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Friends Of Lulu School Library Journal | The world's largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens Swallow Me Whole / Top Shelf Productions Winner of the Eisner Award for Best Graphic Novel.Nominated for three Eisner Awards including Best Cartoonist and Best Lettering.WInner of the Ignatz Awards for Outstanding Artist and Outstanding Debut.One of YALSA’S "Great Graphic Novels for Teens."Finalist for the LA Times Book Prize. (Swallow Me Whole was the first graphic novel since 1992’s Maus to be nominated for this prize in any category.) "Nate Powell’s Swallow Me Whole, a disturbed, haunting book, is impossible to describe... "Scaldingly dark ... "Honest and lovingly portrayed. "Darkly sublime." "His layouts, his touch with shadow and darkness, the way he brings you close enough to Ruth that you can watch her sleep without disturbing her dreams, all that stuff is amazing. ... "[Swallow Me Whole] achieves some stunning effects with the art and the lettering ... "Both provocative and thoughtful ... not since Robert Altman's Images has a medium so perfectly conveyed the experience of schizophrenia ...

The Daily What Kidsreads Blog Gordon Bailey, one of the founders of The Nostalgia Journal (the fanzine that eventually became The Comics Journal), recently passed away. Gordon Francis Bailey Jr., a contributor to early comics fandom in north Texas, passed away July 13 after a brief illness, according to his sister, Katherine Bailey. Gordon Bailey was part of The Syndicate — himself, Larry Herndon, Joe Bob Williams, and later Mark Lamberti — a group that created The Nostalgia Journal in the summer of 1974. TNJ ran for 26 issues before it was acquired by Gary Groth and Michael Catron of Fantagraphics and became, first, The New Nostalgia Journal and then The Comics Journal. Meanwhile, elsewhere: —In comics form, Ben Juers writes about abstract comics and Sasaki Maki. For abstract comics to be effective, they have to escape both the chronic status anxiety afflicting their medium, and the temptation to guide the reader’s eye too methodically and mathematically.

The Comic Book Project 2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens The list of 63 titles, drawn from 89 official nominations, is presented annually at the ALA Midwinter Meeting. The books, recommended for those ages 12-18, meet the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens. In addition, the Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee created a Top Ten list of titles that exemplify the quality and range of graphic novels appropriate for teen audiences. “There were many fantastic graphic novel titles this year,” said Candice Mack, committee chair. Members of the Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee are Candice Mack, chair, Los Angeles Public Library; Emily Brown, Harry Kizirian Elementary School, Providence, R.I.; Lisa Goldstein, Brooklyn (N.Y.) *denotes top ten selection Nonfiction Canada, Geoffrey and Jamar Nicholas. Dembicki, Matt (ed.), and Various Artists. Hinds, Gareth. Mucci, Tim and Ben Caldwell. *Neri, G. and Randy Duburke. O' Connor, George. *Telgemeier, Raina. Fiction Adachi, Mitsuru. Ando, Natsumi. *Aristophane.