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Deep Dream - Online Generator

Deep Dream - Online Generator
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Permugram - permutation poetry A Fiber Artist on Lopez Island: December 2013 It's going to be one of those random days today. I woke up thinking about Babylon (I watched a documentary on it last night before going to bed) and the amazing influence it's great thinkers have had on us today. The Babylonian mathematical system was sexagesimal, or base 60. (Did I ever learn this in school??? Obviously only in passing, if I did.) From that we have 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 360 degrees in a circle. Really, just think about it.

DeepDream - a code example for visualizing Neural Networks Posted by Alexander Mordvintsev, Software Engineer, Christopher Olah, Software Engineering Intern and Mike Tyka, Software Engineer Two weeks ago we blogged about a visualization tool designed to help us understand how neural networks work and what each layer has learned. In addition to gaining some insight on how these networks carry out classification tasks, we found that this process also generated some beautiful art. We have seen a lot of interest and received some great questions, from programmers and artists alike, about the details of how these visualizations are made. We have decided to open source the code we used to generate these images in an IPython notebook, so now you can make neural network inspired images yourself! The code is based on Caffe and uses available open source packages, and is designed to have as few dependencies as possible.

Surface Pro 3: Common Problems and How to Fix Them Is your Surface Pro 3 on the fritz? If so, you’re in the right place. Here, we examine some of the most common Surface Pro 3 problems that people have been experiencing, and see if we can figure out workarounds or solutions. Related: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review, Best accessories for your Surface Pro 3 Click on an issue to jump to it: Problem: Random freezing A lot of people have been complaining that their Surface Pro 3 keeps freezing randomly. There’s no common cause, so try to pay attention to what you were doing when the freeze occurred. Possible workaround: Hold down the Power button and the Volume up button for 15 seconds. Other potential solutions: Make sure that your Surface Pro 3’s firmware is completely up to date. Glitch: Cursor disappears Some Surface Pro 3 owners have found that folding the Type Cover keyboard back makes the cursor disappear, and it refuses to return when the keyboard is flipped back around. Workaround: Try removing and reattaching the cover. Workarounds:

Welcome to Nebalia IIPImage » Demos Here are a set of demos featuring the various viewers available for the IIPImage server. IIPZoom is flash based. IIPMooViewer uses HTML5 and javascript. JIIP is java based. IIPZoom – Flash Viewer IIPZoom client showing the massive ultra-high resolution image of Blue Marble, Next Generation (86400 x 43200 pixels, RGB, 10.7GB uncompressed TIFF) courtesy of Visible Earth and the NASA Earth Observatory Team. © 2005 NASA. Click the image to see in high resolution this small 30×20 cm 16th Century painting entitled The Lady Praying from the collection of the Louvre museum. Click the image to zoom into this beautiful 29566 x 14321 pixel Hubble telescope image of star birth in the Carina Nebula. Example showcasing the new dynamic watermarking feature introduced in version 0.9.9 of the server. IIPMooViewer – HTML5 Viewer HTML5 based IIPMooViewer for panorama of the Louvre Museum, Paris. Jiip – Java Viewer 3rd Party Clients Alternatively, here is the same image streamed to the Seadragon Ajax client.

Google is working on a project that will test the artistic ability of AI Google is working on a new project to determine if artificial intelligence can ever be truly creative. The project, called Magenta, was unveiled this weekend at Moogest in Durham, North Carolina, Quartz reports. During a presentation at Moogfest, Google Brain researcher Douglas Eck said the goal of the new group is to determine if AI is capable of creating original music and visual art somewhat independently of humans. Can AI be creative? The Magenta team will use Google's open-source machine learning software TensorFlow, and try to "train" AI to make art. A member of the Magenta team, Adam Roberts, demoed a digital synth program that could make music after listening to notes played by a human. The idea itself — that AI can be used to create art — is not new. Magenta will publicly launch at the start of June, Quartz reports. SourceQuartz

Burrows Apps Blog: How to hack Scribd to download documents for free How to download documents for free I was looking at an online document that SOMEONE ELSE UPLOADED and it was very helpful, so I wanted to download it. Scribd however, wanted to charge a daily fee of around $5 dollars to download the content, when it clearly says someone uploaded it. Here was the document that I wanted: For Public ID's(2012): *document ID* = 90924585 ID*/ or ID*/download Insert the number id in the here ^ Sometimes using the first download link is better because it creates a download button. Update(2/18/12): For Private ID's: Example URLs: Right-click > View Page Source > Save as to a document on your computer *Make sure you do this to get the entire "Generated Source" (I used Mozilla FireFox)

Interzone Comment faire une Dreamachine simple et pas chère 1. Matériel : - une platine ou un électrophone tournant en 78 tours (en vente d'occasion chez Emmaüs), (voir en bas de page pour une machine 45 tours) - une grande feuille de carton aux dimensions supérieures ou égales à 90 cm x 65,5 cm, assez rigide pour que le futur cylindre qui va être confectionné puisse tenir debout sur la platine, et assez souple pour être travaillée et découpée facilement. En vente dans les papeteries en plusieurs épaisseurs et dimensions. - une grande règle graduée de 30 ou 40 cm, - une équerre, - un crayon de papier à mine fine, - une gomme, - un tube de colle, - un cutter, - une ampoule 100 watts, - une douille, - une prise mâle, - fil électrique (5 à 6 m - une prise multiple pour brancher l'ampoule et la platine, - un mètre ruban, - épingles à linge. 2. Un après-midi, plus le temps nécessaire au séchage de la colle avant utilisation. 3. Pour faire une dreamachine, il faut un cylindre percé de trous, fixé sur une platine tournant à la vitesse de 78 tours/minute. 4. 5.

House Plans and Home Floor Plans at Architectural Designs alt-AI Download James Joyce's Ulysses_ A Study - Old Pirate Bay Type: Books Files: Size: Seeders: Leechers: Info Hash: ddae5f78c0b0396a1b01bb74f3846beb4d0bd396 Stuart Gilbert - James Joyces Ulysses: A Study (Vintage, 1955). 405 pages.