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Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics

Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics
Image copyright Getty Images More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, sparking a crisis as countries struggled to cope with the influx, and creating division in the EU over how best to deal with resettling people. The vast majority arrived by sea but some migrants have made their way over land, principally via Turkey and Albania. Winter has not stemmed the flow of people - with 135,711 people reaching Europe by sea since the start of 2016, according to the UNHCR. 1. Which countries are migrants from? The conflict in Syria continues to be by far the biggest driver of migration. 2. Although not all of those arriving in Europe choose to claim asylum, many do. But far more people have arrived in the country - German officials said more than a million had been counted in Germany's "EASY" system for counting and distributing people before they make asylum claims. 3. This compares with 280,000 arrivals by land and sea for the whole of 2014. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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Refugee crisis News 242 rescued, 11 dead off Greece At least 11 migrants died in the eastern Aegean Sea on Thursday, but 242 others were rescued. Austria to build border fence Migrant crisis: What next for Germany's asylum seekers? Image copyright EPA As large numbers of migrants and refugees travel to Germany in the hope of a new life, BBC News looks at how the country deals with such arrivals and its modern experience of migration. What happens to asylum seekers on arrival? Image copyright Reuters The exhausted-looking people getting off trains in Munich and other German cities are being offered assistance then taken to initial reception centres. Will they all stay in Munich?

In the Name of Identity, by Amin Maalouf published 1996, translated 2000 Amin Maalouf is a well known novelist and winner of France's most prestigious literary award, the Goncourt Prize. He grew up in Lebanon and moved to France in 1976, at the age of 27. He sees himself as both Lebanese and French. New Zealand Red Cross - Afghan interpreters arrive in NZ Thirty Afghan interpreters and their families have arrived in Auckland and will spend 8 weeks at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre learning about New Zealand. The 94 Afghan men, women and children, the youngest just three months old, landed at Whenuapai Air Force base in Auckland to a large welcoming party of officials and media, after travelling for two days – the last leg on a the Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757. New Zealand Red Cross national president Dr Jenny McMahon says the atmosphere was full of emotion as army and police staff were reunited with the interpreters who were crucial to the New Zealand Defence Force operations in Afghanistan. "There were a few tears as they came off the plane and were reunited with what seemed like old friends... they'd obviously made some really good friendships," says Dr McMahon. "It was nice to watch them arrive in family units with cute kids in their best dresses and suits.

Migrant crisis: Why is it erupting now? They flee a country at war where the West resists any major military or political engagement. They flee a country where Nato-led forces fought for more than a decade to achieve stability. The stories of Syria and Afghanistan are two cautionary tales of our time. Old wars don't end. New ones get worse.

American identity crisis? What’s an ‘American’ identity? A cultural identity is a sort of myth by definition. There are very few “pure” cultures left, but they’re routinely upheld by advocates of the social equivalent of monocultures. America, since the Melting Pot days, has been lugging around the Anglo American image like a security blanket. Social Statistics Social Statistics The SOCIAL STATISTICS area comprises a variety of different statistics on the social situation in Austria. Firstly, the distribution of personal income is presented. The “annual personal income” section shows the gross and net annual income of employees and pensioners based on wage tax data (1997–2012 time series and also by age group and federal province).

Refugee crisis: Where are all these people coming from and why? It is an era of violence in the Middle East and North Africa, with nine civil wars now going on in Islamic countries between Pakistan and Nigeria. This is why there are so many refugees fleeing for their lives. Half of the 23 million population of Syria have been forced from their homes, with four million becoming refugees in other countries. Ending Syria war key to migrant crisis, says US general Ending the conflict in Syria and Iraq is key to solving the migrant crisis facing Europe, a senior US official has told the BBC. Gen John Allen, special presidential envoy for the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) group, said IS had to be defeated and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "had to go". He said it was "heart-wrenching" to see people fleeing the region. But he added that the coalition was in a stronger place than a year ago. He also praised Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as "a real partner". Image copyright Reuters

The King Of The Shores: An Interview With a Syrian Refugee Smuggler M and W: What was the oddest phone call you’ve received? al-Khal: A Syrian journalist who used to be on TV all the time talking about how the rebels would defeat the government and how they would kill all the Alawites. One day he called me and asked me for help to go to Europe. He was receiving death threats. After he reached Hungary he called me again and he told me had been mugged and all his money had been stolen. So I sent one of my guys there to help him out.

Asylum statistics - Statistics Explained Data extracted on 2 March 2016 and on 20 April 2016. Most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database. Planned article update: March 2017. Figure 2: Countries of origin of(non-EU) asylum seekers in the EU-28 Member States, 2014 and 2015(thousands of first time applicants)Source: Eurostat (migr_asyappctza) Which countries take in most refugees? Not the West In the third case in the last two weeks, more than 100 passengers aboard a troubled boat required rescue in the waters between Australia and Indonesia. On Wednesday, Australian authorities plucked 162 passengers from a boat in distress located south of Indonesia. The rescued passengers were taken to Australia's Christmas Island for initial security, health and identity screening. The authorities declined to say whether the people on the rescued boat were seeking asylum. This followed after a boat capsized near Christmas Island carrying an estimated 200 people seeking asylum on June 22, and another boat accident occurred on June 27. The number of deaths from these accidents are unclear, as authorities did not know how many people had been aboard the vessels.

Isis murdered my brother, David Haines – but not his message of love My younger brother was murdered by Isis terrorists one year ago today. David was kidnapped and killed while carrying out humanitarian work in Syria. He was there to bring relief to the Syrian people. As well as a brother, he was a son, a father, a nephew, a husband and friend. To many of us, he was a hero. He was a normal bloke, but he lived an extraordinary life, one that was defined by his determination to bring good to the world, both through his actions and his overwhelming belief in helping others.

Interview with a Syrian refugee Samira. Photo: Luca Sola Samira is a Syrian refugee. She arrived three days ago. She's living in a self-made shelter with just one room, which she shares with 12 other people. Because she is not Palestinian, Samira can't register with the local Palestinian NGOs giving out much-needed blankets and heaters near where she's living.