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This agreement was written in English (US). To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the English version, the English version controls. Please note that Section 17 contains certain changes to the general terms for users outside the United States. Date of Last Revision: November 15, 2013. Statement of Rights and Responsibilities This Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ("Statement," "Terms," or "SRR") derives from the Facebook Principles, and is our terms of service that governs our relationship with users and others who interact with Facebook.

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Thanksgiving: Time to Recall the Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact As Americans settle around the Thanksgiving table, it may be a good time to remember the Pilgrims and other shipmates aboard the Mayflower who were responsible for that historic journey and the signing of the Mayflower Compact. The Mayflower Compact was signed by 41 men as an agreement to be bound together as a self-governed community founded on their Christian faith and their belief in God’s providence in allowing them to establish their home in the New World. Britannica detailed how the compact was created: [The] Mayflower Compact, document signed on the English ship Mayflower on November 21 [November 11, Old Style], 1620, prior to its landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was the first framework of government written and enacted in the territory that is now the United States of America.Rough seas and storms prevented the Mayflower from reaching its intended destination in the area of the Hudson River, and the ship was steered instead toward Cape Cod. In the name of God, Amen.

'Long Before Karl Marx' the Pilgrims Experimented with Socialism Earlier this week, on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh continued his annual tradition of telling the “true story of Thanksgiving.” According to Limbaugh, the story of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock had been mischaracterized over the years, and the real story of the Pilgrims’ success is their rejection of socialism. LIMBAUGH: So my second book was “See, I Told You So.” The first book is “The Way Things Ought to Be” and the second book is “See, I Told You So.”

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving As we gather with family, or celebrate at a distance due to the ongoing pandemic, to take part in Thanksgiving, let us take a moment to reflect on this American holiday. Most people think of Pilgrims and Native Americans having a feast to celebrate the former’s first corn harvest. But it wasn’t until 168 years later that the first Thanksgiving Proclamation was made, and there was no mention of Pilgrims. There was, however, mention of God. In October 1781, when General Cornwallis surrendered his British army, it marked the birth of a nation.

Remembering The Miracle In The Trenches: The 1914 Christmas Truce » Sons of Liberty Media More than 100 years ago, enemies laid down their weapons and came out of the trenches to celebrate Christmas. It became known as the 1914 Christmas Truce, and it was indeed a miracle. On this Christmas Day 2020, I’d like to recount that miracle with a past piece from my friend Ileana Johnson. Johnson writes: In Divided Times, Lincoln's Civil War Christmas It was a viciously cold winter in 1864, the last Christmas of The American Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln received an unusual gift: Victory. And in 1863 had an unusual gift to give to relatives of his wife Mary Todd Lincoln: Forgiveness. tells us that, “On Christmas Day 1864, Tad Lincoln, the President’s young son, embraced the spirit of the holidays, inviting several cold and hungry newsboys he had met into the White House for Christmas dinner. Although the unexpected guests were a surprise to the White House cook, the President welcomed them and allowed them to stay for dinner.” A Gift for Lincoln

40+ Brilliant Aluminum Foil House-Keeping Hacks Aluminum foil is thin and shiny. And with a thickness of fewer than one millimeter, many people don’t know much about its uses. The most common use is the wrapping of cakes and the likes, but aluminum foil offers more than that. There are numerous situations where these shiny sheets could come in handy. So here are some excellent, useful ideas on how to use aluminum foil. 3+ Ways to Customise Your Facebook Profile Picture That said, there are several apps popping up that have taken the hard work out of it. The only difficulty you’ll find yourself faced with is trying to choose the profile picture you’re going to use. From branded Facebook apps that take care of the entire method step by step, to separate webapps that create the images for you to later upload to Facebook, there are a variety of ways that you can recreate the effect on your own profile. Schweppes App Schweppes were quick to stick their brand name on a Facebook app that allows you to upload, tag and share your profile photo directly within the social network. Upload the photo of your choice to the Schweppes app and resize, rotate and move the image until the final layout is to your liking.

Report: 2021 a New Decade that Will Start with Notable Winter Weather January 1 is just days away, but some are still debating whether 2021 is just another year in the decade that began in 2020 or if the New Year is the start of a new decade. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, which has been advising American farmers and others about the weather and how it influences our lives since 1818, the year 2021 is the start of the new decade: For a decade to begin, we must start with the year ending with 1 (2021) and finish with 10, or so far as chronology is concerned, a year ending in 0 (2030). For example, January 1, 2001, opened the 21st century and the start of the new millennium, just as the year 1 A.D. marked the beginning of the Christian era.As an analogy, think of going into a building in which the ground floor is listed not as the first floor, but as the lobby.

Is Happiness a Benefit of Hydration? One Study Says Yes It’s not quite as simple as chugging eight glasses a day to feel more hopeful, though. By Kelsey Ogletree December 28, 2020 Drink more water: It’s something all the health experts (and probably your mother) tell you to do. We understand that pure H20 is the healthiest alternative to other types of drinks, like soda or coffee. An Illuminating Calendar From ‘The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry’ Detail of"The Coronation of the Virgin," from "The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry," Folio 60, back; between 1412 and 1416, by the Limbourg brothers. Tempera on vellum; 8.8 inches by 5.3 inches. Condé Museum, France. (PD-US) January 9, 2021 Updated: January 9, 2021 The Book of Hours