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10 Fun-Filled Formative Assessment Ideas

10 Fun-Filled Formative Assessment Ideas
Posted 09/14/2015 2:23PM | Last Commented 11/27/2015 11:04AM Formative assessment: you've heard about it, you've read the research, and you've probably tried it out in your classroom. Whether you're a formative assessment newbie or a veteran, these techniques can help spice up how you check for understanding in the classroom. They range from the classics, like exit slips, to ideas you may have never thought to try. This post was inspired by Todd Finley’s big, printable list, "53 Ways To Check For Understanding".

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Blog Challenge: Compare and Contrast Photos I previously mentioned in my Free iPad Apps for the ELT Classroom post that I used these photos in a recent class, and Brad Patterson’s compare and contrast photo blog challenge gives me the opportunity to go into a little bit more depth about how I used them. It was the day after the riots in London escalated and became international news. My student (in a one to one class) is an anglophile, having lived in London for a year, so there were was only one topic of conversation in that lesson. The Best Apps and Services for Learning to Code Coding is a critical skill these days—whether you're building a personal website, assembling a professional portfolio, or striving for a promotion at work. Learning to code can be a lonely, confusing, and tedious process, but online learning programs have sprung up to make coding education accessible to everyone, even those with absolutely no coding experience or knowledge. Here's how to find the best online coding class for you. We've even reviewed got some apps for kids, too, because it's never too early to start coding. Look at the Price Tag Price is always a concern, no matter what you're buying. There are subscription-based programs such as Treehouse, Infinite Skills, CodeHS, Code School, and Learnable, which offer access to all classes in the course catalog for a monthly or annual fee.

Building Community With Attendance Questions Taking attendance is usually a five-minute task at the start of a class period, but in my classroom, it can sometimes take much longer. On rare occasions, taking attendance can take up an entire class period. This happened recently when, for 75 minutes, students listened respectfully to each other. No one snuck a peek at phone messages. No one left the room for a washroom break. Not a single student looked bored.

Scholastic TIMESAVERS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PHOTOCOPIABLE | SCHOLASTIC TIMESAVERS | MARY GLASGOW--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------● Timesaver Resource Books: Secondary | series includes cross-cultural lessons, grammar, vocabulary or skill development, games, raps and communicative activities and everyday, practical English. Tried and tested by teachers around the world, these are full of imaginative, lively activities and perfect for introducing, consolidating or practising recently taught structures and lexical sets. Many books come with audio CDs, or with a free poster to brighten up your classroom walls!

Cinematography 101: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a DP Cinematography is an all-encompassing branch of filmmaking. It can be incredibly complex and confusing for beginners, which is why we have created this manual to help you tackle all things related to shooting a motion picture. Cinematography is defined as the art or science of motion picture photography. It is a derivative of the Greek word kinema, meaning movement. Much like a language, cinematography must be learned well before you can really communicate. A great director of photography will define light and space to create the ultimate image. 13 Common Sayings to Avoid When I was a new teacher in middle school several centuries ago, I occasionally said things to students that I later regretted. In the last few years, I have witnessed or heard teachers say additional regretful things to students. Recently I asked students in my graduate courses (all practicing teachers) if they ever told their students anything they regret.

What I Learned From Susan Burton, a Modern-Day Harriet Tubman There once lived a woman with deep brown skin and black hair who freed people from bondage and ushered them to safety. She welcomed them to safe homes and offered food, shelter, and help reuniting with family and loved ones. She met them wherever they could be found and organized countless others to provide support and aid in various forms so they would not be recaptured and sent back to captivity. MAIN ACTIVITY using cohesive devices (linking words, relative clauses and pronouns) to describe a sequence of actions SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, upper-intermediate (B2) and above Click here for the Teacher’s Notes ​Too much tech? Top 4 ways to make sound business investments - Reseller News Today’s business landscape is crowded with emerging enterprise technology, which presents new opportunities and questions. The confusion caused by the plethora of new business technology can be simplified and better understood by taking key considerations into account. “Technology is complex and many-faceted, making it difficult for organisations to understand which technology to invest in and how to apply it to the business,” says Jim Hamilton, Vice President, Member Communities, CompTIA.

Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding What strategy can double student learning gains? According to 250 empirical studies, the answer is formative assessment, defined by Bill Younglove as "the frequent, interactive checking of student progress and understanding in order to identify learning needs and adjust teaching appropriately." Unlike summative assessment, which evaluates student learning according to a benchmark, formative assessment monitors student understanding so that kids are always aware of their academic strengths and learning gaps. Meanwhile, teachers can improve the effectiveness of their instruction, re-teaching if necessary. "When the cook tastes the soup," writes Robert E. Stake, "that's formative; when the guests taste the soup, that's summative."

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