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Quadrocopter Ball Juggling, ETH Zurich

Quadrocopter Ball Juggling, ETH Zurich
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The Matternet: A Flying Autonomous Delivery System For The Developing World Nearly one billion people in rural areas live without access to all-season roads--meaning a large portion of the world's population can't get medication, food, and other supplies when they need them. The Matternet, a concept created by a group of students in this summer's class at Singularity University, aims to leapfrog road-based transportation altogether with a network of electric autonomous aerial vehicles (AAVs) in the developing world that transports supplies and people from place to place. Think of it as the Jetsons meets Mother Theresa. The Matternet concept was designed by a motley crew of entrepreneurs, engineers, hackers, and more--all of whom were challenged during Singularity University to solve a big problem related to world poverty (other groups focused on space, energy, education, security, and global health). The Matternet is being developed in three stages. In the first stage, the Matternet team anticipates carrying loads of one to two kilograms. Follow @fastcompany.

Les drones du Sud Ouest | Photos et vidéos aériennes en toute liberté ! This Week In Bots: Hollywood's Next Big Star Could Be A Robot Bot Vid: The Crashable Flying Machine Flying robots are all the rage--it seems everyone loves a good drone now. But one issue with flying robots is that at some point they must come down, and if that's due to a crash or an accidental collision you'd prefer them to get right back in the air again. Bot Vid: Robots Make Movies Robots are already penetrating many industries, but one that you may have overlooked is the movie industry, where robots are swiftly taking position behind the scenes--most typically in motion control of cameras. Bot News NASA Bot Competition. GE's Wind Turbine Bot. Robots Working With Humans. Uncanny Valley. Bot Futures: Robots In Movies Glance back through this week's post and note three things: Robots are becoming more commonplace in many industries including the movies; robots are better at working with humans; and Uncanny Valley. Before you pooh-pooh the idea watch this, a performance of humanoid droid HPR4C from 2010.

Le robot qui papillonne Charmant, le vol des papillons… Mais quand on veut l’étudier de près, c’est à s’arracher les cheveux! Et pour cause : il n’est pas évident de commander à ces fragiles animaux de voler juste devant une caméra ultrarapide ! Mais cela pourrait changer. Hiroto Tanaka et Isao Shimoyama, deux ingénieurs des universités d’Harvard et de Tokyo, ont conçu un minuscule robot qui mime à la perfection le vol des papillons. Mathilde Fontez WordPress: J'aime chargement…

Video: Swiss Flying Torpedo Bot Crashes, Dusts Itself Off and Flies Again Flying robots are adept aviators, flipping through small openings, building structures and playing tennis. But what goes up must come down, and sometimes it's not exactly as planned. A new flying robot can survive a crash, picking itself back up and taking flight again. This robot is from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology's Laboratory for Intelligent Systems. For this to work, its rotors must be protected by a cage of some kind, so they don't snap or bend when the robot crashes. This type of robot could be useful in exploring hard-to-reach or dangerous areas, like caves, collapsed mines or nuclear power plants, the researchers say.

Flying Eye : Diagnostique thermique par drone Inspection thermique des panneaux solaires par drone Les panneaux solaires en toiture convertissent l'énergie du soleil en électricité et en source de revenus non négligeable. Les installations solaires peuvent être un investissement lucratif. Pour maximiser la production et les revenus pendant des décennies, il faut cependant miser sur la qualité. Le module solaire, élément clé de ces installations, doit être fiable et produire continuellement de l'électricité pendant des années. Pour garantir au module solaire un fonctionnement fiable pendant toute sa durée de vie, les caméras thermiques peuvent jouer un rôle important. Flying Eye vous propose, grâce à un drone FlyingCopter équipé d'une caméra thermique haute résolution, de diagnostiquer vos panneaux solaires photovoltaïques de manière extrêmement efficace. L'utilisation des caméras thermiques pour l'évaluation des panneaux solaires présente plusieurs avantages. Drone Flying Eye embarquant une camera thermique Flir T620.

Mind-controlled robot gives paralyzed man mobility LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Swiss scientists have demonstrated how a partially paralyzed person can control a robot by thought alone, a step they hope will one day allow immobile people to interact with their surroundings through so-called avatars. Similar experiments have taken place in the United States and Germany, but they involved either able-bodied patients or invasive brain implants. On Tuesday, a team at Switzerland's Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne used only a simple head cap to record the brain signals of Mark-Andre Duc, who was at a hospital in the southern Swiss town of Sion 100 kilometers (62 miles) away. Duc's thoughts — or rather, the electrical signals emitted by his brain when he imagined lifting his paralyzed fingers — were decoded almost instantly by a laptop at the hospital. Duc lost control of his legs and fingers in a fall and is now considered partially quadriplegic. "Sooner or later your attention will drop and this will degrade the signal," Millan said.

