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Digital Nation - Life On The Virtual Frontier

Digital Nation - Life On The Virtual Frontier

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Social Media And The Loss Of Uncorrelated Wisdom It’s now a well-established fact that a group of people with diverse opinions can often make uncannily accurate decisions--smarter in many cases than any single individual could possibly manage. Open markets are the epitome of this, because they weigh individual opinions with real money, and as a result they sometimes produce decisions that seem truly prescient. Orange-crop futures markets, for instance, do a better job predicting Florida weather than meteorologists. And just a few minutes after the 1986 explosion of the Challenger space shuttle, the stock market correctly zeroed in on Morton-Thiokol, maker of the frozen O-rings, even though it was several weeks before a team of engineers investigating the disaster figured it out.

Encyclopedia Britannica in the age of Wikipedia The Encyclopedia Britannica, in its now-defunct printed edition. Photograph: Alamy My childhood was richer because we had an encyclopedia at home. It wasn't the ultra-expensive Encyclopedia Britannica, but rather the thinner, more modestly priced World Book. My school library had a full Britannica set, and I spent countless hours immersed in both. They were among my favorite windows into ideas and the larger world, and a mainstay of my academics until college.

Formative Assessment - Assessment So, what is formative assessment? "A key feature of formative assessment is that it provides information to students and teachers concerning changes that can be made to improve performance." One of the defining features of the process of formative assessment as described in this book is that it provides information to students and teachers regarding adaptations they might make to improve performances. On the students’ side, this involves identifying the specific content they must improve on and things they might do to improve. For example, after receiving instructional feedback on her use of the overhand throw, a student realizes that she needs to hold the softball looser when she throws.

What Kind Of Cyber Guide Are You? A Quiz For Parents And Caregivers About FRONTLINEWatch FRONTLINE OnlineScheduleSearch What Kind of Cyber Guide are You? A Quiz for Parents and Caregivers Social networking, chat rooms, online games, and instant messaging--kids are growing up online, and most parents find it challenging to manage their kids' multitasking on the Internet. What kind of approach do you take when it comes to your kids and the Internet? Take this quiz and find out!

Digital Workshops - Online Resources For Parents And Educators Learn how to be a better parent, teacher or caregiver to the “digital natives” in your life and gain the knowledge and skills for understanding, analyzing and participating in our technology-infused world. WATCH the featured videos from Digital Nation.PARTICIPATE in online quizzes and polls to reflect on your digital life.RATE your agreement or disagreement with controversial issues in “Where Do You Stand?”READ more about “digital natives” from our parenting and educational experts.COMMENT on the ideas explored in this program. Acknowledgements Simone Nathan-Bloom and Professor Renee Hobbs conceptualized the design of this curriculum. Renee Hobbs developed the program materials with support from her team at the Media Education Lab at Temple University's School of Communications and Theater in Philadelphia, Pa.

The End of Solitude - The Chronicle Review What does the contemporary self want? The camera has created a culture of celebrity; the computer is creating a culture of connectivity. As the two technologies converge — broadband tipping the Web from text to image, social-networking sites spreading the mesh of interconnection ever wider — the two cultures betray a common impulse. Celebrity and connectivity are both ways of becoming known. This is what the contemporary self wants. It wants to be recognized, wants to be connected: It wants to be visible. Netanyahu presses Obama on Iran nuclear program as talks reopen The leaders met for about two hours in the Oval Office at a crucial juncture in Obama’s effort to restrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions and win the trust of Israel, the closest U.S. ally in the Middle East. Israeli officials afterward called the talks “positive” and said both sides agreed on the need to continue economic and political pressure on Iran. But hours after the meeting, Netanyahu renewed his warning that time for diplomacy was running out.

Present yourself on! There is nothing like being “actually” with a great teacher or presenter. Their energy and ability to connect with their students or audience are not to be replicated. There are times though when that isn’t logistically or financially possible, or when it is simply doesn’t make sense.