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How to Age Gracefully - CBC Radio WireTap

How to Age Gracefully - CBC Radio WireTap
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The Image Hollywood Created of Africa After viewing Mama Hope's video, "Alex Presents Commando," Gabriel, Benard, Brian and Derrik (the Kenyan men in this video) told us they wanted to make one that pokes fun at the way African men are portrayed in Hollywood films. They said, "If people believed only what they saw in movies, they would think we are all warlords who love violence." They, like Mama Hope, are tired of the over-sensationalized, one-dimensional depictions of African men and the white savior messaging that permeates our media. They wanted to tell their own stories instead, so we handed them the mic and they made this video. We started this series so you could begin to reimagine Africa.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Think Your Partner Is Toxic I had an intervention once. Kind of. It wasn’t like the tearful ones that you see on TV, where a load of loved ones read notes from their pockets begging their person-who-might-have-a-problem to find themselves again. No, it wasn’t like that at all. But my mother did get me in a place where I couldn’t easily escape – her car – and, sweetly but sternly, expressed that she had something to say and that I wasn’t going to like it. I remember seeing her eyes mist while I sat, staring ahead, and just said, “Okay.” At the time, I was in a toxic relationship. I was in a relationship with a man who was always unhappy with me. Although he never caused me direct pain, physically or emotionally, he was constantly disappointed in me – and therefore distant, leaving me in a constant state of desperation. The night before my intervention, my mother had walked in on me screaming crying on the phone. Again. And I’m glad she did. Because the truth was, despite it all, I loved him – and that love was not enough.

Ajit Vadakayil: BEEJ MANTRA , ANUSWARAM NASAL SOUND , PRIMORDIAL LONGITUDINAL WAVE SOUND FREQUENCY – CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL The sign of OM is the sign of Hinduism. It is the first and foremost of all mantras. Mantra is the sound body of consciousness. OM is considered as the sound of cosmic energy and contains all the sounds in itself. The spiritual efficacy of OM is heard, not by the ears but by the heart . The frequency of OM is 7.83 Hz , which in inaudible to the ear, as the human ear of a 2 strand DNA human being like you and me , cannot discern sounds of frequency less than 20 hertz. Ohm- 7.83 Hz Gam - 14 Hz Hleem - 20 Hz Hreem - 26 Hz Kleem - 33 Hz Krowm - 39 Hz Sreem - 45 Hz All these harmonics are part of Beej mantras. OM has been lifted by other religions as AMEN, 786 ( OM symbol shown in mirror ), SHALOM, OMKAR etc- but they do NOT work. Shri Navgraha Strota: जपाकुसुमसंकाशंकाश्यपेयंमहद्युतिम् तमोऽरिM सर्वपापघ्नंप्रणतोऽस्मिदिवाकरम् | I bow to Surya, who shines like JapaKusuma flower, who is son of Kasyapa, who is resplendent, who is enemy of darkness n who destroys all sins. दधिशण^खतुषाराभंक्शीरोदार्णवसंभवम् Rahu

mondegreens A Collection of Humorous Mondegreens The word Mondegreen, meaning a mishearing of a popular phrase or song lyric, was coined by the writer Sylvia Wright. As a child she had heard the Scottish ballad "The Bonny Earl of Murray" and had believed that one stanza went like this: Ye Highlands and Ye Lowlands Oh where hae you been? They hae slay the Earl of Murray, And Lady Mondegreen. Poor Lady Mondegreen, thought Sylvia Wright. Listed below are my favorites. Return to my Personal Interests page Return to my HOME page Méfiez-vous des arnaqueurs dans la rue! En balade dans Paris, je viens de voir un jeune touriste se faire arnaquer d’une centaine d’euros en moins de deux minutes sans que je puisse l’avertir. L’arnaque en question étant vieille comme le monde, je ne pensais pas qu’il existait encore des personnes se faisant piéger ainsi. Il s’agit de ce jeu où il faut trouver la bonne carte parmi trois autres (three card monte en Anglais ou bonneteau en Français) ou autres variantes autour de ce thème. La simplicité du jeu est certainement à l’origine de l’efficacité et de la longévité de cette arnaque. L’arnaqueur D’abord, la personne qui manipule les cartes possède une dextérité dont vous n’avez certainement pas conscience. Si vous avez affaire à une variante où il faut trouver une bille, c’est encore plus difficile. Les complices Ensuite, règle de base d’une bonne arnaque, elle n’est jamais réalisée en solo! rendre le jeu crédible Les complices jouent; qu’ils perdent ou gagnent n’a que peu d’importances et pour cause. défendre l’arnaqueur

Mexican doodles I never had a class that didn’t ask if I wear a kilt when I am in my country. I wonder if Mexican teachers working away from home get asked the same thing about sombreros. This is a silly game that I remember from my childhood. Language level: Beginner (A1)Learner type: Young learners; Teens; AdultsTime: 20 minutesActivity: Grammar drillTopic: StereotypesLanguage: Noun phrases (with the –ing form of the verb)Materials: None Mexican doodles [downloaded 2613 times] Lesson plan outline Language introduction: One by one, draw the following 8 pictures on the board and in each case, ask: What’s this? Tell students the answers as you go along and drill pronunciation of all the structures. a. Receptive stage: Clean the board. Note that despite the importance of noun phrases in language, traditional learner grammars sometimes forget about them (sentences, on the other hand, are never forgotten). Follow ups Ask students if they can invent their own similar pictures.

