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Torrent Search Engine - Search engine and human edited web directory KartOO Bit Che - Torrent Search Bit Che is a framework and script language for searching Bit Torrent websites and search engines for torrents. Bit Che uses user submitted and customized script files which allows it to quickly search lots of torrent websites and easily organizes the results. Bit Che allows you to instantly preview the torrent details by reading the torrent file directly. Easily view the page where the torrent was found or click to open the torrent in your favorite downloader. Bit Che also features built-in filtering to remove duplicate torrents found across the different sites that it searches. Bit Che is pronounced many different ways, usually 'bit chay'. Over 50 sites are supported by Bit Che. If you would like to request any additional sites please PM me (chip!) Script Function List - v2.0 is available if you would like to help create more scripts!

Log off Successful - Customer If you are already aware of our site and trainer, you'll find at this point a quick and convenient overview for downloading our MegaTrainer. Here you can see easy and quick which trainer-download for which membership was last updated and what type of membership you at least need to download this trainer. So if you just want to download our trainer with all the games and cheats quickly, this overview is just right for you. If you don't know our site well or looking for a trainer/cheat to a certain game, is it best done using our games overview, where you can find all the games that we have included in the trainer (and some others more). MegaTrainer eXperience (MT-X) With the MegaTrainer eXperience, 2007 we launched the second generation of our MegaTrainer which included various technical refinements to the trainer and the structure of the cheats. Free Download Bronze Download Silver Download Gold Download MegaTrainer XL (MTXL)

RNS : Login Disclaimer: None of the files shown here are actually hosted on this server. The links are provided solely by this site's users. These BitTorrent files are meant for the distribution of backup files. By downloading the BitTorrent file, you are claiming that you own the original file. 3 Forum Search Engines to Search 40.000+ Message Boards I have always found something special about finding information on forums. On most forums, the information you can find there is REALLY useful, almost always within reason. The search engines below are really great at finding some of those useful forum posts. Some of them are even more relevant than Google in displaying results (for those that don’t know you can search probably over 90% of forums via Google by adding the inurl:forum operator.) Without further ado, let’s start. Omgili What is it about? Some great free services offered by Omgili are: - Google@Omgili: it returns Google results. - Omgili Q&A: I honestly haven’t found a better Q&A search engine than this which returns more relevant results. Boardreader What is it about? The thing I don’t like about Boardreader is that they try to be all in one – video search, microblogs search, they even search images! BoardTracker What is it about? I guess it was either me or their site is at times very slow (not to talk about their NEW!

Strike Search - Torrent Search Engine I suppose I’ve been waiting to make this post for sometime. Source code for Strike Search is released here some of you might be aware that since Aurous was sued and shutdown I’ve been quite absent from maintaining a few of my projects. Strike being one of the most popular. As you can see if just a teeny bit taxing on my server, so as of today I wanted to officially annouce that Strike will no longer focus on torrents, in fact I’ve decided to phase Strike into creating open source utilities that help every day life. This includes but is not limited to Remote desktopPowershellCMDTask ManagementSystem monitoring (health, heat, peformance)File browsing/downloading Thats just some of the features already implemented, while Ulterius is by no means production ready, we’re hoping this project is a big hit. Even if you just want to extend functionality, we already have plugin support What about the api? Who is part of Strike? Andrew Sampson Evan Banyash Github Links Andrew

BBC iPlayer - Waterloo Road: Series 8: Episode 21 (High Definition) 토렌트 온 :: 사랑아사랑아 122회 토렌트(사랑아사랑아 121023) The Top 5 Google Alternatives and Why You Should Use Them In fact, in 1998 when it first went live on the official domain, the beta was publically labeled by its creators as a “might-work-some-of-the-time-prototype”. While the mechanics of it have improved dramatically since then, it still relies on the number of backlinks to theorise how important a webpage is. A lot of us have grown sick of what could be called an outdated way to display results and maybe even resent their market dominance. If you want to shed that mentality of instantly “Googling it” then you’ve got to take the leap, here are five excellent Google alternatives – each one has their own specific goals and a different way of doing things; and no, they’re not Bing, Yahoo! or Wolfram Alpha. FactBites Normally, when you search for something on Google, or any of the big search engines for that matter you’re returned results based on the popularity of the page. This search engine is great for things such as school work and research for articles or other such works. Quintura

12 Articles of 2015 You Shouldn’t Miss If You Want to Improve Team Collaboration and Communication — Real-time collaboration tips 12 Articles of 2015 You Should Not Miss If You Want to Improve Collaboration and Communication In Your Team 2015 flew by really fast for us, as we spent a good chunk of last year passionately working to improve collaboration worldwide. Naturally, there were a lot of great reads that we stumbled upon in the process, and that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Entrepreneur: 5 Lessons Traditional Companies Can Learn From Remote Companies by Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of FlexJobs First adopters, who realized the vital importance of collaboration and online communication were remote teams. Netguru blog: 4 Common Concerns About Remote Teams — Solved by John Waldron Typically traditional managers have these four common questions regarding remote work: How do we monitor the progress of the project? Harvard Business Review: Collaborating Online Is Sometimes Better than Face-to-Face by