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Diy: Braided Bead Necklace

Diy: Braided Bead Necklace
I couldn't have predicted so many jewelry posts. What can I say? I get on kicks. I saw a necklace like this in a store but it was shorter and the braid contained different kinds of beads. An amount of beads, it's hard to say how many, I used about 4 more beads than this jar holds. Next, take two strands of beads and thread the two threads through one bead tip. Repeat for each pair and then repeat on the opposite end, making sure to get the knot as close to the bead tip as possible. Clamp three of the ends to one large jump ring. The braiding part is a little tricky if you don't secure your beads strands to something. *Finally, the note about the clasp.

Make your own charm necklace out of several pearl beads and seed beads To be frank, there are larger numbers of techniques to make your own charm necklace as the style you desire. You can simply turn a photo or treasured bead into a charm pendant. Or if you like, you can also create an entirely distinctive charm necklace out of three kinds of beads: glass beads, Pearlized Acrylic beads and seed beads. Main materials need while making your own charm necklace: 10mm Pearlized Acrylic bead 4mm Pearlized Acrylic bead 4mm Bicone Glass bead 12/0 seed bead Bead cap Chain Eyepin Headpin Tiger tail wire Side Cutting Plier Wire-cutter Plier Round Nose Plier Instructions for making your own charm necklace: Step1: make out the “V” shape skeleton This part is mainly consisted of several linked loops out of two Pearlized Acrylic beads and two Bicone Glass Beads. Pay attention of the center portion of the pendant that in order to shape it into the “V” mark, move the two added Pearlized Acrylic beads into the below working end as the diagram show. Step2: make the four side surfaces 1. 2.

DIY origami-style necklace Here's an origami jewelry experiment that's useful if you're broke, or if your eyeballs enjoy looking at folded paper. (Speaking of crafts for the fiscally challenged, Amy Sedaris' book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is hilarious. But I digress.) This pleated paper necklace is made with paper, glue, and inexpensive jewelry parts. I bought this length of chain for $1 and the lobster clasp for 45 cents at a local hobby store. Cut an odd number of squares of paper, any size you like. Accordian-fold each square. Glue the fans together, alternating them right-side up and upside-down. I added a coat of clear Krylon acrylic spray as a sealer, which seemed to have no visible effect. Attach chains to each end of the paper structure. Of course I had to try an orange necklace, but if it reminds you of deer hunting or construction zones, white or metallic paper would be nice. For other paper jewelry projects, see here and here.

Afternoon Lace Necklace There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. 1) Eligibility. 2) Definitions. 3) License Grant for Materials. 4) Removal of Materials. 5) License for Name, Trademarks and Likenesses. 6) Specifications and Guidelines. 7) Representations, Warranties and Indemnities. 8) Restrictions. 9) No Obligation. 10) Changes to Agreement. 11) Prime Publishing Intellectual Property. 12) Communications. 13) Waiver. 14) Disclaimer. 15) Miscellaneous. Sharing Your Own Images Who can share images? You! What should I share? Please share images that will help other visitors. Do include captions for your images. What shouldn't I share? Where will my image appear?

Création de bijoux : des kits bijoux, breloques et pendentifs pour créer vos bijoux sur - Création de bijoux sur DIY Turquoise Triangle Necklace I am head over heels for all things from Lizzie Fortunato. The combination of earthy, vintage, and a little luxury is just my cup of tea (which is Darjeeling, the champagne of teas, in case you wondered). I've been lusting after this necklace sold exclusively on Shopbop for months, and after what seemed like an eternity over searching for the right beads, I finally put together a DIY version. Cut a long piece of beading wire and string on your beads. On one of the wire ends, slide on the crimp, wire guard (if using), and an end cap. Repeat on the other side of the wire to close off the beaded part of the necklace. Use the toothpick to apply glue inside the end caps, the add an end of the cord to each cap. Cut the cord in half (wrap where you will cut with tape first to keep from fraying and unraveling), then glue the remaining end caps to the ends of the cord. And we're done!

FREE - Black Swan Necklace Jewelry Making Tutorial T118B (Item ID: 101906, End Time : N/A) - DIY Lessons - Learn Jewelry Making With Online Lessons, Videos and PDF Tutorials Another FREE jewelry making tutorial from XQDesigns, made from black pearls and faceted crystals, the elegant Black Swan Necklace. Created by continuously weaving in reverse patterns using 2 needles and beadweaving technique similar to RAW, you’ll be able to create the necklace in different colors. The pattern for the necklace can also be used on different sizes of beads. We also have a Black Sunflower Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial to match your necklace by clicking this link: Materials: 24 x 10mm Black pearls24 x 8mm Faceted crystals 48 x 6mm Faceted crystals20 x 6mm Black pearls (might need more depending on length of necklace)48 x 3mm Black pearls120 cm (47 inches) Nylon Thread Tools: Flat Nose PliersScissors2 Beading needles File format: PDF Number of steps: 13 Page count: 10 File size: 1.29 MB Delivery: The tutorial is FREE to download.

