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How Smartphones Improved the Mode of Communication Smartphones have changed the method of communication. It is a handheld computer that has multiple features to run the application. Gone are the days, when people could only access the Internet from their homes or cyber cafes. With the evolution of the latest smartphones in India, the humble mobile phones are transformed from a one-trick tool for communication into a wide-ranging platform, whose functionality is constantly evolving. This tremendous technology has transformed the world and has become an important part of today’s culture. Smartphones have inalienably become a part of everyday life of people of almost all age groups.

Buy Online XOLO ERA 1X Smartphone Display Type HD, IPS ,16 M colors Size 1280 x 720, 12.7cm(5.0), 294 ppi pixel density Multitouch How Have Smartphones Transformed the World Digital technology has taken over the world and made our lives easier. Latest generation smartphones are increasingly considered as handheld computers rather than feature phones. This is all due to the on boarding computing capabilities, capacious memories, large screens and open operating systems that promotes the development of different applications.Android phones account for a majority of today’s smartphone market.

The technologies that usher smartphones into a future Not long ago smartphones once had upended the phone market. And the trend has not changed. The technology — GPS, touchscreens, web connectivity and browsing — that was once considered cutting-edge has become standard features of smartphones.With a raft of new attributes and technologies, new smartphones have enteredan era where even “Star Wars” does not seem futuristic enough. What are those new features that are pushing the technology to the limits? Xolo Smart Phones: Mobile Phone Have Changed the World for Better Cell phones have made things easier and transformed our lives to every extent. Smartphones today act as mini computers and help to make that work well done quickly much better than computers.Unlike earlier times, now one can get easily in touch with their dear and near sitting overseas in just a call. The need of standing in the long queues for making STD call has no more remained an issue. Smartphones, the Internet and all the other marvels of modern information technology have proved to be immensely useful for everyone. One feels quite lost without a cell phone, it is necessary to buy a mobile phone that helps in making your business easier. Even businesses, be it a small scale company or large scale business firm are looking to enhance their business performance by increasing their sales and enhancing the experience of the customer.

Four ways the smart phones have transformed our lives and lifestyle We are living in a smart phone age. Like it or hate it, the smart phones have altered our lifestyle. In some ways, it has made our life easier, while in others it has made us more inactive. Nonetheless, the merits of smart phones surpass its demerits, endowing us a raft of applications that help to navigate new routes, aid to learning new languages, watch and listen to favorite music and movies on the go, and whatnot. Here is a lowdown of ways smart phones have transformed our lifestyles: Xolo Smart Phones: How fast is 4G Network Over 3G? The 4G LTE smartphone has blazing-fast with every passing day over 3G phones. The fourth generation wireless technology offers high data transmission speed. It offers a significant step from 3G to 4G. Third generation (3G) phones were developed in the late 1990s and 2000s. The goal was to improve the data capability and speed.The 3G system was based on wideband CDMA that operates at 5 MHz of bandwidth and produces download data rates of typically 384 KB/s under normal conditions and up to 2 Mb/s in some instances. Whereas, 4G offers the minimum speed of around 100 megabytes per second and a maximum speed of up to 1 gigabyte per second, which is blisteringly fast.

Xolo Smart Phones: How smartphone communication is encrypted? With the advent of smartphones, the communication has become cheaper as well as easier. However, having a secure communication is still an issue. The leaps in technology have aided hackers as much as it has helped service providers. With an array of tools, a communication can be compromised, giving unauthorized access to data, whether it is text, video, e-mails or any other communication. Be it the best budget smartphone or the high-end phones, all are vulnerable to data theft and illicit access. Thus, a number of communication application developers have started using end-to-end encryption.