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Educational Uses of Second Life

Educational Uses of Second Life

Teaching and learning through social networks Teaching and learning through social networks Submitted by admin on 27 April, 2009 - 11:51 In 2007, the British Council conducted market research into how the Internet has affected the preferred learning styles of young people wanting to learn English around the world. The results of this research suggest that if teachers are to remain relevant and effective, then they need to use 'learning technologies' to help students reach the world outside the classroom. 69% of learners around the world said that they learned most effectively when socialising informally This result suggests that a lot of students learn best from their friends and family. Perhaps that isn’t so surprising. Does that mean teachers should start taking their students to cafés more? There are other implications from the result above. The average young person in the world today owns £500 of technology (Prensky) It feels like everyone has a mobile phone today. The implications, therefore, are that teachers might: Bibliography

Virtual learning environment A virtual learning environment (VLE), or learning platform, is an e-learning education system based on the web that models conventional in-person education by providing equivalent virtual access to classes, class content, tests, homework, grades, assessments, and other external resources such as academic or museum website links. It is also a social space where students and teacher can interact through threaded discussions or chat. It typically uses Web 2.0 tools for 2-way interaction, and includes a content management system. Virtual learning environments are the basic components of contemporary distance learning, but can also be integrated with a physical learning environment[1] which may be referred to as blended learning. Virtual learning can take place synchronously or asynchronously. A virtual learning environment can also include students and teachers “meeting” online through a synchronous web-based application. Major Components Of Virtual Learning Environment[edit] Purpose[edit]

Links para encontrar ebooks de dominio público en internet Los siguientes links permiten encontrar ebooks y eAudiobooks en internet, de dominio público, en varios idiomas y para distintos formatos: 1. Biblioteca Digital MundialURL: biblioteca y mediateca multilingüe que "pone a disposición en Internet, de manera gratuita y en formato multilingüe, importantes materiales fundamentales de culturas de todo el mundo". 2. 3. 4. 5. 7.

Capítulo 6. - La tutoría: una perspectiva desde comunicación y educación Rolando Palacios1Universidad Diego Portales Con relación a los aspectos comunicacionales de la Educación a Distancia (ead), ésta apunta a la integración de varios soportes, aplicaciones y lenguajes mediales que en su conjunto constituyen estrategias comunicativas para la presentación de materiales educativos. De esa manera, comunicación y educación se articulan de manera inseparable en una situación en la cual, la distancia que existe entre los estudiantes y los especialistas en contenidos, es mediada, por un proceso comunicativo particular. Si bien este proceso no pertenece a la circulación de bienes y servicios culturales al interior de la esfera del intercambio de productos y bienes culturales masivos, circula como propósito educativo en el sistema de ead. Este conjunto de problemas se encuentran documentados, de manera dispersa, en numerosos documentos de trabajo en congresos y seminarios en la región. Aquí surge un elemento de que se ha valido la educación para comunicar: el texto.

3rd conditional This excellent activity was provided by Vera Babat, from Uruguay. Here are a few words she provided us with about herself. Thanks for your contribution. I'm a psychologist with 12 years experience teaching teenagers and young adults. Love films that make students think as it's a great chance to think critically on certain issues. Before Sunset | starring Ethan Hawk /Julie Delpy Just listen to the Waltz and write the lyrics down. Now complete the lyrics with your notes and listen again in case you’ve missed anything. Let me sing you a waltz About this _______-______ ____________ You were, for me, that night Everything I _____________ ______ ______ ____ ___________ But now you're gone You are _____________ gone _________ _______ ________ to your island of rain It was for you just a one night thing But you were much more to me, ___________ _____ _____ __________ I don't care what they say I know _________ ______ _______ _____ _______ that day I just want another try, I just want another night his book

Cursos Empresariales y Profesionales a distancia | CECAP Learning. Portal educativo de las Letras y las Artes Plásticas y Estéticas Oxford University Press – English Language Teaching Global Blog @OUPELTGlobal