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Organic Pioneers since 1947

Organic Pioneers since 1947

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Agriculture intégrée : Agriculture intégrée : tout faire pour réduire les intrants Comment réduire l’utilisation des intrants tout en maintenant voire en améliorant les performances économiques ? Face à cette demande de la profession agricole, Agro-Transfert Picardie étudie la protection intégrée depuis 1998. Au départ limité au blé, le programme concerne maintenant l’ensemble des grandes cultures.

Our Partner Rodale Organic Food Is Best for People and the Planet by Dan Sullivan More than 65 years ago, organic farming pioneer Jerome Irving (J.I.) Rodale prophetically wrote: “One of these days the public is going to wake up and will pay for eggs, meat and vegetables according to how they were produced. A sustainable premium will be paid for high quality products, such as those raised by the organic method.” J.I. knew that there was more to the true value of food in human and ecological health than the price paid at the supermarket.

Building a computer disaster recovery toolkit - PC & Desktop Computers Once you let someone know you're technically savvy, the chances of you becoming their main point of contact for all tech support increases greatly. If you've happened to have made your career in a computer-based industry, the problem intensifies. Through the years of being such an on-call tech-support person for a variety of different skill levels and machines, I've amassed quite a bit of gear that I keep on hand to tackle most situations. Here's a look into my recovery toolkit, which will hopefully help you build yours.

Chapitre 5 Augmentation des pratiques sans travail du sol De tout temps, la plupart des exploitants agricoles ont utilisé le travail du sol conventionnel. Toutefois , au cours des dernières décennies, les exploitants agricoles ont remplacé de plus en plus le travail du sol conventionnel par des techniques d'ensemencement sans travail du sol ou par un travail de conservation du sol. La technique sans travail du sol est plus écologique, des machines spécialisées servant à tracer une fente étroite dans le sol pour déposer les graines.

BLOG – THE LATEST POSTS » Soil Doctor George Monbiot posted an article a few days ago in the Guardian about the negative garden effects of a persistent herbicide called Aminopyralid. Aminopyralid is a broadleaf herbicide used to control “weeds” in turf grasses, pastures and rangeland. Manures from animals eating these grasses still contain non-degraded Aminopyralid and therefore if applied to soil growing broadleaf plants will damage those plants. I made a comment post on George’s article and I think it is worth repeating here. We all need to keep our eyes open when dealing with manure and compost feedstocks that may contain persistent herbicides: Please excuse the long post but this is very important for those of us making composts and/or using manures as soil fertilizers.

Farming Systems Trial: Overview The Farming Systems Trial (FST)® at Rodale Institute is America’s longest running, side-by-side comparison of organic and chemical agriculture. Started in 1981 to study what happens during the transition from chemical to organic agriculture, the FST surprised a food community that still scoffed at organic practices. After an initial decline in yields during the first few years of transition, the organic system soon rebounded to match or surpass the conventional system. Over time, FST became a comparison between the long term potential of the two systems. As we face uncertain and extreme weather patterns, growing scarcity and expense of oil, lack of water, and a growing population, we will require farming systems that can adapt, withstand or even mitigate these problems while producing healthy, nourishing food.

The Rodale Institute Rodale Institute was founded in 1947 by J.I. Rodale in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. When J.I. Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT), is a core component of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance, helps IT teams make PCs safer to use, keeps employees productive, and enables desktops that are easier and less expensive to manage. Administrators can easily recover PCs that have become unusable, rapidly diagnose probable causes of issues, and quickly repair unbootable or locked-out systems, all faster than the average time it takes to reimage the machine. Many IT departments take a proactive approach to backing up network data, but tend to be reactive in planning for desktop system failures.

Le gouvernement Harper aide à ouvrir de nouveaux marchés au secteur des produits biologiques du Canada Ottawa (Ontario), le 23 octobre 2012 – Le gouvernement Harper aide les cultivateurs et les producteurs de produits biologiques canadiens à offrir leurs produits de première qualité aux consommateurs du Canada et de l'étranger. Aujourd'hui, le ministre de l'Agriculture, Gerry Ritz, a annoncé deux investissements qui rehausseront la compétitivité de l'industrie des produits biologiques du Canada sur les marchés internationaux et nationaux. « Le secteur biologique du Canada est innovateur, en pleine expansion et offre certains des meilleurs produits biologiques du monde, a déclaré le ministre Ritz. Ces investissements aideront les cultivateurs de ce secteur à vendre une plus grande quantité de leurs produits de première qualité aux consommateurs de l'étranger et à leurs propres voisins, tout en réalisant de plus grands profits. »

hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds raised garden bed hugelkultur after one month raised garden bed hugelkultur after one year raised garden bed hugelkultur after two years Comment nourrir 9 milliards d’humains sans détruire la planète La démographie sera assurément l’un des enjeux majeurs de notre siècle. Alors qu’un milliard d’êtres humains souffrent déjà de malnutrition, la population mondiale ne cesse de croître, pour atteindre sept milliards à la fin octobre, et plus de neuf milliards d’ici 2050. Dans le même temps, l’agriculture, qui ne parvient plus à nourrir toutes ces bouches, pollue toujours plus la planète, en dégradant les sols, les nappes phréatiques, la biodiversité et en rejetant 20 % des émissions de gaz à effet de serre mondiales.

Organic farming is rarely enough Organic farming is sometimes touted as a way to feed the world's burgeoning population without destroying the environment. But the evidence for that has been hotly debated. Now, a comprehensive analysis of the existing science, published in Nature1, suggests that farming without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides could supply needs in some circumstances. But yields are lower than in conventional farming, so producing the bulk of the globe’s diet will require agricultural techniques including the use of fertilizers, the study concludes. How To Influence Your Site’s Listing In Search, According To Google’s Webmaster Academy Last week, Google introduced Webmaster Academy, billed as a tool to “help you create great sites that perform well in Google search results.” Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted about it again today: Webmaster Academy is a free set of helpful entry-level tutorials for site owners: Please RT!

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