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Free Language Learning Resources Online

Free Language Learning Resources Online
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German Language Learn To Speak A Different Language: has partnered with Transparent Language to bring together a comprehensive collection of learning resources for people who are learning a language. Specially designed for those learning a language, you will find the BYKI™ 'Word Of the Day', learning cards, language and local culture blogs, survival phrases, online tests, as well as fun online games. So whether you are learning French, looking for a German blog, searching for Spanish survival phrases or wanting to test your Russian, it's all here. You can get free express software to help with learning a language, and access to discounts on complete language learning packages. Plus, don't forget that you can also use to translate words and phrases online from English into these languages, as well as instantly translate many languages into English.

One Minute Spanish — Radiolingua One Minute Spanish provides an introduction to basic Spanish. With this course you will not become fluent, but you will acquire a range of useful expressions which you can use while on a trip to Spain. Your efforts are guaranteed to make a good impression on people you meet. The phrases included in this course have been specially chosen to help the learner make fast progress on the basics of Spanish, with each new episode building on previously-learned knowledge. Use the buttons above to access the free audio files in our lesson library, or buy the premium pack in our store.

Learn 40 Languages For Free: Spanish, English, Chinese & More Get FREE Audio Books from and How to learn languages for free? This collection features lessons in 48 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian and more. Amharic Foreign Service Institute Basic Amharic - Audio - TextbookLessons with dialogues, drills, exercises, and narratives will teach you the basics of this language spoken in Ethiopia. Ancient Greek Ancient Greek Introduction - Web SiteThe UT-Austin Linguistics Research Center provides an overview of Ancient Greek and 10 lessons based on famous Greek texts. Arabic Bookmark our free Arabic lessons section. Bambara Bambara in Mali - Web SiteLessons from the Peace Corps. Bulgarian Bulgarian Survival Phrases - iTunes Free - FeedForeign Service Institute Bulgarian - Web siteTwo textbooks (PDF) and 75 audio lessons (MP3). Cambodian Catalan One Minute Catalan - iTunes Free - FeedA good way to get going with a language still spoken by some 12 million people, many living in Northeast Spain. Lao

BBC Languages – Free Online Lessons Speak Any Language Fluently: 6 Study Hacks From Learning German I started to learn German after a day trip to Berlin 5 years ago. I fell in love with the culture and language immediately and decided that I would be speaking German Fluently by my next birthday. My affair with the German language eventually went from romantic to reality, and we had to work together to make our relationship work. Looking back, I now realize I could have cut the time it took me to master this language in half, had I only known what I know now. I’ve assembled this list of things you MUST know before you enter into a relationship with the German language. Each tip is titled with an authentic German proverb, so that those of you who are thinking of starting soon can have a head start! Translation: Probieren geht über studieren. It’s an accepted fact that speaking a language will lead you to mastery faster than studying it out of a book. The same is true for German, with one important caveat: You cannot speak for the sake of speaking. Starting to learn German is incredibly fun.

Verbling LANGUAGES ON THE WEB - THE ONE AND ONLY WEB SITE TO LEARN FOREIGN LANGUAGES ONLINE Interpret America - Home LWT: Free Language Reading Tool: Fluent In 3 Months - Language Hacking The video gives my overview of this incredibly useful and totally free tool – check it out! As I say, today you are in for a treat A new feature has been added to for everybody to use – a foreign language reading interface, which can be an incredibly useful tool to help you advance quicker in being able to read and absorb vocabulary in your target language no matter what that language may be. All you have to do is go to and you’ll find it to be pretty straightforward to navigate, especially after looking at the video above and the links below to get an idea how to use it fully. If you don’t have a log-in for the Fluent in 3 months forum yet, get that here as your log-in will keep your languages, texts and stored words/phrases private just to you. You cannot access the online system without logging in. Background But I was very pleased to see that an open source foreign language learning system has been developed by J. Instructions