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Meta-Search Engines-The Library

Meta-Search Engines-The Library
"Smarter" meta-searcher technology includes clustering and linguistic analysis that attempts to show you themes within results, and some fancy textual analysis and display that can help you dig deeply into a set of results. However, neither of these technologies is any better than the quality of the search engine databases they obtain results from. Few meta-searchers allow you to delve into the largest, most useful search engine databases. They tend to return results from smaller and/or free search engines and miscellaneous free directories, often small and highly commercial. Although we respect the potential of textual analysis and clustering technologies, we recommend directly searching individual search engines to get the most precise results, and using meta-searchers if you want to explore more broadly. The meta-search tools listed here are "use at your own risk." Better Meta-Searchers Meta-Search Engines for SERIOUS Deep Digging CSEs: Make Your Own Meta-Search Engine

List of People search engines This is a list of articles about search engines, including web search engines, selection-based search engines, metasearch engines, desktop search tools, and web portals and vertical market websites that have a search facility for online databases. By content/topic General P2P search engines Geographically limited scope Semantic Accountancy IFACnet Business Computers Enterprise Funnelback: Funnelback SearchJumper 2.0: Universal search powered by Enterprise bookmarkingOracle Corporation: Secure Enterprise Search 10gQ-Sensei: Q-Sensei EnterpriseTeraText: TeraText Suite Fashion Fashion Net Food/Recipes Genealogy family history search engine Mobile/Handheld Job Legal Medical News People Real estate / property Television TV Genius Video Games Wazap (Japan) By information type Search engines dedicated to a specific kind of information Forum Omgili Blog Multimedia Source code BitTorrent Cloud Search engines listed below find various types of files that have been stored in the cloud and made publicly available. Email Cinq moteurs de recherche 3D - Journal du Net Lassés des interfaces classiques, certains moteurs ajoutent une dimension supplémentaire à la restitution de leurs résultats. Quelques résultats en image et en 3 dimensions. Searchcube est très certainement aujourd'hui le moteur le plus abouti dans sa présentation en trois dimensions des résultats de ses recherches. A la manière d'un Rubik's Cube, les parois du cube affichent les pages issues de la requête. Searchcube utilise l'API Google Ajax Search, kit de développement permettant d'interroger directement la base de données de Google. Le site : Searchcube

Meta search engine | Mother of All Search Engines - SEO - Search Engine Optimization To learn more about SEO, also see our What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? page. Apr 9, 2014 at 9:10am ET by Derek Edmond While B2B SEOs understand the value in content marketing initiatives, we sometimes fail to understand the level of content commitment required to demonstrate success. In the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council's recent study, "The Content Connection to Vendor Selection," researchers uncovered six distinct personas that all consume different types of content and share that content with other levels within the company. According to the report, these various buyers consume a spectrum of content marketing assets in an effort to keep current on new technologies, glean insight and shape purc [...] Related Topics: B2B Search Marketing Column | Channel: SEO | SEO - Search Engine Optimization | SEO: Writing & Body Copy Apr 7, 2014 at 10:22am ET by Greg Sterling RetailMeNot is having remarkable SEO success. Apr 4, 2014 at 9:20am ET by Mitul Gandhi

KartOO visual meta search engine Picollator - Web and Multimedia Search Engine World Wide Web Research Tools World Wide Web Research ToolsRobert Harris + February 17, 2014 Yes, I know that Google is the search tool of choice preferred by many people as their go-to guy when they want to know something or find a photo. But you ought to use a variety of search tools when you need to do an in-depth look for something. Besides, just because you have a really good pair of needle nose pliers in your toolbox, you wouldn't say you don't need a pair of lineman's pliers, too, would you? Or to change metaphors, just because you already have a really good pair of shoes in your closet, you wouldn't say you don't need any more shoes, would you? So, anyway, moving right along. E n g i n e s Custom Search D i r e c t o r i e s R e f e r e n c e a n d D a t a b a s e s G r a p h i c s S p e c i a l t y P e r i o d i c a l s G o v e r n m e n t B o o k s M e d i a N e w s Search Tips | Evaluating Research | Information Biases | Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Showdown | Citing Web Pages MLA Style | APA Citation Style

Wikia Search s'arr 01net. le 01/04/09 à 18h48 Début 2008, peut-être grisé par le succès de Wikipedia, le cofondateur de l'encyclopédie collaborative, Jimmy Wales, venait chatouiller Google sur son terrain en lançant le moteur de recherche Wikia Search. Il vient de remiser le défi dans ses placards en annonçant sur son blog la fin du projet. « S'il y a une chose que j'ai apprise dans ma carrière, écrit-il sur son blog, c'est qu'il faut se focaliser sur ce qui marche et laisser de côté ce qui ne marche pas ». Jimmy Wales affirme que si la situation économique et financière mondiale n'avait pas été celle qu'elle est aujourd'hui, il aurait continué à investir dans Wikia Search malgré tout. Dix mille utilisateurs par mois Wikia Search réunissait 10 000 utilisateurs tous les mois ces six derniers mois, selon Cnet. Mais il a aussi souffert d'une concurrence subite de...

Mobile search Market description[edit] "Competition for the US mobile search market promises to be fierce, thanks to the large US online ad market and strong pushes by portals. By 2011, mobile search will account for around $715 million, or almost 15% of a total mobile advertising market worth nearly $4.7 billion", according to a leading market research firm; eMarketer.[1] Depending on a researcher's particular bias toward telecom, Web or technology factors, the published forecasts for global mobile search vary from $1.5 billion by 2011 (from Informa Telecoms & Media) to over $11 billion by 2008 (according to Piper Jaffray).[2] Mobile search is important for the usability of mobile content for the same reasons as internet search engines became important to the usability of internet content. Early internet content was largely provided by portals such as Netscape. As the depth of available content grew, portals were unable to provide total coverage. Types of mobile search[edit] [edit] Main providers[edit]