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RSpec: Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby

RSpec: Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby
Overview RSpec is testing tool for the Ruby programming language. Born under the banner of Behaviour-Driven Development, it is designed to make Test-Driven Development a productive and enjoyable experience with features like: a rich command line program (the rspec command) textual descriptions of examples and groups (rspec-core) flexible and customizable reporting extensible expectation language (rspec-expectations) built-in mocking/stubbing framework (rspec-mocks) Documentation RDoc

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etorreborre/specs2 @ GitHub Specify your software using both text and Scala code class HelloWorldSpec extends Specification { def is = s2""" This is a specification for the 'Hello world' string The 'Hello world' string should contain 11 characters $e1 start with 'Hello' $e2 end with 'world' $e3 """ def e1 = "Hello world" must haveSize(11) def e2 = "Hello world" must startWith("Hello") def e3 = "Hello world" must endWith("world") } Use different styles of specifications /** This is the "Unit" style for specifications */class HelloWorldSpec extends Specification { "This is a specification for the 'Hello world' string".txt "The 'Hello world' string should" >> { "contain 11 characters" >> { "Hello world" must haveSize(11) } "start with 'Hello'" >> { "Hello world" must startWith("Hello") } "end with 'world'" >> { "Hello world" must endWith("world") } }}

Publisher: RSpec - Relish RSpec is a Behaviour-Driven Development tool for Ruby programmers. BDD is an approach to software development that combines Test-Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, and Acceptance Test-Driven Planning. RSpec helps you do the TDD part of that equation, focusing on the documentation and design aspects of TDD. Documentation This is the official documentation site for RSpec. Much of the documentation you see here is written with Cucumber, which, like RSpec, provides executable documentation.

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Documentation·Cucumber Cucumber supports over a dozen different software platforms. Every Cucumber implementation provides the same overall functionality, but they also have their own installation procedure and platform-specific functionality. The features that are common to all Cucumber implementations are documented in the reference manual. If you're looking for a reference implementation of "cucumber" using the latest "gherkin"-parser, have a look at microcuke. It's a tiny reference implementation in about 500 SLOC that can be ported to a new language in a day or two. Ruby for Newbies: Testing with Rspec Ruby is a one of the most popular languages used on the web. We're running a Session here on Nettuts+ that will introduce you to Ruby, as well as the great frameworks and tools that go along with Ruby development. In this episode, you’ll learn about testing your Ruby code with Rspec, one of the best testing libraries in the business. If you’ve read my recent tutorial on JasmineJS, you’ll probably notice several similarities in Rspec. Actually, the similarities are in Jasmine: Jasmine was created with Rspec in mind. We’re going to look at how to can use Rspec to do TDD in Ruby.

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Fixtures and factories RSpec Testing Framework with Ruby - The testing world is a very big place. There's an entire ecosystem of tools to help solve common problems and pain points. Throughout this chapter I'm going to introduce you to some of the most common tools. After you learn the fundamentals of testing in RSpec, this is the area where you should continue your education and growth. We'll begin by talking about Fixtures and Factories. We've seen how you can create new objects and save them to a database while you're working in RSpec. RSpec and BDD - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum Internal Testing The Ruby community loves testing. It’s an area that’s under constant evolution and "best practices" are always shifting. But there’s a majority forming around RSpec.

Unit Testing Assistance ReSharper helps discover and run or debug unit tests right in Visual Studio . The following unit testing frameworks are supported: With ReSharper, you can execute a single unit test, all tests in a test class, file, project or solution. An Introduction To RSpec In the Ruby world, we have a few different testing libraries. One of the ones that has gained a lot of popularity and use is rspec. RSpec takes a slightly different approach to the idea of testing applications, by testing behavior rather than only specific methods. I thought I’d take some time to show everyone why rspec is so useful in testing your applications. Cobertura Plugin Plugin Information The current thinking is to merge this plugin into more generic coverage plugin. Help appreciated.