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Secret Origin of Good Readers @ Night Flight Comics For questions, please email or phone manager, Mimi Cruz 801.532.1188 -or- 801.263.1940 Thanks to everyone who attended the Secret Origin of Good Readers panel at The City Library Comic Conference 2007 Comic Conference Jam print by Bill Galvan, Batton Lash, Bill Morrison & Trevor Nielson 2007 A copy of THE SECRET ORIGIN OF GOOD READERS: A Resource Book the 2004 updated version is available in PDF form. The file is at least 9 MB and will take approx. 45 minutes or more if you are using a dial-up. Blog Gordon Bailey, one of the founders of The Nostalgia Journal (the fanzine that eventually became The Comics Journal), recently passed away. Gordon Francis Bailey Jr., a contributor to early comics fandom in north Texas, passed away July 13 after a brief illness, according to his sister, Katherine Bailey. Gordon Bailey was part of The Syndicate — himself, Larry Herndon, Joe Bob Williams, and later Mark Lamberti — a group that created The Nostalgia Journal in the summer of 1974. TNJ ran for 26 issues before it was acquired by Gary Groth and Michael Catron of Fantagraphics and became, first, The New Nostalgia Journal and then The Comics Journal.

BookPage - Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Book Blogs How Dare the Sun Rise An inspiring, resilient young voice > Teen / Teen Nonfiction / Biography & Memoir “They slashed my people with their machetes. Kids Graphic Novels When we saw a picture of the new children’s graphic novel collection at the Alameda Free Library in Alameda, California in a tweet from Supervising Children’s Librarian (and ICv2 reviewier) Eva Volin, it looked to us like the kind of place where new comic readers were being created on a regular basis. We were intrigued and asked for more information. Here are Volin’s answers, giving some great info on the kids’ graphic novel collection and how it’s developed. How many books and titles are in the kids’ graphic novel collection?

Comics Make the Grade and Get the Cover The cover for the May/June issue of The Scholastic Instructor, “the most read, most valued, and most trusted K-8 professional educator magazine,” features the gang from Archie Comics and a comics-friendly message that reading comics is “actually a good thing.” The cover article by Samantha Cleever goes on to point out that “comics and their generally more complex, nuanced cousins graphic novels, are not only regarded as educational tools by savvy teachers, they are also taken seriously as literature and an art form in their own right.”

Can the X-Men Make You Smarter? It has taken the Literacy Establishment 30 years to figure out what kids have known for at least as long. Comic books are good for your brain. What’s good for comics, and good for readers, is that comics have never been better or more diverse. Eek! Comics in the Classroom! Eek! Comics in the Classroom! "Readers in the 21st century need to be able to analyze what they read and understand the motive of the author and the accuracy of the reading. They need to see themselves as active users, not merely vessels to be filled. Whispered Words, vol. 1 Ushio Kazama is girl-crazy and everybody knows it. She has a different crush every week, and they all have three things in common: they are feminine, demure, and cute. In other words, they are the complete opposite of her best friend Sumika Murasame, who is athletic, serious, and taller than everyone in her grade.