El precio de ser libre - Proyecto Kahlo Una frida nos cuenta cómo la libertad de las mujeres es constantemente juzgada, criticada y relacionada con la palabra puta. Ilustración: María B. En la tienda, parada frente al espejo, me miré y pude sonreír; pude reconocerme en mis defectos y virtudes; aceptarme en esencia y gritar, gritar y gritar. “¡Pero mira! Eran la clase de cosas que yo solía escuchar cuando era pequeña y, sin desearlo, esas ideas echaron raíz en mí. La verdad es que pasaron años para que yo me atreviera a usar alguna falda o vestido sin medias. ¿Pero qué pasa? En aquel tiempo me miré al espejo y no me reconocí; estaba llena de inseguridades y me sentía la mujer menos atractiva del planeta (y ¿de qué otra forma me podía sentir cuando en todos los medios me decían que no era bonita si no me parecía a Megan Fox?). Pero realmente estaba harta, muy harta. Si el precio a pagar por ser dueña de mi cuerpo y decisiones es ser una puta, entonces lo soy. Comprendí que no hay por qué temer a ser juzgadas. Maria B.

Heart of Hinduism: Doctrine: Sankhya and Yoga Kapila, who founded the school of Sankya. Some Hindus claim there were two Kapilas, teaching theistic and atheistic versions of this doctrine. Sankhya, derived from the word meaning "to count," is a philosophical system of analysing matter established by Kapila. It aims to overcome suffering through cultivating discrimination and by releasing the soul (purusha) from its entanglement in matter (prakriti). Scholars say that it was originally a non-theistic system delineating 24 material truths (or elements), with the soul as the 25th. As theistic schools evolved, they added a 26th element, the paramapurusha or God (purusha and paramapurusha are here synonymous with atman and paramatman). Patanjali-yoga, also called raja- or astanga-yoga, is intimately linked with Sankhya, its "sister" darshan. The 24 Elements of Sankhya Philosophy The pradhana is the unmanifest three modes of nature (goodness, passion and ignorance). Pradhana False-ego Intelligence Mind Five gross elements Five sense objects

Welcome to EFL Literature Circles De Paris à New York, les plans de métro simplifiés de Jug Cerovic Débarquer à Londres. Arriver à la gare de Saint-Pancras. Se diriger vers le hall, puis vers le panneau “Subway”. Là, Jug Cerovic débarque. Le métro de Londres selon Jug Cerovic (Crédit Image : Jug Cerovic) Jug Cerovic ? Pour ce faire, le monsieur a utilisé des symboles et des couleurs identiques afin de donner une cohérence visuelle.

Forget John Lewis, this is the saddest Christmas ad you'll ever see | Business Handkerchiefs at the ready: the German supermarket chain Edeka has aired a Christmas ad that could top John Lewis’s “Man on the Moon” as this season’s biggest tear-jerker. In the ad, which has been viewed on YouTube almost 10m times, a lonely old man comes up with drastic measures to bring his family together: he fakes his own death. It starts with the man, played by British actor Arthur Nightingale, receiving a voicemail from his daughter telling him that, once again, the family won’t make it home for Christmas. He sits alone at the dinner table, enduring yet another lonely Christmas. In the next scene, his children, all busy in daily life, get the news that their father has died. They all meet at their father’s house, grieving and dressed in black, but to their astonishment find the table set for dinner and their father, obviously alive, emerging from the kitchen.

Las mujeres wodaabe Hace muchos años que mujeres de medio mundo luchan por conseguir la igualdad. Pese a ello, todavía hoy es factible decir que existe en muchas sociedades una supremacía del ellos frente a ellas. Pero eso no pasa, sorprendentemente, en una tribu africana. En la tribu Wodaabe, las mujeres dominan sobre los hombres. Se trata de una comunidad islámica nómada gobernada por mujeres. En el mes de septiembre, y anualmente, los hombres wodaabe celebran el festival Gerewol tras la época de lluvias, un festival que dura una semana y en el que ellos se maquillan todo el cuerpo y tratan de impresionar a las mujeres bailando para ellas. La Sombra Manifesting with the Law of Attraction - Page 2 of 2 When we are in a state of bliss and peacefulness and offering gratitude daily, these feelings and emotions flow back to us effortlessly with ease. On the other hand, when we feel sad and lonely, these same feelings continue to swirl and twirl around us leaving us in this same state. You can feel the energy of possibility coming in, and it is going strong. An Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. It's Good Karma to Share:

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