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Unreal Engine 4 Unreal Engine 4 tips: A couple of random all purpose UE4 tips. Performance tips most notably. The Solus Project: Several videos and presentations on the making of the UE4 title Solus, along with the free Solus example files. Unreal Engine 3 (UT3/UDK/Other) Note these tutorials have been written with various versions of the engine. UE3 FAQ: Frequently asked questions regarding UE3. Design/Art Tutorials – Universal/Any Game Texture Tutorial: Things to keep in mind when texturing a level. Related:  UDK unreal 3 Engine TutorialskevinlonigroUnreal Engine

Blender to UDK FBX export Need HELP Please! [Archive] - Epic Games Forums hello I'm having a little problem with exporting Blender (FBX) Skeletal Mesh for the UDK, I export the mesh skeletal animation, but usually with several animations are all the same size EXAMPLE: Sword attack animation has 11 frames defend has 21 frames the falling animation is 25 frames but when I import to the UDK are all with 11 frames if anyone knows how to solve this problem please help me Thanks in advance ... using version 2.63 of Blender, and the july 2012 version of the UDK, sorry for my english I am Brazilian and I can not speak English very well had to use the Google translator ...

UDK. Unreal Development Kit Tutorials UDK Tutorials List UDK video/text tutorials covering the entire process from basics, to 3d modeling, texturing, material creation, kismet and gameplay integration of your game environment or level design. Table of Content:

The hidden tools of Game Developement Hey Fellow Unrealer's,I wanted to start a post where everyone can share cool little tools that they might use everyday to help them in development. It might be some cool little program that does one little thing or something bigger. I will go first to get things started. Here is a tool that I use everyday called, Sage Thumbs. This cool little tool that adds the ability for Windows to display lots of different thumbnails like .TGA's for example inside of Windows explorer. This makes it a great tool for having as you can now preview all the .TGA's that you are using without having to open up Photoshop or Xnview.

Supporting Game Developers with Blender 2.71 For the 2.71 release, we’ve been working on improving support for game developers using Blender with external engines. To this end, Bastien Montagne has been working on a new FBX exporter, and I have been evaluating workflows to various external engines. Dalai Felinto has also been hard at work with Cycles baking. Below you’ll find some information on the new goodies you can expect in 2.71 for game developers. New Binary FBX Exporter Blender can now export binary FBX files (version 7.4). Smaller filesizeQuicker exportsCustom propertiesReal materials with textures linked to their properties (specular, diffuse, etc.)Textures can be embedded directly in the FBX file (instead of copying to a sub-folder)New “bake space transform” (only recommended for static models for now, though should work for animated ones too), which allows to get the same rotation values in exported data as in Blender, even though the coordinate system (i.e. up/front axes) do not match. Unity What works: Notes: Limitations

KrisKelly3D // Character Artist, 3D Modeler, and Texture Artist, Digital Sculptor, Visual Effects Artist // WELCOME Helpful tools/programs list Since I've found a few cool things I thought I would compile a list. For now I restrict it to what's been incredibly useful to me as well as free.Scape (free) is the fastest terrain sculpting program I've found, it uses GPU acceleration. Other programs I feel are a bit slow if you want to get something up and running quick. You can change the heightmap dimensions in Settings\startup.conf when you have downloaded it.

UDK | CharacterArtistHome Search public documentation: CharacterArtistHome 日本語訳中国翻译한국어 Interested in the Unreal Engine? Visit the Unreal Technology site. Looking for jobs and company info? Questions about support via UDN? Populating the world with convincing and interesting looking characters is the job of the character artist. Unreal Engine 3 supports many features that make creating amazing characters possible and provides the tools necessary to make getting those characters into the engine as painless as possible. Technical documentation and tutorials over using the FBX pipeline to create and import skeletal meshes into UE3. Getting Started Topics Getting Started: Content Creation - First steps for creating content for UE3. Content Creation Topics Creating Models - Explanation of the art assets needed for creating models for UE3. Mobile Topics Designing Content for Mobile - Tips and tricks for designing content to run on mobile devices. Related Topics Tutorial Topics Important!

Environment Textures - High Resolution Textures for 3D artists and Game Developers Scape: 5. Overview and downloads Giliam de Carpentier GAME GRAPHICS, PHYSICS and AI Scape: 5. Overview and downloads June 28, 2012 Graphics Finally, the Scape terrain editor prototype is now officially open sourced and freely available for download! Introduction Originally developed as a research thesis project at Vanguard Games, Scape is a prototype application allowing the user to apply a number of brushes with complex procedural effects to manipulate heightfield terrain in real time. Even though I personally intent not to actively work on this project any longer, I hope it will already be useful to other people as-is, and that it may continue to evolve through the work of volunteers on Scape's public repository or on other projects willing to integrate (parts from) Scape. Binary release Scape 0.1.1 for Windows binary [ZIP, 7.7 MB]. Source release Scape 0.1.1 source code for Visual Studio 2008 (Express) [ZIP, 1.5 MB]. Official Mercurial repository for Scape. Procedural FX Composer project [ZIP, 0.5 MB]. Articles Scape: 1. .