Une mairie espionne ses administrés avec des drones à imagerie thermique À Slough, une ville du sud de l’Angleterre, the municipality is indeed served drones equipped with thermal cameras to spy on its citizens inside their homes. The goal was to locate clandestine beds and fining people who turn their garage into student rooms, without paying the corresponding taxes. La traque aux locataires non déclarés est donc ouverte et la technique utilisée fait polémique, même en Grande Bretagne, the country which accounts for the most CCTV cameras per capita. To identify offenders, technicians municipality Slough spot humans through their body heat, which appears in red on the thermal images. (Sources) See also : thermal camera, spying, Great Britain

Lego Prosthetic Arm: A Miracle Remade As if the Lego block itself wasn’t awesome enough, there are mammoth builds revealed on a daily basis. We have gone through all this before, and I don’t think I have to say that Lego really is the solution to everything. When it comes to creativity, it is certainly the most versatile toy ever created. However, Lego has a whole other useful area as well, and that is to mock up inventions in order to weather out the bugs and implement workarounds. You might think it was a quick build and that it can’t be as awesome as all those movie robot prosthetic arms that we have seen in movies such as Terminator for example. Via: [ DVICE ]

Imagerie et vidéos thermiques aériennes par drone par StudioFly Le drone offre un grand nombre de services aériens qui ne sont pas encore tous répertoriés ! Voici ceux que nous maîtrisons : Thermographie Aérienne par drone : Nous sommes en partenariat avec la société Sodimel(distributeur officiel des caméras thermiques FLIR) avec laquelle nous avons développé un procédé permettant d’installer les caméras thermiques sur notre drone. Les images ou vidéos sont directement vues du sol, permettant à l’ingénieur thermicien ou au client de guider l’opérateur pour qu’il puisse positionner au mieux son drone et donc vision thermique. Cette souplesse d’utilisation vous fait gagner sur tous les tableaux : rapidité et précision d’action, vue éloignée ou très proche, coût et flexibilité. Inspection par drone d’ouvrages et de bâtiments : La précision d’évolution de notre drone offre la possibilité d’effectuer une inspection minutieuse d’un ouvrage ou d’une installation technique.

Lego robotic arm is grabby--in a good way | Crave My greatest Lego triumph was the creation of a miniature monorail that required pushing the car down a little Lego track. YouTube user sumthinelse5790 (real name Max Shepherd) has blown my childhood creation out of the water with a Lego robotic arm. Admittedly, this isn't the first Lego arm on the planet , but it does show off a high level of sophistication. Shepherd went in with the lofty goal of accurately mimicking the full range of motion of a normal human arm and hand. The result is pretty successful. Lego pneumatics power the complex hand and wrist movements. The Lego arm is designed as an above-the-elbow prosthesis, but don't expect to see it out in the wild anytime soon. Check out the video below to see Shepherd's creation in action. (Via Make)

EADS Harfang Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Conception[modifier | modifier le code] À l'origine, le drone aurait dû être livré à l'armée de l'air à l'été 2003 pour remplacer les drones Hunter (par ailleurs retirés du service en septembre 2004). Cependant des problèmes industriels rencontrés par le constructeur ont considérablement retardé la livraison des appareils. Le SIDM est entré en service en juin 2008 au sein de l'escadron d'expérimentation de drones 1/330 « Adour » à Mont-de-Marsan (Landes) ; cette unité dépendait du Centre d'expériences aériennes militaires (CEAM) et dépend aujourd'hui du Commandement des Forces aériennes. L'un des principaux manques de l'appareil tient en l'absence de capteurs électromagnétiques et sa faible capacité à évoluer à cause de sa capacité d'emport et de sa génération électrique. Description[modifier | modifier le code] Armement[modifier | modifier le code] Versions[modifier | modifier le code] Utilisateurs[modifier | modifier le code] Maroc [7]

Roombots Are Real-Life Transformers That Become Furniture [Video] Why buy multiple pieces of furniture, when you could have one piece of furniture that could transform itself into whatever you need at the moment--a chair, a sofa, a table? For that matter, why settle for static, inanimate furniture at all? This is the idea behind "Roombots," miniature modular robots that are something like Legos -- except they're also autonomous, and can walk around. [A concept video the Roombots assembling into a chair. [The working prototypes of the Roombots] The Roombots has been in the lab since 2006, and the scientists working on it have penned articles with frightening titles such as "Toward Emancipation of Furniture," since 2006 or so. As the little modules hook into each other to create novel shapes, those shapes should learn how to find the most efficient way to walk or wriggle along, for instance. [Sweet Jesus: A table that runs.] [Via IEEE Spectrum]

Dassault nEUROn The Dassault nEUROn is an experimental Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) being developed with international cooperation, led by the French company Dassault Aviation. Description[edit] This delta wing stealth UCAV project is the final phase of the French Dassault LOGIDUC 3-step stealth "combat drone" programme. Until June 2005 it had the form of the original Dassault developed Grand Duc vehicle: supersonic two-engined long-range unmanned bomber, capable of performing attacks with nuclear weapons. Under the pressure of the international cooperation, especially from Sweden and Saab, it was transformed into a demonstrator of smaller single-engine technology. The nEUROn development, originally planned by Dassault as "AVE Grand Duc", evolved into a European cooperation including Swedish Saab AB, Greek EAB, Swiss RUAG Aerospace, Spanish EADS CASA and Italian Alenia, with Dassault as the lead contractor. Program goals[edit] The program has three stated goals: Platform[edit] Project history[edit]