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SEBI issues fresh showcause notice to brokers in NSEL case New Delhi, April 28: The Securities and Exchange Board of India has issued fresh notices to some brokers for their alleged involvement in the Rs. 5,600-crore NSEL scam and a final decision in this regard will “take some months''. SEBI is examining the role of five brokers in this case and is probing whether they are ‘fit and proper’ to operate in the markets. Multiple agencies, including SEBI, are probing the irregularities that happened at the now-defunct National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL). NSEL matter has been coordinated with the Finance Ministry, SEBI Chairman Ajay Tyagi told reporters here. “SEBI’s part is only about those brokers...they were given a showcause notice by the committee of officers and they have given their reply,” he said. “The procedure is that they will be given a showcause notice by a whole-time member...That is a natural justice process, thereafter (we will) take a view ...

World's Smallest Ear Can Hear Germs | Nano-Ears & Sound Waves | NanoTechnology | LiveScience A pin dropping is pretty quiet. But what about a bacterium? Hearing anything smaller than a certain size would ordinarily be tough to do. But not if you have “nano-ears.” This kind of ear is a microscopic particle of gold trapped by a laser beam and can pick up sound a million times fainter than humans can usually hear. BLOG: Video Hits a Trillion Frames Per Second Sound waves happen when air is compressed and decompressed by pressure waves. To measure sound waves made at tiny scales, though, you need a way to measure movements at a similarly small scale, and no microphone can do that. The laser beam forms a pair of “optical tweezers” — a laser beam is focused by a lens and that beam can then move tiny particles around. In this case, optical physicist Jochen Feldmann and his colleagues in the Photonics and Optoelectronics Group at the University of Munich in Germany trapped a 60-nanometer wide gold particle with a laser. BLOG: Is Star Trek’s Tractor Beam Possible?

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi | Biography Mahendra Kumar Trivedi completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 and worked as an Engineer for 10 years. In 1995, Mr. Trivedi discovered that he has the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to anywhere on earth, infusing it into living organisms and nonliving materials to optimize their potential. With this ability, Mr. Trivedi is a natural healer. He began healing people and optimizing their potential, and this extraordinary phenomenon became internationally renown as The Trivedi Effect®. Scientists and Researchers Network - I am in Science - Member Profile - Mahendra Trivedi About Mahendra T­rivedi ear­ned his 5-­year Bache­lor’s degr­ee in Mech­anical Eng­ineering i­n 1985 and­ worked as­ an Engine­er for 10 ­years. In­ 1995, Mr.­ Research Although M­r. He amassed­ a collect­ion of ove­r 4,000 sc­ientific s­tudies in ­many life ­sciences a­nd materia­l sciences­, includin­g: agricul­ture, live­stock, bio­technology­, microbio­logy, mate­rials scie­nce, genet­ics, cance­r and huma­n health a­nd has sev­eral dozen­s of publi­cations in­ leading i­nternation­al peer-re­viewed sci­entific jo­urnals, al­l in suppo­rt to the ­dramatic r­esults rep­orted thro­ugh human ­testimonia­ls, thus e­xcluding t­he possibi­lity of th­e placebo ­effect. Mahendra T­rivedi’s w­ork within­ the inter­national s­cientific ­community ­is extensi­ve and ong­oing. Mr. Mr. What is kn­own is tha­t this uni­que indivi­dual has t­he ability­ to transf­er an ener­gy through­ his thoug­hts, which­ is direct­ed by his ­intention.­ You can re­ad more ab­out Mr. 1). 2). 3). 4). 5). 6). 7).

Mahendra Trivedi : An Independent Researcher | Biofield Treatment Biofield Independent Researcher Henderson, NV, US Mahendra Kumar Trivedi earned his 5-year Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 . Mahendra Kumar Trivedi worked as an Engineer for 10 years. In 1995, Mr. Trivedi discovered that he had the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to anywhere on the globe, infusing it into living organisms and nonliving materials, thus optimizing their potential. Publications Jignesh Shah is India's John Galt, says The Target February 17, 2017: Business Wire India If there is one heroic character from literature that doesn’t seem to sink into oblivion, it is the legendary John Galt from Ayn Rand’s epic novel – Atlas Shrugged. Ever since the book was published in 1957, many real life icons in modern day society have been equated to the legend over the years. In his latest book ‘The Target’, Shantanu Guha Ray, has also drawn parallels between his protagonist Jignesh Shah and John Galt. So what makes the 1950s hero such an enduring character? Finding immense similarities between the two, Guha says, Galt’s philosophy of objectivism resonated heavily with Shah’s. The ingenious technologies introduced by Jignesh Shah’s organisation Financial Technologies went on to disrupt our financial markets. Our world needs more icons like Shah who have the power to rewrite history.

Nanotech tea bag creates safe drinking water instantly, for less than a penny @LittleDragon: Those devices you mentioned exist, and unless I'm mistaken, they work most of the time. However, they cost more thana penny each, and that's kind of the problem when dealing with Africa and other impoverished regions. @DrForbidden: But the machine that cleaned the water could be used by the entire village and was good for more then one use. Those pennies add up over time and people. I am aware of the money issue. All I am saying is that I have seen this clean water promise several times before and it never goes any where. @LittleDragon: I see your point. Hopefully, these teabags will be fully tested and available for sale by next year. @DrForbidden: I hope they are.

Analytical Study of Para Chloro Benzonitrile Title: Physical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Studies of Biofield Treated p-Chlorobenzonitrile Publication: Science Journal of Chemistry Select license: Creative Commons Attributions-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 10.11648/j.sjc.20150306.11 Updated: November 21st, 2016 Abstract: Para-chlorobenzonitrile (p-CBN) is widely used as a chemical intermediate in the manufacturing of dyes, medicines, and pesticides, however; sometimes it may cause runaway reactions at high temperatures.

Trivedi Effect (0000-0003-2746-0843) - ORCID | Connecting Research and Researchers The Trivedi Effect is a natural phenomenon that exists within our universe. Trivedi Effect is a world-renowned, natural phenomenon of transforming living organisms & non-living materials to perform at the highest level. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has this incredible ability to transform living organisms & non-living substances. Trivedi Effect® is a Unique phenomenon, created by Mahendra Trivedi. According to over 4,000 scientific studies conducted at research institutes throughout the world, has the ability to transform both living & non-living matter on a fundamental level.

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