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English - About us - Issues & Projects - Project: Putting Gender Equality Central Putting Gender Equality Central; a project to promote a gender and human rights perspective in WECF's activities In an effort to mainstream gender issues in WECF’s work and organisation, this year a project is executed to promote a gender and human rights perspective in WECF’s activities. Irene Dankelman, gender-environment expert from the Netherlands, has been asked to guide this process. Main aspects include the development of a gender policy and strategy for WECF, building on the experiences from partners and the secretariat so far. The development of a brochure on Sustainable Sanitation and Gender issues, and discussions around it, are part of the project. WECF wants to bring a focus on the importance of gender equality into the global climate change discussions at the UNFCCC COP14 meeting in Poznan (Poland) later this year. More information: irene.dankelman @

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