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Unnamed pearl

Unnamed pearl
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SCIENCE EN JEU Réflexiences Outils logiciels Année Mondiale de l'Astronomie 2009 Bienvenue sur le site coordinateur de l'Année Mondiale de l'Astronomie en France En France, plus de 300 actions ont été labellisées: Nous vous invitons à parcourir notre site pour retrouver la liste des projets AMA09, classés par régions. Le but de l'Année Mondiale de l'Astronomie est d'aider les citoyens du monde à redécouvrir leur place dans l'univers par l'observation du ciel, de jour et de nuit, et faire sentir à chacun l'émerveillement de la découverte. Tous les humains devraient réaliser l'impact de l'astronomie et des sciences de base dans nos vies quotidiennes, et mieux comprendre comment la connaissance scientifique peut contribuer à une société plus équitable et plus paisible. Galileo Galilei, Thomas Harriot, Hans Lipperhey, Johannes Kepler

Classroom Materials | Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center The materials below were developed by teachers and professional educators associated with the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center with input from our scientists. The materials are designed to engage students in learning about science and engineering challenges associated with producing sustainable biofuels. All materials are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and designed to fit within the curriculum of standard K-16 science courses. Materials include investigations, shorter stand-alone activities and readings, as well as longer integrated units. Use the sort and search features to find materials that meet your needs. Alternatively you can browse a list of our materials sorted by NGSS Performance Expectation or browse the NGSS performance expectations for each activity. For additional bioenergy labs and activities developed through participants in our Research Experience for Teachers program, visit the RET Projects page.

@t home, la classe de sciences Le forum de la conquête spatiale Vegetation education: Ex-forester dedicated to teaching the next generation When Sam Gilbert asked students more than a decade ago what conifers were in the forests around Helena, no one had an answer. So Gilbert set out to change that. Since 2002, Gilbert, a retired forester who spent about 35 years working for the U.S. Forest Service in northern Idaho and Montana, has been volunteering his time to organize a day during which seventh grade students from C.R. “As a school, we’re so grateful that he has wanted to include us in this project,” C.R. Hagengruber, a seventh grade life sciences and English teacher, has been including her students in the project since the first teacher involved in the program retired six years ago. The entire group of about 60 students on the seventh grade team led by Hagengruber and fellow teacher Mike McGinley participates in the field inventory day. “Once school starts, the whole first three or four weeks are designed to giving them background information,” Hagengruber said. While the students are preparing, so is Gilbert.

Page 1 Printemps des sciences Project-based learning program comes to Cedar Rapids Community School District By Meryn Fluker, The Gazette Three teachers are preparing to venture into new educational territory with 90 students. This fall will mark the debut of The Roosevelt Option, a project-based learning program for eighth-graders at Roosevelt Middle School in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. Principal Autumn Pino, who helped design the framework, said it’s not a pilot but a “prototype.” “Students will be in a flexible learning area where they will have access to the resources and technology needed to help them gain knowledge through community-based projects,” reads the informational document which went home with students in May to notify families about The Roosevelt Option. In short: 90 Roosevelt eighth-graders will eschew the traditional class schedule to work with three teachers and learn core subjects — such math and science — through completing individual and group projects that will benefit the community. “It has to represent the demographic,” Pickering said.

Les Atomes Crochus

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