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5 Excellent Rubric Making Tools for Teachers June 18, 2016 Rubrics are scoring charts used to assess and evaluate a particular learning or teaching activity. As is explained in this guide, rubrics are helpful for both teachers and students: teachers can use them when designing lesson plans and grading assignments; students can use them to make sure they meet the learning expectations and requirements of an assignment or project work. Rubric making should not be a complicated task, it should only speak to the core requirements of a given task while channeling focus to the learning outcomes. There are a wide variety of web tools and mobile apps teachers can use to create rubrics.

YouTube的縮網址 放大你的YouTube連結 讓Facebook上的YouTube影片能夠像FB原生影片一樣大張顯示,還可以自訂影片封面圖片喔! Before After 自訂分享畫面 自訂分享連結的預覽圖片跟標題,你可以自由上傳或在網頁中盡情選擇,分享出最吸引人的PO文 Before After 支援所有社群 除了在Facebook上,還可以完美支援 Twitter、Pinterest、LINE、Skype、Google+、LinkedIn、Medium...等主流社群服務 放大你的YouTube連結 讓Facebook上的YouTube影片能夠像FB原生影片一樣大張顯示,還可以自訂影片封面圖片喔! Before After 成效追蹤 10 Resources for Teaching With Primary Sources I'm looking forward to next week's LOC virtual conference on teaching with primary sources. Thinking about the conference prompted me to put together the following collection of resources related to teaching history with primary sources. Before students can work with primary sources they need to understand the differences between primary and secondary sources. Common Craft offers a video in which the differences and relationships between primary and secondary sources are explained in a two minute story. The video is embedded below. You can also click here to view it on the Common Craft website.

自訂短址 Create a free account Sign up with FacebookSign up with Twitter Or Sign in & Start Sharing Create & Find Multimedia Lessons in Minutes Make mobile learning awesome! Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! Be inspired! Combine digital content and your files to create a lesson 19 Great Web Tools and Mobile Apps for Creating Interactive Timelines July 11, 2016 Besides posters and infographics timelines are great learning tools to help students visualize their learning and enhance their overall comprehensibility. Timelines can be incorporated almost in any subject area and can be used to teach a wide variety of topics from historical events to bibliographical information. Web technologies have immensely facilitated the process of creating a timeline and anyone can quickly design an interactive timeline in few steps. The chart below features a collection of some of the best timeline creation tools to use with students in class.

animoto 影片製作 Your version of Firefox is out of date. For the best experience, please update to a new version. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Learn More 10 Useful History and Geography Apps Below are some good iPad apps for History and Geography teachers. I am sharing them with you on the occasion of the start of a new school year. I invite you to have a look and share with us if you have other titles to add to the list. How To Make Infographics For PowerPoint 3inShare3inShare Infographics are a quick and easy way to represent complex ideas in the form of interesting graphics, this is why they can save you a lot of time if you are able to create and add them in PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately, most web services which allow making infographics do not enable users to save them in image form, which makes it hard to add them to PowerPoint.

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