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happy holidays! we had a lovely christmas break over here. i can't believe how quickly it came and went. on christmas eve we invited some friends over and had a relaxing dinner. artichoke dip, honey roasted ham, beer cheese soup, along with plenty of christmas cookies and a giant present shaped cake that our friends so thoughtfully made for us. after opening up our christmas jammies and watching christmas movies, we tucked the kids into bed and popped a bottle of champagne for santa duty. the next morning the kids were up by 6:30 and rushing down the stairs to see if santa had come. good news... he did. i made a delicious soup inspired by the big kids grandmother. she makes a ham and bean soup with the leftover ham from the night before. i made a few changes, but it was easy and delicious. this is what i did... you will need: have a good weekend. i will be back on monday! xx

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Блог — Class — Блог Что носит во время беременности королева вечеринок и муза M.O.L.O.K.O. agency? Юлия Коровина, 32 года. Сын Мир, 1 месяц. Как сильно изменился твой привычный стиль во время беременности? Не изменился вообще. View topic - Ducati Single Rims I have 2 questions, that are related to the same problem Im having... Restoring this 1966 scr, and chrome prices are insane these days. Does anyone know A: Is there a dealer for Radaelli Rims in the USA ?

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South Florida Farmers Market Guide Illustration: Ana Larrauri By Kyle Teal | 10/11/2012 The idea of modern day farmers markets may evoke images of pretentious hipster farmers who refuse to eat a carrot unless they’ve plucked it from their own soil, certified it organic and given it a name. But the truth of South Florida farmers markets fails to satisfy naïve, insulting stereotypes and, instead, introduces a kind of warm community where good-natured people (yes, some of them hipsters, but certainly not the pretentious type) meet to talk, laugh, and eat healthy, delicious food. While many grow and sell solely organic produce, other farmers are less concerned with today’s dietary trends and more concerned with providing fresh, local food. Bottom line: down here, there is something for everyone.

GasCap Online-Store Handmade in Catalonia. GasCap Sunglasses are made with laminated Canadian Mapple and bamboo (Recycled) CE (European Certification). Italian quality optics. 100% UVA / UVB. and polarized. Our stainless-steel, double-spring hinges mean Gascap are designed to keep their shape.Very light weight: 30g. They are sturdy, lightweight, and look great! Gascap Sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty against craftsmanship errors. Mid Century Modern Home Plans Vacation home designed by Bay Area architect Henrik Bull – illustration by Bob Wandesforde The image above is from a promotional booklet entitled Second homes for leisure living. The booklet was produced by the Douglas Fir Plywood Association and features floor plans and dimensions for 18 vacation homes built with fir plywood.

Target: Inside the Bullseye Target: Inside the Bullseye Preview Target hit the mark with a pop culture phenomenon. CNBC'€™s Scott Wapner reveals how Target became both tastemaker and discount retailer extraordinaire while continually reminding its customers to "Expect More, Pay Less." The New Rules for Sunscreen Tim Robinson There is no question most skin cancers are related to sun exposure, yet even with sunscreen sales approaching $1 billion a year, skin cancer rates continue to climb. Melanoma diagnoses have risen nearly 2 percent a year since 2000 and are increasing even more among young white women. Some experts blame inappropriate use of sunscreen, saying that people do not apply enough lotion (a golfball-size dollop) or do not reapply it every two hours as instructed. But there’s another major concern: Until recently, many sunscreens with a high sun protection factor, or SPF, were designed primarily to protect people from ultraviolet B rays, the main cause of sunburn.

Branding Is About Creating Patterns, Not Repeating Messages Brands today exist in multiple mediums, defined by multiple voices. The media brands inhabit is iterative, with no beginning, no end, and little permanency. In that context, adherence to a big idea and endless repetition of centralized, fixed rules can make a brand seem unresponsive and out of step with its audience. But without repetition, how does a brand create consistency? And without consistency, how does a brand maintain value? Brands as Patterns perfect-imperfection Color Latest “color” addition…Sennelier Oil Pastel + Duller Color Pencils. Colorful What a colorful touching movie. Diablo III — A Barbarian in Hell Level 58, in hell and I looked fierce.