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Step Up to A-Level Maths Introduction You will be starting an A-Level Maths course in September, and it is important that you are ready for the step up. The best way to prepare yourself is to make sure you have a firm grasp of the knowledge and skills you have already developed at GCSE level.

Russell Group: Our Universities Russell Group universities are committed to the highest levels of academic excellence in both teaching and research. Our universities are to be found in all four nations and in every major city of the UK. They operate globally, attracting international students and academic staff from many different countries, but also have a strong role and influence within their regional and local community. Students can choose from a wide range of internationally renowned courses - from medical, biological and physical sciences to business, social sciences and the humanities. More than half a million students are enrolled at Russell Group universities - one in five of all higher education students in the UK.

Choosing the Right University Every course and every university is different and each student wants different things. The chances of finding a perfect match can be a challenge despite over 150 universities and university-level higher education colleges in the UK and the wide range of courses available. You will almost certainly need to decide what is most important to you. Do you want the best course or one that is quite good but offers the options you really want? Hello and welcome to my 34th gems post. This is where I share five teaching ideas I've seen on Twitter. The summer holidays are finally here! Let's be honest though - although it's lovely to have the opportunity to rest and play, the majority of us do a fair amount of school work over summer - creating resources, organising and tidying, preparing for September, catching up on reading... Have you read all 34 of my gems posts?

Taster Courses 2016 University Taster Courses update 08/09/2015 You will be able to apply to the 2016 taster courses from 11am on Thursday 7 January 2016 when our website will open applications to the full schedule of taster courses for 2016. IMPORTANT: Please note that you do not need to rush to apply as soon as applications open at 11am on Thursday 7 January 2016 as we are giving everyone until 11am on Wednesday 13 January 2016 to initially apply. At 11am on Wednesday 13 January 2016, if we have received more applications than places for a taster course, we will allocate the places using random selection. If the taster course is not full, then places will be offered on a first-come first-served basis in the usual way. We will inform you of the outcome of your application by email within 5 working days after 11am on Wednesday 13 January 2016.

How to choose a university So you have a list of universities/colleges that you like the look of - how do you narrow it down? Firstly make sure that every institution on your list does the subject that you want to study. Read up on each institution - there are many resources that you can use to obtain different viewpoints: For the 'official view' read the institution's prospectus or go to their website- here you can get the 'hard-facts' and statistics, but beware that these purely show what the university/college wants to show - they're hardly likely to tell you that the food is rubbish or that the central heating in one of the Halls doesn't work! For an independent view try reading an 'unofficial' guide.

Following on from my last post on ideas for the first Year 7 lesson of the year, here's some ideas for the start of Year 12. Unfortunately we don't really have any time to spare in our sixth form teaching. It's a challenge just to fit enough lessons into the school year to cover all the course material before our students go off to take their exams. Graduate jobs: Top 10 universities for getting a job 12. University of Stirling Percentage of students in work or further education six months after graduation: 94.0% The University of Stirling has plenty to recommend it - its Law School is housed in the 18th century Airthrey Castle, and there is a nine-hole golf course on campus. Because I didn't write a gems post last weekend, imagine how much I have to tell you about today! Quick - let's get started... 1. Hula Hoops Who needs technology when you can stick a hula hoop on the board? This simple idea, shared by @emziecampbell, is for teaching children to tell the time. It would work well for other circle-based topics too.