Color Scheme Designer mode d'emploi Le différentes harmonies Vous avez des peintures ou dessins à encadrer... et inévitablement se pose le problème du choix des couleurs du biseau, du passe-partout et du cadre ! Vous refaites la déco de votre salon... et vous hésitez sur la tonalité générale des rideaux... Vous ne savez pas quels papiers choisir pour votre page de scrapbooking. Créer des harmonies de couleurs... voilà bien le problème ! Certaines d'entre vous n'ont aucune difficulté à sentir d'instinct les gammes à assortir... d'autres au contraire se sentent démunies au moment du choix des couleurs. Si vous faites partie de la seconde catégorie... n'hésitez pas : le COLOR SCHEME DESIGNER est un outil magique qui va vous simplifier grandement la vie !!! La théorie des couleurs... Tout le monde connaît le cercle chromatique : il est formé par les 3 couleurs primaires (jaune, bleu, rouge), 3 secondaires (obtenue par mélange en parts égales des 3 primaires : vert, orange et violet) puis les 6 couleurs tertiaires... Par exemple :

Delightfully DIY: DIY J.Crew-Inspired Pearl Necklace True to my OCD tendencies, it has been driving me crazy that I have several DIY posts on Not Without Heels and obviously the rest of my DIY posts on this blog. I want them organized and all in the same place. So - I decided to move the few tutorials I have over there to Delightfully DIY. I'm not changing anything when I move the post, aside from updating images with new watermarks (again - to satisfy my OCD need for things to be the same) and resizing (because for some reason I decided to make my images here about 20 px wider than on my other blog). As I post them here, I'll update the original post on Not Without Heels with a link to the post. Here is the original post: A couple days ago I decided to try and come up with some new ideas to use up some of the beads I have had forever and the result has been me in a bit of a jewelry-making frenzy since then. You will need: Put a pearl on one of the eye pins. Attach one of the eye pin pearls to one end of the smaller chain. All done!

Tutoriel fleurs en filtre à café *Merci à Ludi, membre de la Communauté de, pour ce très joli tutoriel. Voici le matériel dont vous aurez besoin : Des filtres à café.Des piques à brochette ou autre objet en forme de tige.Du scotch de fleuriste.Un stylo.Une paire de ciseaux.Du colorant alimentaire liquide de la couleur de votre choix. Voici les étapes à suivre : Commencez par tracer les pétales sur vos filtres à café, de forme pointue, comme sur la photo par exemple, ou encore arrondie, en sachant qu’il vous faudra un minimum de 6 formes pour une fleur, puis découpez-les. Séparez vos pétales en dépliant le bas des filtres : cela vous fait donc 12 pétales, que vous devrez assembler en les enroulant sur une tige recouverte de scotch de fleuriste. Trempez ensuite votre fleur dans du colorant alimentaire liquide pour lui donner sa couleur, puis laissez sécher la tête en haut pour que le colorant descende. *Retrouvez tous nos tutoriels mariage dans notre section Fait Maison.

Rocailles - Bracelet Scaer… - Bracelet Scaer… - Bracelet Résille… - Entre Deux Mers… - Bracelet Lesely… - Bracelet India… - Collier Spirale"… - Bracelet Résille… - Bracelet Sogo… - Bracelet India… - Le Monde des perles Dimanche 21 octobre 7 21 /10 /Oct 12:35 Et encore un Bracelet Scaer en Violet et Rose cette fois-ci Mille merci à Alexargai pour son schéma Le Bracelet est réalisé avec: Des Super Duo Chalk White Lilas Luster de chez Total Rocailles Des Drops 28/0250 de chez Les Perles de Paline Des Miyuki 11/4220 de chez Total Rocailles Des Miyuki 15/0599 de chez Total Rocailles Par Melododo 0 - Publié dans : Rocailles Mercredi 17 octobre 3 17 /10 /Oct 12:12 Merci à Puca pour son super schéma : Schéma Spirale"Lana" Le Collier est réalisé avec : Des Super Duo Corail Red Des MR11/402F Des MR15/402F Des Calottes Spirale Ant Silver 13x12mm Tous le matériel vient de chez Total Rocailles Lundi 15 octobre 1 15 /10 /Oct 16:29 Je ne me lasse pas de se schéma Mille merci à Alexargai pour son schéma : Schéma Scaer Vendredi 12 octobre 5 12 /10 /Oct 08:00 Merci à Alexargai pour son schéma : Schéma Scaer Jeudi 11 octobre 4 11 /10 /Oct 11:48 Par Melododo 1 - Publié dans : Rocailles Lundi 8 octobre 1 08 /10 /Oct 11:37

Chandelier Necklace DIY Part 1 I found a couple of these chandelier pendants at the thrift store and immediately saw a new DIY project coming up! I just love to repurpose things, and to give them a second live. And these beauties just seemed perfect for just that. I decided to make two different tutorials for them, because I wanted to see if I could make two different necklaces with the same basis in just a few simple steps. And I must say that it worked out great! I am now the proud owner of two pretty new necklaces, and they are both suitable to wear with many different outfits. Today I am showing you the first DIY, so be sure to check out the blog tomorrow to see part 2! Here's how: 1. 2. 3. 4. All Done!