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Digital game for MS Pre-Alg

Digital game for MS Pre-Alg

ODE Extended Standards Ohio’s Learning Standards – Extended (OLS-E) also are commonly known as "the extended standards." These standards help to ensure that students with significant cognitive disabilities are provided with multiple ways to learn and demonstrate knowledge. At the same time, the extended standards are designed to maintain the rigor and high expectations of Ohio’s Learning Standards. The Offices for Curriculum, Assessment and Exceptional Children have worked collaboratively since July 2011 in the creation of extensions to Ohio’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Math as well as the revised standards for Science and Social Studies. A committee comprised of special educators, regular educators, parents, administrators and other stakeholders in Ohio came together in the writing of these extensions to be used for students participating in the Alternate Assessment. Documents and Resources for Ohio’s Learning Standards – Extended (OLS-E) Ohio Learning Standards - Extended for ELP

Online Math Help & Learning Resources School:Mathematics Welcome to the School of Mathematics! The Lorenz attractor is a chaotic map, noted for its butterfly shape. The map shows how the state of a dynamical system evolves over time in a complex, non-repeating pattern. The attractor itself, and the equations from which it is derived, were introduced by Edward Lorenz in 1963, who derived it from the simplified equations of convection rolls arising in the equations of the atmosphere. Since you're here, you either are someone wishing to share your knowledge of Mathematics, or you are someone who wishes to gain knowledge about Mathematics. Mathematics has many facets; though it has a wealth of applications, Mathematics is also a science, and an art, in its own right. The School of Mathematics is a work in progress. The School of Mathematics wishes you a very warm welcome. Divisions and departments[edit] Divisions and Departments of the School exist on pages in "topic" name space. Mathematics curriculum[edit] School news and current events[edit]

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ODE Math Model Curricula Skip navigation Skip to main content SAFE | State Agencies | Online Services Follow Home > Academic Content Standards > Mathematics Mathematics Contact Information Mathematics Consultant (P) 614- 644-5887 Mathematics Consultant (P) 614-728-2373 Mathematics Consultant (P) 614-387-7561 Mathematics Consultant (P) 614-644-6814 The State Board of Education has adopted the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics as part of Ohio's suite of Ohio's New Learning Standards for academic learning. Ohio's New Learning Standards Information on the College and Career Ready (Common Core) Standards. Model Curricula These mathematics Model Curricula were written by Ohio educators to support the implementation of Ohio's New Learning Standards for mathematics. In October 2013, Career Connections strategies were added to the Instructional Strategies in the model curricula.

Graphs of Functions and Algebra - Interactive Tutorials Free tutorials using java applets to explore, interactively, important topics in precalculus such as quadratic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, polynomial, absolute value functions and their graphs. Equations of lines, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas and parabolas are also explored interactively. Graph shifting, scaling and reflection are also included. The definition and properties of inverse functions are thoroughly investigated. A graphical approach to 2 by 2 systems of equations is included. These tutorials can be used either as complements to topics already studied or to learn a new topic through exploration. Functions Questions on Functions (with Solutions). Fractions interactive tutorial on fractions Explore fractions interactively using an applet.

Information for Teachers You’re just a click away from even more powerful teaching. You want to help your students to learn more math and science. So do we. That’s why we’ve spent over 15 years using technology to bring science and math ideas alive. The best part about it? So how can you help your students learn? Stay on the cutting edge of technology Do you have the drive to learn about the newest technology? Subscribe Find your path through the Next Generation Science Standards Find your path through the Next Generation Science Standards with help from the Concord Consortium. Start finding your way with the NGSS Pathfinder Find free activities for your students Looking for great ways to teach complex science and math concepts? Find free software to help your students learn Put your probes and sensors to work Do you have probes and sensors gathering dust in your closet? Find great probeware activities