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Manufacture d'Essai

Manufacture d'Essai
MANUFACTURE D’ESSAI ha uno stile definito e riconoscibile, che nasce dalla capacità di fondere il suo background italiano, basato su un’artigianalità impeccabile, con un gusto moderno e sofisticato. Un approccio senza tempo radicato in un’estetica precisa, essenziale, ma non minimale;. design attuale e continua sperimentazione formale, uniti al valore costante dell' esperienza. Rappresenta l'eleganza moderna sempre in sintonia con il trend del momento. La ricerca di materiali di grande qualità e le lavorazioni preziose, ma discrete contribuiscono a rendere le collezioni Manufacture D’Essai uniche, in perfetto equilibrio tra artigianalità e tecnologia. E’ lo stile a prevalere sulla moda, è il concreto a prevalere sulla superficialità, la consapevolezza del proprio modo di essere sull’appartenere a un “genere”. Ridefinisce il tempo libero e la multi portabilità, non perdendo mai fascino ed eleganza.

Slavery Footprint - Results Dear , As a supporter of your business, I wanted to let you know I've recently become aware of an issue that affects us both: modern-day slavery. There are over 27 million people enslaved today, many of whom make the things we use and buy. This issue is quickly becoming a priority for millions of consumers world wide. I'd like to know how much your company has investigated and mitigated the potential exposure to forced labor in your supply management systems. Phase2 Design Studio Design thinking delivers form and function, start to finish. Our Approach At Phase2, we focus on delivering exceptional digital design services through an iterative and goal-oriented approach. Our team works collaboratively with yours to accomplish a perfect combination of form and function, with a well-defined, yet flexible process.

Accommodation & Hotels, book online and save Perhaps the most sought after accommodation domain name in the world today:! This domain name has recently sold! This extremely desirable and highly sought after single word generic domain name is tailor made for accommodation providers and hotel companies worldwide. This unique domain name could be of interest to any businesses working in the accommodation, hotels, holiday lets, villas, gites, property rental or timeshares industries.

The history of aeronautics The first clearly recorded instance of a balloon carrying passengers used hot air to generate buoyancy and was built by the brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier in Annonay, France. After experimenting with unmanned balloons and flights with animals, the first tethered balloon flight with humans on board took place on October 15, 1783. André-Jacques Garnerin carried out the first jump with a silk parachute on October 22, 1797 at Parc Monceau, Paris. Design Interactions Research UMK was commissioned by the Design Museum in London. The project presents perspectives on a fictional future for the United Kingdom. It sees England devolved into four self-contained counties, each free to experiment with governance, economy and lifestyle. 20 great websites with parallax scrolling This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More.GOT IT! Magazine for designers and web developers Add to Collections!

Festival - International Digital Festival - Home Still looking for teams for KIKK Kontest We are still looking for teams to participate to KIKK Kontest, a 24h non-stop multidisciplinary kontest taking place on at the venu of the festival and lasting during the whole event. There are more than 6000 € worth of prizes to win; a trip to Resonate Festival in Serbia, Adobe Suites, Wacom tablets, 500 € in cash, 1 year of Mobile Vikings phone membership with data, and many more… Register now! A few places left for Friday's workshops We have a few places left for the 3 workshops taking place on Friday 9th of November: Musical Experimental Board, 3D Wall Printing and Noisy Jelly. So hurry up if you want to get your seat in one of those very creative workshops!

Babel, the cat who would be King - Interactive book for children Karim Maaloul was born in the southern suburbs of Tunis. He spent his childhood surrounded by sheep blocking the streets, and goat thieving flowers from gardens. Local wildlife quickly became an inexhaustible source of inspiration. ACTIVATE – For us, taking vitamins every day had become more hassle than it was worth. Swallowing horse pills and dumping supplement powders into water bottles was just not cutting it. We looked to vitamin-enhanced waters for an answer, but found labels filled with empty promises. In our search for something better, we made a discovery that demanded attention. At first, it seemed like nothing more than a convenient way to take your vitamins on the go – a cap that featured a moisture-resistant compartment inside where ingredients could be stored and released before drinking.

Bomb Girls - Official Site of Global Television Bomb Girls content provided by: Shaw Media Website Producer, Lori Harito Manager, Products, Dramatics & Factual: Zach Feldberg Managing Editor, Branded and Original Content, Shaw Media: Marty Flanagan Video Producer, Shaw Media: Dave Kim Video Producer, Shaw Media: Laura Purchase Manager Video Distribution, Shaw Media: Roy Dos Santos Development Team Lead, Shaw Media: Ehsan Motamedi Sr Quality Assurance Analyst, Shaw Media: Stan Loundine Production Executive, Shaw Media: Susan Alexander Senior Director, Original Drama Content: Tara Ellis Brand Associate, Global TV: Jordena Kraut Publicity Manager, Global TV: Grace Park Website created by: Secret Location The Singapore Sling

XPS 13 Ultrabook Hello DavidHouston, I want to thank you for taking some time to express your experiences with the XPS 13 9333 Ultrabook. The XPS 13 is a marvel of engineering design, being diminutive in size yet containing heaps of processing power along with a stunning touchscreen. Driver updates are one of the ways that Dell is constantly improving our products, based on feedback from customers like you. Angry Birds Space: Out now on iOS, Android, MAC and PC. Angry Birds Space Available now App store Android market PC Mac Share Facebook Twitter Google plus+

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