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Events Highlights World-changing talks, debates, film screenings, podcasts, videos, and animations - all made available for free, for everyone. All of our work including our free public events programme is supported by our 27,000 Fellows who inspire, support and enable new solutions to address the problems of the 21st Century. If you share or demonstrate a commitment to positive social change, find out how you can become a Fellow. Is War Good for Us? Mozilla Foundation The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to support and collectively lead the open source Mozilla project. Founded in July 2003, the organization sets the policies that govern development, operates key infrastructure and controls Mozilla trademarks and copyrights. It owns a taxable subsidiary: the Mozilla Corporation, which employs many Mozilla developers and coordinates releases of the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird email client. The subsidiary is 100% owned by the parent, and therefore follows the same non-profit principles. The Mozilla Foundation was founded by the Netscape-affiliated Mozilla Organization.

Why Are the Rich So Good at the Internet? Pew Internet has released a report finding that income is the strongest predictor of whether, how often, and in what ways Americans use the web. The report adds nuance--and a few surprises--to existing research on America's digital divide. It even suggests the existence of a tipping point, where Internet use takes off at a certain income level. A lot of this makes intuitive sense. After all, laptops and broadband cost money. But the Pew report finds that even among groups that own the necessary technology, less wealth equates to less (and less varied) Internet usage.

Vehicle Modeling Series - Gyrocopter Vehicle Modeling Course in Blender The Vehicle Modeling DVD was released in the first quarter of 2011, after the Intro to Blender and Character modeling series. It was our first physical DVD ever shipped and has shipped more than any other training DVD we’ve ever produced. However, now that the series has reached the ripe age of 2 years, it is being inducted into the CG Cookie Citizen library, making it accessible to all Citizen members. Trade the value of a couple lattes for complete access to our Citizen training library What you’ll learn Portable Edition your browser, your way... in your pocket™ Mozilla Firefox®, Portable Edition is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser bundled with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with you. - Support's development and hosting Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition works best with the Platform Also Available: Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition, Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition, Portable and Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Beta, Nightly Features

Mozilla Mozilla is a free software community best known for producing the Firefox web browser. The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads and supports Mozilla products, thereby promoting exclusively free software and open standards, with only minor exceptions.[1] The community is supported institutionally by the Mozilla Foundation and its tax-paying subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.[2] In addition to the Firefox browser, Mozilla also produces Thunderbird, Firefox Mobile, the Firefox OS mobile operating system, the bug tracking system Bugzilla and a number of other projects. History[edit] In a report released in November 2012, Mozilla reported that their total revenue for 2011 was $163 million, which was up 33% from $123 million in 2010. Mozilla noted that roughly 85% of their revenue comes from their contract with Google.[14]

The Mobile Device Is Becoming Humankind's Primary Tool (Infographics Feature) Worldwide Mobile Data Usage Forecast, by Region Chart 1: Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region will account for nearly 60 percent of worldwide mobile data traffic by 2014. But emerging markets such as Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa, having started with relatively small numbers, are growing the fastest. Source: Cisco Mobile-Phone Accounts Approach Level of World Population Chart 2: Mobile service is among the fastest-spreading technologies in history. Mozilla Mozilla's Mozjpeg Should Make Firefox Faster By Zach Walton · March 6, 2014 The JPEG has been around for more than 20 years now. When technology gets that old, you either take it out back or teach it some new tricks.

Security Center Whether you're using the Web or checking your email, you care about your security and privacy. In the Mozilla project we understand the importance of security. Here you will find alerts and announcements on security and privacy issues, general tips for surfing the Web and using email more securely, more information about how we maintain and enhance the security of our products, and useful links for Web developers. On this page: Introducing Popcorn Maker Brett Gaylor launching Popcorn Maker at the Mozilla Festival this morning Today at the Mozilla Festival, we’re extremely proud to launch the 1.0 version of Popcorn Maker, a free web app that makes video pop with interactivity, context and the magic of the web. Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video. Using Popcorn Maker’s simple drag and drop interface, you can add live content to any video — photos, maps, links, social media feeds and more. All right from your browser. The result is a new way to tell stories on the web, with videos that are rich with context, full of links, and unique each time you watch them.

Social Bookmarking and Annotating The driving force behind the Web 2.0 revolution is a spirit of intellectual philanthropy and collective intelligence that is made possible by new technologies for communication, collaboration and information management. One of the best examples of collective intelligence in action are the wide range of social bookmarking applications that have been embraced in recent years. Social Bookmarking Overview Designed as information management tools that allow users to categorize web finds through the use of tags---keywords that allow for easy searching and grouping of content---social bookmarking applications take advantage of the wisdom of millions of users to identify resources worth exploring.

Mozilla Plans Design Overhaul with Firefox 25 Release in October Mozilla is planning a major design overhaul of its flagship browser with the release of Firefox 25, slated to arrive in October. The company makes a point to discuss its plans for changes openly, and this upcoming new version is by no means an exception. In fact, even though Firefox 22 is in the Beta channel, Firefox 23 is in the Aurora channel, and Firefox 24 is in the Nightly channel, Mozilla has set up a special Nightly UX channel for Firefox 25. Naturally, we went out and grabbed it; the latest Firefox release is on top and the new user interface is at the bottom: Cisco: 50 Billion Things on the Internet by 2020 [Infographic] The Internet of Things, when real world objects are connected to the Internet, is a trend that we've been actively tracking since early 2009. So far a lot of big technology infrastructure and solutions companies have gotten behind the trend, for the simple reason that they see a huge market opportunity. As more and more 'things' go on the Net, it creates more demand for network infrastructure like sensors and routers. Enter the likes of Cisco and Verizon Wireless. Likewise, more technology solutions will be developed to upload and manage data from real world objects. Enter the likes of IBM and HP.