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The A=432 Hz Frequency: DNA Tuning and the Bastardization of Music : Waking Times

The A=432 Hz Frequency: DNA Tuning and the Bastardization of Music : Waking Times
Brendan D. Murphy, GuestWaking Times GA=440Hz: Not Quite Music to My Ears Humankind is the largely unwitting victim of a frequency war on our consciousness that has been waged for decades, if not millennia. The goal has clearly been to keep us as gullible and subservient as possible, through multifarious means. In modern history in particular, there has been what Dr. The American Federation of Musicians had already accepted the A440 as standard pitch in 1917, and the U.S. government followed suit in 1920. It is interesting, also, to note that in October 1953, despite the British and Nazi push for the arbitrary A=440 standard (which is “disharmonic” vis à vis the physico-acoustic laws of creation governing reality), a referendum of 23,000 French musicians voted overwhelmingly in favour of A=432Hz. The Vibration of Sound Interestingly, the difference between 440 and 741 Hz is known in musicology as the Devil’s Interval. Note the visible light spectrum and colour wavelengths. References:

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432 Hz, Lost Chord and New Beam When dawn rolled across the parallel Earth, it was a new planet. Spectral lights and rainbows emitting breathtakingly haunting sounds appeared everywhere–from rocks, from rust, from dead machines. The Lost Chord had been released at last. New light, new sound prevailed everywhere. 10 Sioux Indian Chief Quotes That Shatter Our Idea of 'Modern' Culture Wisdom Pills GuestWaking Times Luther Standing Bear was an Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Chief who, among a few rare others such as Charles Eastman, Black Elk and Gertrude Bonnin occupied the rift between the way of life of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains before, and during, the arrival and subsequent spread of the European pioneers. Raised in the traditions of his people until the age of eleven, he was then educated at the Carlisle Indian Industrial Boarding School of Pennsylvania, where he learned the english language and way of life. (Though a National Historical Landmark, Carlisle remains a place of controversy in Native circles.)

The Shaman's Rattle - A Simple and Powerful Tool With Many Uses Rattles are very simple tools that have many uses in shamanism. I use mine to help me move into a relaxed state during journeys, to focus my energy in a certain area, and to clear a space out. Below are a few different views of the rattle and its uses. Walking the Hedge talks about the simplicity of the rattle and some of its uses: Rattles are the only instruments found in every musical or ritual tradition around the world. Health Insurance Coverage of the Total Population Notes The majority of our health coverage topics are based on analysis of the Census Bureau’s March Supplement to the Current Population Survey (the CPS Annual Social and Economic Supplement or ASEC) by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. The CPS supplement is the primary source of annual health insurance coverage information in the United States. In this analysis, income (mostly categorized as a percent of the federal poverty level) is aggregated by Census-defined family units. Analyzing income by family unit captures income available to a group of people who are likely sharing resources. However, family units may not be the appropriate measure for capturing eligibility for health insurance.

Beacons of Light ~Re-minders from Home~ Beacons of Light—May 2015 Channeled Live on 2015-04-25 Music from Home The Rhythms of Life Greetings All, Dear Ones. You are so vibrant this day! Obamacare 2017 enrollment hits record, despite Trump's threat to repeal - Dec. 21, 2016 Nearly 6.4 million Americans have selected Obamacare policies through the federal exchange for coverage starting Jan. 1, federal officials announced Wednesday. That's 400,000 more than had selected policies a year ago. The number of people opting for Obamacare is under more scrutiny than usual this year, since Congressional Republicans have pledged to dismantle it soon after Trump takes office on Jan. 20. Science and the Scriptures Chapter 11 Science and the Scriptures While scores of theological scholars have been studying the literal meaning of biblical phrases and the historical facts mentioned therein, leading to an endless stream of interpretations, scientists have studied the scriptures and discovered scientific hidden meaning within them. Along with our rapid scientific evolution, our understanding of ancient scriptures such as the Vedas and the Upanishads is growing. Now we’re not only rediscovering the scientific significance of Eastern spirituality but also that of the Bible!

ObamaCare Individual Mandate Fine Hit 8 Million People In 2016 Roughly 8 million people faced ObamaCare individual mandate penalties this year totaling more than $3 billion, an analysis of the latest IRS data reveals. Despite the controversy and high-stakes legal battle that has surrounded the individual mandate, the scope of the penalties paid this year has gone unreported by major news outlets as attention has focused on ObamaCare's latest and most glaring problems: weak enrollment, surging premiums, and insurer losses that have provoked the exit of UnitedHealth (UNH), Aetna (AET) and Humana (HUM) from most state exchanges. Yet ObamaCare's mounting problems should only serve to intensify questions about the wisdom and fairness of the individual mandate. The root of all of those ObamaCare problems is that far too many people — even those eligible for big subsidies — see the plans as either unaffordable or such a bad deal that they're willing to risk paying a fine.

THE MESSAGE – IN A NUTSHELL – PART ONE THE MESSAGE (IN A NUTSHELL) Part One “WE” collectively are being co-opted! Our energy is being used to fabricate a DESIGNER REALITY, which was not meant to “manifest” on Earth at this time. So many people think that “reality” is a “static” thing that always is…, and is therefore UNCHANGEABLE. This is quite incorrect however.