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Pencil - a traditional 2D animation software How to Schedule your Google Forms and Limit Submissions 13 Nov 2014 You can easily add limits in Google Forms such that they automatically close after an expiration date or when it has received a particular number of responses. couch mode print story Google Forms impose no limits. For some Google Forms though, limits may be necessary. Google Scripts can help you easily schedule your Google Forms and they’ll automatically open and/or close at a certain data. Go to your Google Drive and open an existing Google Form or create a new form. The script will now run in the background and you’ll get an email notification when one of the conditions is met and the Google Form is closed for new responses. Awesome Google Scripts → Custom Google Scripts → Google Script for Scheduling Google Forms FORM_OPEN_DATE = "2014-12-20 08:00";FORM_CLOSE_DATE = "2014-12-25 23:30";RESPONSE_COUNT = "100";/* Web tutorial: Also see: Get Google Forms Data in an Email Message

Best Free Paint Program Project DogWaffle Free Edition Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class! Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer Realistic paint effects and frame-based animation tool Support for only Targa/BMP file formats, lacking only the advanced layer, advance undo/redo function and scripting tools, unappealing interface. 32 bit only Feature limited freeware A portable version of this product is available but not from the developer. Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 The freeware is still at V1.2 while the commercial version is now at 8. Update: It is getting outdated day-by-day as no new development news released from developer for the freeware version. Krita Simple GUI, supports lots of file formats, packed with lots of features and tools. Big download size, current build does not support windows xp, not very easy to use for newbie artists. 113 MB (64bit) & 108 MB (32bit) 32 and 64 bit versions available Open source freeware There is no portable version of this product available. MyPaint

SUBSTITUTE FUNCTION IN GOOGLE DOCS | anandexcels Google Docs spreadsheet has the following text function apart from others LEFT, RIGHT,MID, TRIM, LEN, FIND, SEARCH, SUBSTITUTE, REPT etc., We will see syntax with examples of each function. The LEFT function returns a string consisting of the specified number of characters from the left end of a given string. LEFT(text, number) text : A string. and is a string value. number: An optional argument specifying the desired length of the returned string. string-length is a number value and must be greater than or equal to 1. Notes The count includes all spaces, numbers, and special characters. the formula in cell B1 is the formula extracted the first 5 characters of the text string in cell A1 as stated earlier in the notes it has counted the space also. the formula in cell B3 is we have ignored the second argument that means only one character will be extracted The RIGHT function returns a string consisting of the specified number of characters from the right end of a given string. RIGHT(text, number) 1.

Springboard Storyboard Software | Six Mile Creek Systems 7 Different Uses Of Integrating Google Drive With Gmail The Internet provides people with the tools to be more productive, but what do you do when the number of those tools actually start making things more complicated? The answer is to integrate them. Case in point, Google tools. Google provides you with so many free resources and apps that it’s hard to understand how they stay in business. Yet, a countless number of people these days rely on services like Gmail and Google Drive to support their business, their studies or any other Google Drive powered productivity need you can think of. The problem is that when you have so many places to store things, it can be overwhelming to try to remember where you stored certain information. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can integrate Gmail and Google Drive so that in a way, they act as one single tool that you won’t be able to live without. Searching For Information Once you run the search, the results for Google Drive are segregated into a section just below the Gmail search results.

Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Windows XP/Vista/7 MPEG Streamclip lets you play and edit QuickTime, DV, AVI, MPEG-4, MPEG-1; MPEG-2 or VOB files or transport streams with MPEG, PCM, or AC3 audio. MPEG Streamclip can export all these formats to QuickTime, DV, AVI/DivX and MPEG-4 with high quality encoding and even uncompressed or HD video. Video conversion is performed in the YUV color space; you can choose to scale video to any frame size using a professional 2D-FIR scaler (better than bicubic) but you can also leave it unscaled. Other optional video processing features include a powerful motion-adaptive deinterlacer, a field dominance converter, a chroma reinterlacer and an option to perform interlaced scaling instead of progressive scaling. MPEG Streamclip can save edited movies as MOV files, and (when possible) as AVI or MP4 files. MPEG Streamclip can handle files and streams larger than 4 GB, split in any number of segments, or with multiple audio tracks, and can also optionally handle timecode breaks.

