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The Yummy Life - Easy, Healthy, Delicious Recipes

The Yummy Life - Easy, Healthy, Delicious Recipes

17 Apart Naturally Flavored Water Say goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled water with these refreshing, healthy flavors! I'm keeping 2-3 flavors of this "spa water" in my fridge now, so I have a variety to motivate me to drink more water. I was a hardcore Dr. Simply water At the end of the day, regular old tap water--or at least a filtered version of it--seems to be the way to go. Aside from my morning coffee, I honestly forget to drink fluids throughout the day. Subtle flavor without sweetnessThese aren't sweet waters, so they'll be disappointing if that's what you're expecting. The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to Flavored WatersMy natural tendency is to go overboard and overcomplicate things, so I really have to fight that when I'm developing recipes. How to makeNaturally Flavored Water Supplies Needed: fruit -- whatever kind you like (except no bananas); make sure it's good and ripe for maximum sweetness and flavor. Fresh vs. frozen fruit. A variety of fresh herbs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Here's the whole gang.

Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? | TorrentFreak - Iceweasel As detailed in yesterday’s article, if a VPN provider carries logs of their users’ activities the chances of them being able to live up to their claim of offering an anonymous service begins to decrease rapidly. There are dozens of VPN providers, many of which carry marketing on their web pages which suggests that the anonymity of their subscribers is a top priority. But is it really? Over the past two weeks TorrentFreak contacted some of the leading, most-advertised, and most talked about VPN providers in the file-sharing and anonymity space. 1. 2. This article does not attempt to consider the actual quality of service offered by any listed provider, nor does it consider whether any service is good value for money. P2P Supporting VPN providers NordVPN Response to Q1: As stated in our terms of service, we do not monitor, record or store any VPN user logs. Response to Q2: The registered company name is Tefincom co S.A., and it operates under the jurisdiction of Panama. NordVPN website 1.

Portion Sizes Estimating Your Portion Sizes Estimating portion sizes is arguably the most important, yet difficult aspect of approximating your daily caloric intake. To make our nutrition search as quick as possible, all our foods are standardized to a portion size specific to that food type illustrated on this page. Getting familiar with these portion sizes will make searching our database and counting calories a piece of cake (no pun intended). Using Your HandsFruits or VeggiesPasta, Rice or MeatsChips, Nuts or BeansDrinks or Liquids On PlatesFruits, Veggies, or NutsPasta, Rice, or MeatsJuice, Wine, or SoupDressing or Sauces Other FoodsEggs, Bread, or PizzaPre-Packaged FoodsButter or Olive OilLiquor or BeerCake or Ice CreamCheeses Growing PortionsSteakVegetablesSpaghettiPotato chipsSteak, Zucchini, Pasta Search ExamplesPasta, Tomato Sauce & WineSalmon, Rice & Zucchini Using Your Hands: Fruits & Veggies 1 cup of broccoli – 36 caloriesVegetables: 1 cup cooked or raw Pasta, Rice & Meats Chips, Nuts & Beans Meats

Jam Hands 101 Cookbooks - Healthy Recipe Journal Step-By-Step Canning Tips I am relatively new to canning. Although I grew up watching my grandmother and mother can, I really had no idea what equipment I needed or how to proceed with the canning process. So, I went to the internet and book store to learn how. Truth is, canning isn't hard. A word of caution about water process canning. If you want more detailed canning information, I recommend the Ball website. I'm going to show you how I canned a recent batch of my Marinara Sauce. Step 1: Assemble your equipment.Here's what I use. ♦♦view on Amazon: canning kit --I've been using this economy set for years. The lid rack is another gadget that I love. ♦♦view on Amazon: lid rack Canning jars come in several sizes. ♦♦View on Amazon: mason jars You can also purchase rims and lids together, or lids only. View lids on Amazon:♦wide mouth lids, ♦wide mouth lids and rims♦regular mouth lids, ♦regular mouth lids and rims Step 3: Sterilize your jars, rims, and lids.First wash them in hot, sudsy water and rinse them.

Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Web hosting, VPN Tunnels, Privacy services. - Iceweasel PeriQ Networks AB - PRQ.SE Svenska | Start News Services About the company Order Contact us | Dedicated servers | Co-location | Web/mail/shell hosting | Tunnels and anonymizers | Special/Limited offers | Domains | A tunnel allows you to get real static IP addresses with your own reverse DNS, and to bypass filters and surveillance at your ISP. The tunnels work with most broadband ISPs and operating systems. For more information about setting up the tunnel service: PRQ Forum. Package 1: 1 static IP address Your own reverse DNS records (hosted by us) The available bandwidth is rate limited to 512 Kbps Price: 94 SEK/month 0.03 BTC/month Package 2: The available bandwidth is rate limited to 10 Mbps Price: 156 SEK/month 0.04 BTC/month Package 3: The available bandwidth is rate limited to 30 Mbps Price: 250 SEK/month 0.07 BTC/month Package 4: 2 static IP addresses The available bandwidth is rate limited to 100 Mbps Price: 750 SEK/month 0.19 BTC/month Additional IP adresses: 31 SEK/month per IP address Encryption:

The Girl Who Ate Everything | Quick and Easy Family Recipes Delightful Crumb | by Stacy Ladenburger La Selva: RGB Black Series; Carnovsky AM. What is the Black Series all about? C. RGB Black is a new RGB series available for now in wallpaper and some limited edition prints. AM. C. AM. C. AM. C. In general with some RGB designs we think that the bigger they are, the better they work, because the figures become gigantic and it is possible to see all the details and textures richness, that on a small scale could get lost. AM. C. We can tell you for example that our love for the jungle or the tropical forest does not come from the fact of have been actually there, but most of all from Kipling stories, Henri Rousseau paintings, and from Werner Herzog’ films (and life)… between other things. AM. C. AM. C. AM. C. AM. C. AM. C. La Selva: RGB Black Series by Carnovsky is showing at DreamBagsJaguarShoes, Shoreditch; until 21st September 2011 If you can make it to DreamBagsJaguarShoes, Carnovsky‘s installation is more than worth a look. Photography: Jeff Metal courtesy of JaguarShoes Collective

tunnel past censorship with a proxy and take back your freedom! - Iceweasel If you are a resident of Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the Far East (Indonesia, Vietnam, etc): Send us an email to to sign up for an account. You cannot do it yourself due to the large amounts of fraud. We accept cash, BitCoin, Western Union, pay by phone and bank transfers as well as LibertyReserve. You need to pay for one month of service (minimum) to test our service. Si vous êtes un résident de l'Afrique, Europe de l'Est, la Russie, la Turquie et l'Extrême-Orient (Indonésie, Vietnam, etc): Envoyez-nous un e-mail à pour vous inscrire à un compte. A few things you should know before contacting us Cryptocloud is a service brought to you by the Cryptocloud team. The Cryptocloud team is available 24/7/365. Currently we are actively seeking team members with high-level competence in marketing analytics and public relations.

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