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Old Time Radio Shows

Old Time Radio Shows
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OTR.Network Library (The Old Time Radio Network) Mike's Radio World - Listen live online to over 5000 radio stations Crime Magazine Principles of writing radio drama by Tim Crook Here are some horrible truths: Most radio drama is very badly written. Radio drama is an endangered species. Ground rules The Beginning The beginning is everything. The Moment of Arrival This is how you drop your listeners into the story. Structure Set up...struggle...resolution. The Plot This is the story with lots of twists and turns. Surprise People are hungry for entertainment. Character Your main character must have the sympathy of the audience. Conflict Drama = conflict = audience. Polarities or Extremes The art of story telling is exploring the extreme limits of our psychological or physical existence. The Climax I apologize for the sexual metaphor. Dialogue This is how we engage dramatically with the world. Atmosphere / Ambience This sets the emotional spirit of the play. Emotion Got to be there. Balance Character and Plot You have to have both. Purpose Tension and Humour To stop the listener dropping off or switching off, maintain the tension always and throw in the humour. a. a.

Old Time Radio Mystery Theater Internet Archive: Details: Lux Radio Theater 01 100+ Music links to resources, web sites, mp3 search and more! | NoiseAddicts music blog Music Links For your consumption: A collection of music links that will keep you busy … for about a week. This list is by no means exhaustive (or even guaranteed to be accurate!), so please let us know by leaving comments if you think something is missing (or broken). So, here you go – enjoy ! Music Communities Last.FM Top MOG Today MyStrands Top buzznet Online music / Playlist deezer nutsie lala mediamaster simplifymedia orb mp3tunes dottunes soundpedia grooveshark imeem project playlist muxtape stumbler muxtape yooglimusic Those crazy Russians iomoio mp3sparks mp3sugar mp3city gomusic musicmp3 mp3ninja Album Art albumart Music Management Mp3Rocket iTunes eMusic Rhapsody Remixing jamglue indabamusic Music 2.0 (other) Blogs hype machine Samantha Murphy daytrotter stereogum soul sides Music Is Art largeheartedboy ryans smashing life sixeyes hardcandymusic Videos directtv yahoo music videos chime tv musicmesh mtv music videos metatube Music Search Online Radio Zine / Review

The Monster Club Beyond Tomorrow Trouble With Robots - The trouble with robots is that they do exactly as told, no matter what... The Creaking Door Auntie May - After a tragedy in which the woman he loves is killed, a man begins to have nightmares. I See Ghosts - A man in a bar has a conversation with a beautiful murder victim. Dark Fantasy Spawn Of The Subhuman - A couple discover they are trapped on an airplane that is piloted by an opera singing, gorilla-like creature, on it's way to a mad scientist. Seance - A medium develops the power to call forth not only raps and sounds at her seances, but also the visual image. W Is For Werewolf - A visit to the mysterious island home of a friend reveals the shocking discovery of a werewolf. Funeral Arrangements - A couple arrive in the town where a house they have inherited is located. Rendezvous With Satan - Upon his death, an evil man finds himself in Hell, confronted by Satan. Darkness Escape How Love Came to Prof. Witch's Tale The Weird Circle Suspense X Minus One

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