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Pics that won't make you laugh but are still cool

Pics that won't make you laugh but are still cool
I hop you don't mind if I use this thread as an excuse to post some Earth porn: My current Wallpaper, The Havasu Falls The Guilin Mountains "Elephant Foot" Glacier My favorite at the moment: Rainbow(Northern Lights?) Click the images for the full-sized versions.

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Bursting water balloons captured by Edward Horsford By timing his photographs to fractions of split-seconds, Edward Horsford produces amazing photography of exploding, colorful water balloons. About the series that brought him fame and loads of Internet popularity, he says “I started these as a way to challenge myself technically and creatively.” The photographer essentially aims to reveal to the human eye, those instants that usually escape us, as they are too elusive and at the same time too mundane to be noticed. He times his shots beautifully and manages to do this thanks to a customized, self-made trigger he produced in order to capture the precise speeds he requires in order to create his art.

Chris Buck x Life Magazine Colt + Rane Chris Buck x Life Magazine via life magazine. Posted by colt on Aug 11, 2011 and filed in categorie(s) Photography/Pop Culture . One Response Were the people our parents warned us against A student fleeing from mounted police during an anti-war protest, c. 1970 50s HOME | READING LIST | NEWS | FILREIS HOME The Outstanding Beauty Of Susan Coffey This is the portfolio of a very beautiful woman: Susan Coffey, also known as “susancoffey” on deviantart. Susan Coffey is a model from United States; her photos are really heavenly, inspiring and beautiful. Appreciate!

Jay Roode's aerial photography of Africa As one of only a handful of fine art aerial photographers in the world, husband and wife team Jan and Jay Roode show an undeniable passion for capturing natures magnificence and preserving its legacy. With endless hours spent patiently in the sky and on the ground they have attempted to bring to life magical moments in time that tell the story of the ancient spirit of Africa. Based in Johannesburg South Africa, they are master photographers, passionate aviators and conservationists. Having collectively travelled to over 56 countries this couple are modern day nomads and seem content only when free to wander the skies in their specially modified aircraft or explore life on the ground in the more remote regions of Africa.

Stunning black and white photography by Hengki Koentjoro Black and white photography is one of my favorite things on Earth, and let’s call Hengki Koentjoro’s work Exhibit A as to why. I love the way fog, mist, and water are used as natural special effects to soften and distort the images, and how they take on a life of their own. The key to great black and white photography is contrast, and these photos have it in spades. If you love these as much as I do, click the link above and head over to Hengki Koentjoro’s online portfolio where you’ll find a lot more fantastic work. via If you liked these, check out these stunning black and white photos of animals Top Pictures of 2010 Part 2 As promised. This is Part 2 of our Pictures Of The Year 2010 review. If you’ve missed Part 1 , make sure you check it out for some amazing photography by photographers who often put themselves in harms way to get that perfect shot which makes us think, wonder , cry or smile. Part 2 is much of the same as Part 1. That means more images of anguish, pain, death, conflict, joy and hope. There are some really cool shots in this review and we’re sure you will enjoy them.

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk Two brilliant French artists, Ivan Duval and Jean Sebastien Ides, show us how to have fun with one dollar bill. To see more work by Atypyk, visit Bhutan King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck weds commoner - Reporting from New Delhi — When the big day came, and it came Thursday, the other royal wedding of the year — this one in far-off, remote Bhutan — adopted a distinctly different tone. In sharp contrast to the nuptials of Britain's Prince William and Catherine Middleton, there were no star-studded celebrities, self-important film stars, fidgeting foreign royals or a long wedding dress train to trip over. The theme in Bhutan was "of the people," which is a lot easier when your country has a population of 700,000, almost all of whom were in overdrive as the popular fifth "Dragon King" married a 21-year-old student, the daughter of an airline pilot. PHOTOS: A royal wedding in Bhutan It's hard to overstate the excitement that's gripped the mountain kingdom since it was announced that Oxford graduate King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and commoner Jetsun Pema would wed. Many had waited impatiently for the 31-year-old constitutional monarch to find a soul mate and get on with it.

CRACKED: 21 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photosphopped This is the latest edition of our most popular feature, in which we demonstrate that the truth is stranger than Photoshop. Here are more photos that will make every poster in the comment section scream "FAKE!" but are absolutely real. Stephen Oachs Wild Photography Stephen W. Oachs is an award-winning photographer, successful entrepreneur and technology veteran, who began his journey in photography the moment he picked up his first SLR camera. Ever since, his lenses have focused on the inspiring majesty of mother earth and the unflinching beauty of the animal kingdom.

99 Excellent Examples of Forced Perspective Photography Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera. There are many ways to attack photography and some are much more expensive than others. Here in this showcase, we presenting a Stunning collection of Forced Perspective Photography and Pictures taken by various artists in which all pictures are linked to the author’s pages. You may want to explore further works of the photographers we’ve featured below.

Mark Jenkins // Street Installations Besançon Rome Rio de Janeiro Tudela London

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