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The Comic Book Project Kidsreads Digital Comics BookPage - Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Book Blogs How Dare the Sun Rise An inspiring, resilient young voice > Teen / Teen Nonfiction / Biography & Memoir “They slashed my people with their machetes. Thick as Thieves An underdog gets his own story > Teen / Teen Fiction / Science Fiction & Fantasy An unexpected turn of events places an unlikely pair—a slave and an enemy soldier—on a treacherous journey in Megan Whalen Turner’s newest adventure-filled novel, Thick as Thieves, part of her acclaimed Queen’s Thief series. Autumn of the Black Snake The origin story of the American military > Nonfiction / History / American History America has such a long history of military readiness (some would say dominance) that it’s hard to conceive of a time when the country had no standing army at all and little public or political will to create one. Charlie's Boat Friends helping friends > Children's / Children's Picture He Calls Me By Lightning Wrongfully convicted in Jim Crow South > Civil Rights / Nonfiction / African-American History Lilli de Jong Quicksand Pond

The Comics Reporter The New York Review of Books Secret Origin of Good Readers @ Night Flight Comics | Salt Lake City | Utah For questions, please email or phone manager, Mimi Cruz 801.532.1188 -or- 801.263.1940 Thanks to everyone who attended the Secret Origin of Good Readers panel at The City Library Comic Conference 2007 Comic Conference Jam print by Bill Galvan, Batton Lash, Bill Morrison & Trevor Nielson 2007 A copy of THE SECRET ORIGIN OF GOOD READERS: A Resource Book the 2004 updated version is available in PDF form. The file is at least 9 MB and will take approx. 45 minutes or more if you are using a dial-up. The Secret Origin of Good Readers: A Resource Book is © TM 2004 Robyn A. Rising Stars ½ PDF.Rising Stars. © 2007 Synthetic Worlds and Top Cow Productions, Inc. Secret Origin of Good Readers at Comic Con International 2006 May 8, 2004 Salt Lake City Secret Origin Of Good Readers Schedule. Thanks to our wonderful supporters!

Book Reviews | IEEE Computer Society - IEEECS by Scott Brookhart Procedural programming has been around since the inception of computers and programming. Object-oriented paradigms arrived a little later — in the late 1950s to early 1960s — which means over 50 years of object-oriented problem solving. Still, many developers lack a full understanding of the thought process in developing object-oriented software and therefore can't take advantage of its concepts. I'm happy to see that this book, The Object-Oriented Thought Process, has taken this fairly old perspective and given it full attention and renewed interest. Not having read the previous editions, I'm not familiar with the changes represented in this fourth edition. Weisfeld has organized the concepts to build on each other, ensuring that students understand one concept well before moving to the next. The book is language-neutral. Each chapter contains UML and example code to better understand the concepts and see how they're implemented. Showing 1 - 1 of 72 results.