using the OSM plugin shortcode generator To add simple OpenStreetMap maps into your blog the shortcode generator will fullfill your needs, just go to the settings page of OSM plugin, adjust the map and the zoom and click on the map to get the shortcode: Installation and upgrade 1.) download the plugin to your local machine 2.) unpack the plugin and upload the osm directory with FTP to /content/plugins 3.) activate the plugin in <Plugins> at admin area 4.) happy mapping IMPORTANT: Do not use “automatically upgrade” if you stored personal files (gpx, txt) in the OSM-plugin folder!! 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.)

La Cantine Vous avez envie de comprendre la création de cartes en mode Wikipedia ? Vous voulez vous lancer dans la cartographie de votre quartier ou votre ville? Rejoignez des contributeurs du projet à La Cantine le vendredi 2 Septembre pour une initiation gratuite à la Néo Cartographie. OpenStreetMap est une carte du monde entier librement modifiable, faite par des gens comme vous. Elle vous permet de voir, modifier et utiliser des données géographiques de n'importe quel endroit dans le monde. Vous avez envie de comprendre la création de cartes en mode Wikipedia ? Au programme (Niveau Débutant) 1. 2. Matériel recommandé mais facultatif:- Ordinateur portable- GPS- Bloc Note- Dictaphone numérique- Appareil photo numérique

Participatory Maps for Inclusive Cities With the multi-dimensional complex challenges facing the world today, participatory maps provide a unique way of engaging citizens. Photo by Lee Shaver. Urban planners, designers and architects have their work cut out for them. The rate of urbanization around the world means that we have to reconfigure the way we think, design and plan cities. It is not like starting from scratch on a clean canvas. This is where participatory maps are an increasingly important aspect of studying and planning more inclusive cities. In 2010, Make designed and shared a map, which he calls “USE/LESS,” to bring to attention the dismal circumstances cyclists had to endure in his hometown of Moscow. There are also efforts to map cycling routes in China, which is important given that many Asian cities—particularly in India and China—are seeing a reverse trajectory: a shift away from walkability, pedestrianism and cycling that instead promotes and facilitates car driving.