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The Yummy Life - Easy, Healthy, Delicious Recipes

The Yummy Life - Easy, Healthy, Delicious Recipes

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Homemade Hot Sauce! Some of us are hot sauce people. I hear the other some of us say that it “takes over” and “burns” and all that nonsense. Clearly, I am hot sauce person. It’s actually rather disconcerting how much so sometimes. Naturally Flavored Water Say goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled water with these refreshing, healthy flavors! I'm keeping 2-3 flavors of this "spa water" in my fridge now, so I have a variety to motivate me to drink more water. I was a hardcore Dr.

Food & Drink Infographics Which Countries Wine Down The Most? Wine drinking isn’t a contest, at least not a close one. In fact, wine has been a dietary staple since the beginning of recorded human history. It may not surprise you to learn that Italy, France, and Spain produce the most wine in the world, but did you know that Vatican City is the greatest consumer per capita?

Saffron Lane :: Seasonal Food, Celebration + Life Welcome to Saffron Lane, a blog dedicated to seasonal food, celebration and life. I'm Elizabeth, a chef, food writer, recipe developer and food stylist.My culinary career began at an early age. While other ten-year-olds were setting up lemonade stands, I was meticulously crafting gourmet chocolates and picking fresh berries from the backyard (to pair with them, of course) for my stand.

Step-By-Step Canning Tips I am relatively new to canning. Although I grew up watching my grandmother and mother can, I really had no idea what equipment I needed or how to proceed with the canning process. So, I went to the internet and book store to learn how. Mascarpone cream and strawberry sauce | Emiko Davies Mascarpone cream and strawberry sauce Posted by Emiko on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 · 10 Comments A week ago when we left Tuscany, the fridge was full of strawberries. Ripe, perfumed spring strawberries, so red, pretty and tempting that we couldn’t help it – we kept buying punnets whenever we saw them. Needless to say, there were quite a few strawberries to consume before heading back to Melbourne’s autumn.

La Selva: RGB Black Series; Carnovsky AM. What is the Black Series all about? C. RGB Black is a new RGB series available for now in wallpaper and some limited edition prints. Mama Shelter, Marseille The open-plan bar and restaurant space comprises a mix of long communal beech wood tables, low dining tables and loud-patterned custom-upholstered sofas. And crowning it off, the centrepiece of the room is of course, the signature oversized Mama table football game. Outside, the patio is marked by a contemporary southern French provincial twist; a bright yellow vertical stripe runs along the white walls where potted flowers are affixed among bare brightly coloured bulbs, giving a whole new meaning to the hanging basket.

The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve A marketing campaign story of how real-time package printing grew readership. Video included for those who prefer watching over reading. =) "Gulf News, the UAE's leading English daily newspaper, wanted to reach even more readers and convert them into subscribers. Our target was to gain 1.5% more subscribers, help promote their twitter channel and increase traffic to the Gulf News website by at least 25%. The Grilled Cheese Truck LA *notcot in food+drink , 14:45 NOTCOT Field Trip? Posted The Grilled Cheese Truck earlier this week on, and when we noticed it was going to be on this side of town for lunch, simply had to pop out to see what all the commotion was about. (Also, i have a soft spot for grilled cheese… and their logo reminds me of The Magic School Bus… i half expected to see Ms. Frizzle pop out to take us on a cheesy adventure)… With website, twitter, and facebook page (like many of these social media savvy specialty lunch trucks) the updates were constant as their precise location kept changing down to the minute, and we finally found them at the Los Angeles Fine Arts & Wine Storage Company parking lot, only half an hour into it and quite the line had already formed, inescapable scent of delicious greasy cheesiness omnipresent. p.p.s.

EDDIE ROSS I'd like to think that if all good things must end, even better and more beautiful things start right up again! 2013 brought changes at home and at work, with family and friends and, most of all, in our selves and the course ahead. After three and a half years of life in the country chronicling our adventures, shopping flea markets with new friends and producing stories for magazines, Jaithan and I took one last look at our Butler's Pantry... ...and packed it all up. Every. Back To The Roots: Mushroom Garden *notcot in food+drink , 18:10 I’ve never grown mushrooms before, but having been hearing about mushroom kits for some time now ~ though often they look like they are growing out of a less than appealing pile of goo in a bag! The Back To The Roots Mushroom Kit just arrived, and i love their box design! So simple and pretty and ready to sit on your kitchen window sill! Back To The Roots is the brainchild of two UC Berkeley students, Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora back in 2009 during their final semester ~ they went from investment banking to full time urban mushroom farmers!

Miller Creative - Franchise Branding & Packaging Design Custom lettered logo for Cacao Lounge Exterior of Store (Interior Design & Image Credit: ReDesign, New Zealand) Seating Area (Interior Design & Image Credit: ReDesign, New Zealand) Counter area and seating (Interior Design & Image Credit: ReDesign, New Zealand)

Cook Your Dream There's nothing better than real home prepared food. Even the simplest dish, when prepared with good quality fresh local and seasonal ingredients, can taste like a dream. That being said, all food taste best when enjoyed in the company of friends and family. I love meeting my friends and family, and sharing food with them. Cooking together, laughing together.