Kanbanboards Mooly Segal Animation Portfolio: Tools Welcome visitor! This page holds some of the scripts I wrote over the years to help the workflow when animating in Maya. They all emerged at some point or another in my career after me saying something along the lines of: "god damn it!!! why the hell can't I just do THIS?!" So try'em, play with'em, I would love to hear feedback if there's something you'd like to see or you found a bug. If you do, please send your comments to (or facebook... or whatever works.) To download the script left-click the script headline. Holy @#$% Maya! Quickly creates wave curves in the graph editor, as well eases in and eases out on selected curves. Opens the current scene file folder in windows explorer. *Windows only SYNTAX: MS_OpenFolder;

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail for Sending at a Later Date Have you ever wanted to write an email message in Gmail now but send it later? Maybe you are sending birthday wishes and would like to delay the delivery of the email message until the actual day. Or you have written an email but would like to schedule delivery in the recipient’s time zone when the message is more likely to get read. Microsoft Outlook has a built-in email scheduler but you do not have a ‘native’ option to delay the delivery of email messages inside Gmail or Google Inbox. Email Studio is a Gmail add-on that will not only help you schedule email messages inside Gmail but you can also send recurring emails. Unlike email scheduler extensions like Boomerang or Sidekick that are browser specific, Email Studio is available right inside the Gmail website and thus works across all desktop browsers. You can schedule email messages with Email Studio’s Gmail Scheduler in few easy steps. Watch the video tutorial (download) to get started. How to Setup Gmail Scheduler

Zero Budget Software Suite For Filmmakers Money is, by definition, always a difficult issue for the low budget filmmaker. The challenge is in getting as much of your meagre budget up on the screen as possible. With that being the case do you really have the money to throw around on overpriced software packages? Luckily, by the wonders of open source development, just about every £500 software package has its freebie equivalent. These packages give you an entire office set up for every stage of the filmmaking process, from drawing up budgets and schedules, writing your script right through to advanced editing and special effects. All for a most reasonable price. The Office Open Office – Equivalent to Microsoft Office MAC/PC/LINUX Word and Excel, absolutely essential in running your office but at an annoyingly high price. Celtx – Equivalent to Final Draft MAC/PC/LINUX If you're going to get anywhere as a writer then you're going to have to make sure your scripts are properly formatted. KOffice Lightworks Avidemux Avid Free DV ffmpeg

Peep show: inside the world of unsecured IP security cameras | Ars Technica If you’re in public, you’re on camera. If you walk into a coffee shop, the owner gets you at the register. Visit a larger store, and chances are they have your face as soon as you cross the threshold. At least one or two of your neighbors catch you on camera when you walk around your neighborhood, and many cities monitor traffic using red light cameras at major intersections. With so much monitoring taking place, and with surveillance systems gaining more online functionality every year, it’s natural that securing these systems would become... complicated. Feel safer yet? Surveillance on the Internet Though they are relative newcomers to the surveillance market, IP cameras caught on quickly and are rapidly stealing market share and consumer preference from traditional (analog) cameras. IP cameras often present an attractive alternative. Though most NVRs require usernames and passwords for access, many individual cameras do not. Finding open doors The secret is in the search itself.

3 Free Animation Software for Windows Earlier we have seen a free Pencil animation and cartoon software for Windows, that is a good tool for beginners who are planning to learn animation. In this post now I am going to discuss three free animation software for Windows 7, which are easy to get started. As we all know, commercial applications like Adobe Flash comes with loads of features folded together. Most of the features available are never used by anyone – and many not even know that they even exist. Victorian Giotto Giotto comes packed with more than 50 great animated effects that can be applied to both shapes and text, without any coding at all! Download Victorian Giotto here. Anim8or Anim8or is a light weight portable application for 3D animation. Anim8or’s interface is separated into four sections, each with its own tool set: Object editorFigure editorSequence editorScene editor. Anim8or is completely open source and can be downloaded as a zip file here. Blender Animation You can download Blender Animation here.