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MORE PRACTICAL WAYS TO IMPROVE STUDENTS’ PRONUNCIATION I was delighted to be able to share a few strategies to improve students' pronunciation in the Times Educational Supplement (TES) this Friday as I view good pronunciation as one of the most effective ways to boost students' confidence in their own ability as linguists. Indeed, if their accent in the foreign language is not at least understandable, performance in exams and in a real life context will be poor and lead to demotivation. As mentioned in the article, practising pronunciation is a challenging activity for teenagers who often perceive it as a threat to their own British identity at a time of their lives when they are not too sure about their identity anyway. Phonics Phonics Phonics Teach basic pronunciation rules through examples and regularly re-visit key sounds through starter activities. Practise Practise Practise Provide opportunities for students to practise individually, in pairs and small groups. Make practising pronunciation into a game.

Movenote 20 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins What can’t you possibly do with WordPress? You can create a nice tiny blog for your animal friend – the dog. You can build an impressive professional website complete with a portfolio to woo clients. Big brands have a thing for WordPress too, and the best part is you can set up an e-commerce store (e-store) on the platform as well. WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform, it has come of age. So, what exactly do you need to transform WordPress into a fully-fledged digital shop? In today’s post, we will explore twenty e-commerce plugins you need to build and run your own successful e-store. The Shopping Cart The first step to building an e-store involves priming your WordPress platform. The following ten (10) WordPress e-commerce plugins will help you set up shop in no time. WooCommerce With over two (2) million downloads and an impressive rating of 4.1/5.0 (courtesy of, WooCommerce is the plugin you need to build and run your online business. Download WooCommerce

poppytalk Emaze. Un nouvel outil pour creer des presentations pour la classe Emaze est un nouvel outil en ligne pour créer des slides et présentations pour vos cours ou formations. Lancer ce genre d’outil de nos jours est un sacré pari tant le secteur est déjà occupé par des mastodontes comme l’historique PowerPoint ou le très à la mode Prezi. Je vous invite cependant à tester Emaze, ce dernier venu en effet ne manque pas d’arguments. Emaze permet de créer et aussi de stocker des présentations en ligne. Très facile d’usage, il produit des slides et présentations en html5 utilisables sur toutes les plateformes et tous les supports. Ce dernier menu est un bon point de départ, les slides créées par d’autres utilisateurs peuvent être une bonne source d’inspiration. À vous de jouer. Une fois terminée, vous pouvez visualiser votre présentation et la sauvegarder sur Emaze. Je vous le disais, Emaze ne manque pas d’arguments pour se faire une petite place au soleil des solutions TICE disponibles pour créer des slides et des présentations en ligne. Lien : Emaze

The Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins In 2013, before we launched Nimbus Themes, Kendall and I sat down and compiled a list of all the features we needed from an eCommerce solution. The ability to create memberships was paramount, as was a solution that managed all aspects of credit card vaulting so we didn’t have to worry about losing customer data. In total, we came up with about ten requirements, and I began sorting through all the eCommerce solutions available to us. Choosing the right WordPress eCommerce Plugin for your business is one of the biggest hurtles you’ll need to overcome when setting up your online store. With your list of business needs in hand, work your way through this collection of eCommerce solutions to find the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for your new online store. Please let us know in the comments if you think I’ve missed any. Cart66 Cloud Details » We chose Cart66 Cloud to power theme sales and membership offerings here at Nimbus Themes and we’ve never regretted it. WooCommerce Ecwid WP eCommerce

View Window Templates CiL Classic CiL Classic is being retired The Classic Console includes CiL's basic functionality, but does NOT include the latest features and enhancements. We highly encourage all users to Switch to the new EventStudio. Launch Now Everything you love about CoveritLive, but better. "SmartStream" gives you more power in one place. Powerful "Search" makes it easy to wow your Readers with compelling social content from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. "Live Scores" offers instant access to league scores and data from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, FIFA and more. Try EventStudio Now! Yes, it's free!

Voir Le cœur de co-ment, c’est l’interface d’annotation que vous pouvez essayer ci-dessous sur un exemple en vraie grandeur : l’annotation d’une édition ancienne du Gargantua de Rabelais. Vous pouvez cliquer sur une zone surlignée du texte pour faire apparaître les commentaires qui s’y appliquent, ou bien sélectionner une partie du texte et cliquer sur le bouton carré à gauche pour ajouter un commentaire. N’hésitez par à essayer les autres actions pour voir ce qu’elles font. Co-ment PRO repose sur un espace de travail permettant de gérer un travail de groupe et permet également d’éditer le texte. 25+ Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2014 Every WordPress developer has a toolkit of plugins they can’t live without that usually includes solutions for caching, security and adding other improvements that build on WordPress core. That’s the great thing about WordPress – in the WordPress Plugin Repository alone there are more than 30,000 plugins that build on core, allowing you to bend the software to your will. But with so many free and premium plugins available, how do you sort the good from the bad? Below is a collection of essential plugins, all chosen based on their usefulness, quality and popularity. Is your favourite plugin on the list? What other plugins would you recommend? Details W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress. A well-regarded alternative is WP Super Cache, which is often thought of as an easier version of W3 Total Cache. Details Jetpack supercharges your site with a collection of powerful features, such as site stats, email subscriptions, forms, social networking and more. Details

Ma onzième année et les suivantes… 3 bons outils de Mind Mapping collaboratif Les outils de mind mapping qui permettent de créer des cartes heuristiques et d’organiser projets et idées ont le vent en poupe. Un succès mérité. Veritables outils d’aide à la pensée et de brainstorming, le mind mapping est un système de créativité et d’organisation formidable. Ces outils en ligne sont parfois enrichis de fonctions de travail collaboratif. Une bonne idée. Realtime Board est un outil dont on a déjà parlé ici. Popplet est un bon service pour s’initier au mind mapping collaboratif. C’est du mind mapping simple et on peut le faire à plusieurs. Spider Scribe est un bon outil également pour créer des cartes heuristiques ou des mind maps. Vous pouvez ainsi ajouter des images, des cartes, des calendriers, des textes. Un outil riche qui prend toute sa valeur lorsqu’on l’utilise en équipe.

Hardening WordPress Languages: Deutsch • English • 日本語 • Italiano • 한국어 • Português do Brasil • (Add your language) Security in WordPress is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren't taken. This article will go through some common forms of vulnerabilities, and the things you can do to help keep your WordPress installation secure. This article is not the ultimate quick fix to your security concerns. If you have specific security concerns or doubts, you should discuss them with people whom you trust to have sufficient knowledge of computer security and WordPress. What is Security? Fundamentally, security is not about perfectly secure systems. Website Hosts Often, a good place to start when it comes to website security is your hosting environment. Qualities of a trusted web host might include: Readily discusses your security concerns and which security features and processes they offer with their hosting. Plugins