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Daily News for Kids, Students & Teachers

Daily News for Kids, Students & Teachers

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The Connected Classroom - News Kids need the news presented to them in a manner that they can understand with the background that they may not have learned yet. Here are some sites that gives the kids the news that they need to know. CNN Student News multiple uses of newspapers & magazines for ELT Newspaper fire orange (Photo credit: NS Newsflash) I love using real things for teaching English. By “real things” I mean something from real life – and not something specially developed for learning or teaching. That’s why I prefer usual movies (and not educational ones – they are hardly very exiting, most of the times, usual radio and not “special English” stations, and usual newspapers (not the ones for ESL learners). Talking about the newspapers, their use in class (and outside too) is limitless.

Training videos This is a full archive of all the explanatory/training videos we’ve produced, plus video footage of some of our presentations and interviews. We hope you find them insightful and instructive. To help you navigate, we’ve grouped the videos by topic and noted how long each one is. Please feel free to send us any comments or questions. How to teach pronunciation from an ELF perspective? Listening Listening Lessons Dogs, Dogs, Dogs - Idioms and phrases using the word 'Dog'. Get the phone! - A listening exercise. Listen to the phone conversation and then answer the questions. WHAT’S GOING ON IN THIS PICTURE - The Learning Network Blog Photo Students 1. After looking closely at the image above (or at the full-size image), think about these three questions: What is going on in this picture?

PET Speaking: Home – There are four parts in the PET speaking test: Part 1: general introductions;Part 2: discussion about a situation;Part 3: photographs; andPart 4: discussion about a topic. You can find up-to-date information about the PET exam at the Cambridge ESOL website. Breaking News English Breaking News English Home | Help This Site The 1,000 Ideas &Activities e-Book Sean's 9 Other Free Materials Websites Listen to the 20 Questions. Put the words below in the correct order to make the questions.

School Report - Lesson 4: Broadcasting news This lesson explains how to group stories into bulletins and the art of presentation. It also introduces the art of headline writing. Video: Broadcasting News - Huw Edwards Classroom Activities to Encourage Critical Thinking – Greek Teachers in England The ability to think critically is especially important in our day and age as more and more students seem to be lacking the skill to filter the information they retrieve on a daily basis. As digital citizens, they acquire knowledge from online resources which might be limited or superficial at times. Thus, the tricky question posed is how we, as educators, can spur critical thinking and authentic communication so that they can later develop 21st-century competencies, such as collaboration and problem-solving. What is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking is a term describing the ability to process, question and analyze all these information students receive from official and authentic grounds, i.e. the school and the online environment, respectively.

A sophisticated first novel introduces readers to death row Listen Story audio Aug 1, 2013 37min 9sec Elizabeth L. Silver's debut novel introduces readers to Noa P. Singleton, a woman on death row for murder. The mother of her victim, a lawyer, helped put her there — but now she's had a change of heart. The older woman will help Noa avoid execution, she says, if Noa will explain what led her to commit the murder. ABC3 - News - ABC3 Kids Wellbeing 5,000 kids are surveyed about their every day lives. Syria Ceasefire The US and Russia have negotiated a ceasefire. New Spaceship Virgin Galactic has unveiled it's new spaceship, the VSS Unity. Fiji Storm One of the biggest storms in the southern hemisphere. Sniffer Dogs Helping humans in the fight against animal extinction.

Principles, Guidelines and the CEFR the ELP’s essential features, for example its three parts: Language Passport, Language Biography, Dossier its explicit aims, notably to foster linguistic and cultural diversity, to promote intercultural learning, to support lifelong plurilingual learning, to develop learner autonomy, to provide a transparent and coherent means to record communicative competence (relating to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) that is recognisably European The Annotated Principles and Guidelines describe the above points in detail. The Principles and Guidelines were adopted and the development and use of the ELP were recommended by the Ministers of Education of all the member States of the Council of Europe in the Resolution on the European Language Portfolio (adopted at the 20th Session of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education of the Council of Europe, Cracow, Poland, 15-17 October 2000). Read more The CEFR describes in a comprehensive manner:

Payless fools social media influencers with a fake luxury store (by Amy Lieu, Fox News) – Payless, the affordably priced shoe company, revealed an advertising campaign Wednesday (Nov. 28) that attempted to show the quality of its shoes by fooling fashion-savvy influencers at a fake posh store in Los Angeles. The company took over a former Armani store and renamed it “Palessi.” They created a sleek website and an Instagram account.

Student News - May 2, 2014 (CNN Student News) -- May 2, 2014 Covered this Friday: Malaysia's government releases a preliminary report on a missing plane, and Nigerians search for the kidnappers of hundreds of girls. In the U.S., a former president joins American veterans on the mountain bike trail, and a Maryland educator receives one of the highest honors in his field. We also cover an act of kindness that made prom night more special for two teenage couples. On this page you will find today's show Transcript, the Daily Curriculum, and a place for you to leave feedback.