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Creative Guest Books & Love and Lavender - StumbleUpon

Creative Guest Books & Love and Lavender - StumbleUpon
We’ve rounded up some more creative guest books that would be a little more interesting to read through later than your standard guestbook. If you’ve ever read through someone’s wedding guest book, you’ll notice that most of the entries are pretty repetitive: “Congrats, we’re so happy for you!” Add a bit of fun to your wedding day by coming up with a unique idea for a guestbook. Here’s a roundup of our favorite ideas: #1. Wishing Tree. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. Other ideas include dirty laundry, signed plates, quilts, and even surfboards!

Intimate Weddings - Small Wedding Blog - DIY... - StumbleUpon Posted on October 19, 2011 by Christina Aren’t these glow jars sublime? They take about two minutes to make and cost only 20 cents a piece. How’s that for an enticing DIY wedding project? Handmade Canadian Wedding from Sweet Heirloom Photography I just love wedding details that come from unexpected places. Bride Steph borrowed her parents’ dining room hutch to serve as altar decoration, and it helped to make the big day that much more personal! Sweet Heirloom Photography did an amazing job of taking in all of the special touches put together by the couple and their friends and family — see them all in the gallery. From the bride, Steph: The photobooth backdrop was made from a load of fabric scraps and a lot of spare time (watched a good portion of Mad Men Season 1 and 2 while making those bunting flags). The hutch for the ceremony altar lived in my parents’ dining room over the past several years… It was kind of neat being married in front of something I grew up with. All wood disks and stumps for the stump lounge were provided by Mike’s step-dad who owns a mill in Valemount, BC.

The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget “Great moments often catch us unawares….” By Kent Nerburn There was a time in my life twenty years ago when I was driving a cab for a living. It was a cowboy’s life, a gambler’s life, a life for someone who wanted no boss, constant movement and the thrill of a dice roll every time a new passenger got into the cab. DIY 52 Things I Love About You Posted July 1, 2011 | 64 Comments Happy Friday, lovelies! We spotted a really fun, really easy DIY 52 Things I Love About You project for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse-to-be, husband, wife, or a friend.

12 Unique Wedding Guestbooks Ideas October 24, 2011 11 comments From time to time, I take a break from wedding trends and bring you some advice on original things you can for wedding and it felt like it was time to do it again. Wedloft by - StumbleUpon If you have a small budget for your wedding, one major way to cut expenses is to DIY! Today I’ve rounded up a group of super fun DIY projects that would make for some FABULOUS wedding stationery! 1. Stamped Celery Flowers – These floral stamps made with celery are unbelievable! Who would have thought that this healthy snack could be used to make stationery? Certainly not me!

.: :. Hi everyone, I’m fairly certain everyone knows but just in case … The huge news for Moments That Shine? We’re closing up shop for a while as we relocate from Toronto to Vancouver! It’s a huge and scary step but it’s a family decision that I’m bursting with pride over. Being a BC girl, this is a dream come true. Awesome Trailer He lives in a trailer? ehhhhhh…. WHOA 43 DIY Wedding Projects For The Budget Bride Staying within your wedding budget is hard. As a newlywed, I can't count how many times we had to do some "adjusting" to our wedding spending so we wouldn't completely destroy our agreed-upon wedding budget. After some long chats and compromises, I can proudly say, we succeeded. The main way that we cut costs was to take on some DIY wedding projects. If you've got the right supplies, time and willingness to work, you can truly amaze yourself... and your guests. Below are 43 DIY wedding projects that might just inspire you to add some handmade love to your special day.