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Trois lois de la robotique

Trois lois de la robotique

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Thymio, Python et Asebamedulla - Pierre Boudes #!/usr/bin/python# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-import dbusimport dbus.mainloop.glibimport tempfilethymio = "thymio-II"# first we need the network access to Thymio through DBusdbus.mainloop.glib.DBusGMainLoop(set_as_default=True)bus = dbus.SessionBus() # we use session bus (alternative: system bus)network = dbus.Interface(bus.get_object('ch.epfl.mobots.Aseba', '/'), dbus_interface='ch.epfl.mobots.AsebaNetwork')"""Event listeningthe Thymio has to run a code forwarding interesting local events.Lets write our own aesl source file for that purpose."""with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.aesl', delete=False) as aesl: aesl.write('<!

Home Français Follow us E-mail Alerts Blogs Robogator: Your Fearless LEGO Mindstorms Guardian - LEGO Reviews & Videos Robogator is the second construction suggested by the LEGO Mindstorms 8547 Set. It is a robot that imitate a crocodile and has a moving jaw and four legs which are used to patrol and defend a position. Personally I haven’t found this one really fun to build or impressive to watch, but it has been awesome to learn more about NXT-G coding. The Infinite Jukebox « Music Machinery - Nightly Another Music Hack Day weekend … this time in Boston hosted at MIT. It was a pretty awesome event. The space at MIT was perfect for hacking, with the best network connectivity I’ve ever seen at a hacking event. For my weekend hack, I took the idea from my Iceland hack (Infinite Gangnam Style), and made it work with any song.

Tutorials: Official MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Bonus Models With the help from the Mindstorms Community Partners (MCP), LEGO has released several bonus models for the NXT 2.0 set. However, they are not easily found on the LEGO website. This page is a collection of pictures and links to the bonus projects. Robot Square does not host the instructions or programs. Quibe – One Line Drawings - Nightly Cool idea by Quibe : drawing geekdom characters with one and only one line ! More heroes in the full article ! Quibe a eu une idée originale : dessiner des héros du geekdom à l’aide d’une seule ligne ! Et ça marche… Plus de héros dans la suite de l’article ! Submitted by Quibe via postmaster(at)geek-art(dot)net !

NXT Segway with Rider NXT Segway with Rider Programming Important Usage Information Note: Unlike balancing robots that use a gyroscopic sensor or other special sensors, this design uses only the color sensor, which does not know which way is "up" in an absolute sense, so it can only guess on its relative tilt based on the amount of reflected light received from the ground. As a result, getting a good balance is a bit of a challenge when you are using it. Please read the following important tips.

How to Close the Achievement Gap: Arts Education As we celebrate Arts in Education Week, it is fitting to point out the many benefits of arts education. Research has shown that the arts prepare students for success in school, work and life by boosting math and literacy achievement, developing creativity and critical thinking skills, strengthening perseverance, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and much, much more (the Arts Education Partnership has compiled a research bulletin with citations for these and other outcomes of arts education, if you would like more information). Of course, there are other, more direct reasons to study the arts.

Get picture from ErgoJr camera with API (e.g for Snap!) - Support hello @TDTron Today, there is no fast and efficient way to receive the video signal. Therefore, no entry in the API has been added. However you can do it yourself! Insert these few lines into the file poppy_src / pypot / server / At line 10, insert:Import cv2 6 Elements Of Play: The Spectrum Of A Relaxed Mind 6 Elements Of Play: The Spectrum Of A Relaxed Mind The role of play in learning is a complex thing, in part because it is easily misunderstood as “playing is learning.” While that’s certainly true, there is also a role for play in formal learning experiences as well. As self-directed learning becomes more possible and more potent in the 21st century, the idea of one learner riffing casually off another is increasingly accessible. So the chart below from is not only well-timed, but apt in this context.

How to use the Ergo Jr camera in Python? - Support Hello!I'm new on the forum, please tell me if my topic exists already.I started this year to use the poppy-ergojr for a project in class.I didnt meet any difficulties in using the motors for all of the moving functionalities, but i need to set the camera as 'dummy' before using the robot. As i would like to use the camera to recognize a face or read a qr code, how or where can i set the camera?I used 'poppy-configure ergo-jr m1' to configure the motors, but dont know how to configure the camera. Thanks for reading

ReMaking Education: Designing Classroom Makerspaces for Transformative Learning The Maker movement is poised to transform learning in our schools. To counteract educational standards, testing and uniformity, this fresh approach emphasizes creation and creativity -- products and processes born from tinkering, playing, experimenting, expressing, iterating and collaborating -- and exploits new digital tools to make, share and learn across space and time, do-it-yourself (DIY) style. Museums, libraries, community centers and after-school programs have designed physical and virtual "makerspaces" to host communities of supportive peers and mentors invested in creating everything from nail polish design and webpages to jewelry and robots . . . and now, even school curriculum. Inventing Production-Centered Schools Makers, using grounded research on how students learn outside of class, are rethinking schools.