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Related:  GH blogs designcoding Digital [Sub]stance | Architecture +Design + Computation architecture These are a series of experiments, in which the designer try to use parametric and digital method to realize these interesting optical illusion effects and generate 3d geometry or space rather than just 2d painting. Continue reading The design task of this project was to design a multifunctional theatre inside an old gasholder in the Hague the Netherlands. This project is a renovation of an old monumental building, we apply the new generation process, new material and manufacture method, new structure and construction logic to transfer the old building to a fire new thing with also new functions. In this project, our essential design emphasis focuses on organization of overall rule and open system, rather than on each segments of this project. The intention was to achieve highly varied heterogeneous spatial formations, catering to a wide variety of human activities and programmatic demands. This is a Workshop for Msc 2 Master student of Hyperbody.

The Geometry of Bending designplaygrounds: Honeycomb Morphologies Update The lastest update from my honeycomb morphologies research is already at the official site , you can go there to to check it out and download the definition. arCHI+lab | SELECTED WORKS OF KONRAD SOBON This week's post will not be a tutorial. It's more of a summary of what I was working on recently. It's too much content to compress it into a 15min tutorial. Complete definition breakdown. This definition works by creating a mesh surface on top of any imported surface geometry. Ecotect analysis visuals. Side by side comparison of Ecotect analysis driven paneling. Steps making up the complete process of analysis driven paneling. Keep in mind that for this definition to work properly you will need the following software and plugins: 1.

Institute Computational Design (ICD) MADEinCALIFORNIA ///Co.De. Tesselion : Adaptive Quadrilateral Flat Panelization rh lattice tesselation01////////////////////////////////////////// Option Explicit'Script written by Davide del Giudice'Script copyrighted by'Script version venerdì 28 agosto 2009 16.07.36'Original code SUPERMANOEUVRE MsgBox " LATTICE TESSELATION/// Script written by Davide del Giudice/// " Call DivideSurface()Sub DivideSurface()'--------------------'DEFINE INPUTDim strSrf:strSrf= rhino.getobject("Select surface",8,16)If isNull(strsrf) Then Exit SubDim intUint: intUint= rhino.getInteger(" U divisions", 20,4,100)Dim intVint:intVint= rhino.GetInteger(" V divisions", 20,4,100) Dim IntNPts: intNPts = Rhino.GetInteger("how many samples?", 10, 2, 100) 'chiedo il dimensionamento If isNull(intUint) Then Exit SubIf isNull(intVint) Then Exit SubIf isNull(IntNPts) Then Exit Sub '----------- 'SCRIPT BODY rhino.print" script started now, enjoy!" For i=uMin To uMax-uStep Step 6*uStep For j= vMin To vMax-vStep Step 2*vStep 'first panel 'second panel 'point in an array dblStep = (arrDom(1)-arrDom(0))/(intNPts)

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