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Santy Gutierrez FREELANCE WRITING CAREER : How to Define Your Writing Services, FREELANCE WRITING CAREER : How to Define Your Writing Services, Your Market, Your Business -- and most importantly -- Your Future! by Brian Scott A decade ago I listened to a famous writer speak about how to succeed as a freelance writer. His statement sums up why many new freelance writers give up too soon: they don’t focus clearly on what they want. A popular question in the business world is: Do we fail to plan or plan to fail? If having a business plan is important to survive and thrive as a freelance writer, why do so many writers refuse to create one? Freelance writing as a career is not a hobby and it’s not a get-rich-quick business. But, to have a sound, profitable writing business, you must start with a plan. What it takes to plan your business is some time each day. Now is the time to begin your business plan. Before we begin to design your writing business, we must first define the most important element of success: yourself. DEFINE YOURSELF: Who are you? They are:

Society of Authors | Protecting the rights and furthering the interests of authors Tessellations - M. C. Escher and how to make your own Tessellation Art Saga Kronos Freelancing Struggling to increase your income? Maybe the clutter in your life prevents you from seeing and grabbing the lucrative opportunities around you. I encourage you to put on your spring cleaning cap, and spruce up your writing business. Because, believe it or not, cleaning can help you boost your income. This isn’t just about tidying up a room and finding spare change under the cushions. I’m talking about significantly increasing your revenue by removing physical, psychological, and professional blocks from your writing business. Just as spring cleaning your house brightens up your environment and makes room for better stuff, cleaning up your writing business will allow you to make room for better clients and more revenue. Here are seven ways to help you accomplish it. #1. A disorganized workspace doesn’t just make it harder for you to find that pen or style book, it also makes it more difficult to find the ideas and thoughts you need. #2. #3. Embrace brevity when writing. - Shrink your writing.

Writers' Guild of Great Britain | WGGB What Kids Can Do Scott's Mumbles 8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow's Journalist As the news industry looks to reconstruct its suffering business model, the journalists of today must reconstruct their skill sets for the growing world of online media. Because of cutbacks at many news organizations, the jobs available are highly competitive. News companies are seeking journalists who are jacks of all trades, yet still masters of one (or more). 2010 will likely be a time of transition as today's journalists catch up to learn the multimedia, programming, social media, and business skills they'll need to tell their stories online. These new skills are especially relevant to startups that are looking to hire multi-skilled and social media-savvy journalists. Below we've gathered some skills that are quickly becoming basic requirements for the journalist of tomorrow. 1. As the foundation of the longstanding business model crumbles, both new and experienced journalists are becoming entrepreneurial and starting their own publications. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

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