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Fantasy and Science Fiction - Writers' Guidelines

Fantasy and Science Fiction - Writers' Guidelines

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Political Writing Say you are a young person beginning to write about politics and policy. You probably have some idea of what you believe, but have you thought about how you believe it? That is, have you thought about where you will sit on the continuum that stretches from writers who are engaged to those who are detached? Writers who are at the classic engaged position believe that social change is usually initiated by political parties. To have the most influence, the engaged writer wants to channel his efforts through a party.

Submissions - Intergalactic Medicine Show To Writers and Artists We Want to See Your Work Writers: We are looking for stories of any length in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Lightspeed Magazine Submissions Status: CLOSED. When we determine when our next reading period will be, we will post an announcement here. Instructions for submitting to Lightspeed follow. Please read everything on this page and read the magazine before submitting. Mystery Writing Lessons 3. Create compelling characters Most of all the characters are important. You want them to be "rather more than stereotypes. Submission Guidelines Clarkesworld Magazine is a Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes short stories, interviews, articles and audio fiction. Issues are published monthly and available on our website, for purchase in ebook format, and via electronic subscription. All original fiction is also published in our trade paperback series from Wyrm Publishing. We are currently open for art, non-fiction and short story submissions. Fiction Guidelines Stories must be:

Encounters Magazine Guidelines Encounters Magazine Writer/Artist Guidelines We prefer manuscripts between 3,500 and 10,000 words, but those numbers are not carved in stone. We will consider pretty much any length, but we do not accept poetry. Please attach documents to your email in Microsoft Office Word 97 or later format, or in RTF or OpenOffice format and send to Artwork must be color, have a sci-fi, fantasy or horror theme and be no more than 600 pixels wide by 800 pixels in length. Please send in .jpg, .tiff or .png format to and include the words "Encounters Art" in the subject line.

Writing Historical Ethics: Rules for Writing Historical Novels These are my seven guidelines. 1. Don't invent history. You can add people to a scene; and of course you are free to invent incidents of the kind that might have occurred, so long as they slot into the overall pattern of known events. In War and Peace, Tolstoy's use of Pierre during the occupation of Moscow, when Pierre observes the scene and plans, but fails to assassinate Napoleon, is a perfect example of how this can be done. Submission Guidelines We are currently OPEN to short story submissions. Poetry submissions are closed. Our magazine is an SFWA-certified professional market. Editor-in-Chief: Jason Sizemore Managing Editor: Lesley Conner Original Short Fiction:

Daily Science Fiction back to main submissions page Story Submission Guidelines Daily Science Fiction (DSF) is a market accepting speculative fiction stories from 100 to 10,000 words in length. Action Stories Think “action scene,” and you probably think of the Hollywood version: A character is thrust into high-stakes, physical drama (a gunfight, a daring rescue, a desperate escape) that changes her in some important way, and moves the action forward. Action scenes serve the same function in your fiction, but they need not be over-the-top to be effective. A surprise phone call, an unexpected visit, or an ill-timed delay will force your character to respond quickly (rather than reflect), and allows you to advance the plot without miring it in long descriptive passages and explanations. The key to writing action scenes is to make sure that something happens that impels your protagonist to act, reveals her capacity to deal with problems, and affects future events in the story.

Fiction Guidelines Status: We are currently open to submissions. Shimmer aspires to publish excellent fiction across lines of race, income, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ages, geography, and cultures, and therefore encourages submissions of diverse stories from diverse authors. This includes, but is not limited to: people of color, LBGTQIA, women, the impoverished, the elderly, and those with disabilities. We are not interested in acquiring fiction that denigrates or perpetuates stereotypes of the above groups; we are unlikely to be interested in rape stories, and encourage writers to find other dimensions to explore with their female characters.