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Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web

Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web

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Meltwater IceRocket Refdoc Refdoc est momentanément indisponible pour cause de maintenance. Nous vous prions de nous en excuser et vous invitons à vous reconnecter ultérieurement Blogs » 10 Reasons Why We Need An EarthShip Home I have never heard of “Earthship” when looking at green homes before, I am so glad I stumbled upon this article as It has really made me think about my own set up and maybe even changed my mind and build one for my family. Basicly an Earthship is a very green, sustainable home. “Earthships can be built in any part of the world and still provide electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and sustainable food production. The Most Versatile and Economical sustainable green building design in the world” The great thing about these designs is Earthships catch water from the sky (rain & snow melt) and use it four times. Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both cheap to build and awesome to live in. 1) Sustainable does not mean primitive When people hear about sustainable, off-the-grid living, they usually picture primitive homes divorced from the comforts of the 21st century. 2) Free Food 3) Brilliant Water Recycling 4) Warmth & Shelter 5) Energy 6) Freedom 7) Easy to build

Download Free PDF Bringing Order to Information Overload By Christy Barksdale | Posted | 16 Comments | Filed in: Content Marketing Content marketing, the publishing of relevant, link-worthy content, has been all the rage for marketing professionals for several years. A recent survey conducted by content marketing authority Junta42 shows that companies, especially small businesses, are continuing to spend more on content marketing each year because it is more effective than traditional marketing for differentiation in the marketplace. Leads, sales and client retention are better achieved when companies are resources for their customers and help solve their pain points. Now, the new wave of content marketing has arrived: content curation. What is content curation? Rohit Bhargava defines a content curator as someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online. The content curation debate Curation: The purists vs. the realists Social sharing: Aggregation vs. curation Curated searching

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