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untitled Tiger tesl Sharifian - Ten Conversation Lessons with Stories, Vocabulary Practice, Questions and Activities The Internet TESL Journal Farzad Sharifianf.sharifian [at] Cowan University (Western Australia) Suggestions for Using the Lessons The Story Depending on the main objective(s) of the course, the teacher may choose to read the story aloud asking the students not to look at it or ask the students to read the story to themselves silently and as quickly as possible. Vocabulary Practice The teacher may ask the students to answer the vocabulary questions as soon as they are through with the story. Questions for Discussion The questions posed under this section are meant to stimulate spontaneous speech and class discussion. Activities Here the teacher may ask students to pair up and tell each other the story in their own words and he himself may act as a co-communicator or a counselor. Miscellany A variety of statements such as proverbs and quotes can be found under this section. Lesson 1 - A Soldier's Lie Mark the best choice.' Why did the soldier tell the officer a lie? A Saying

NIVÅANPASSAT PÅ ENGELSKA – Patricia Diaz Här tänkte jag försöka samla specifika digitala resurser som kan användas i engelskundervisningen i de grupper där man har lite extra behov av att förse eleverna med mer individanpassade övningar på olika nivåer. Den här sidan är alltså ett komplement till den ”stora” länksamlingen för engelska som du hittar i menyraden under ”Länksamlingar” högst upp på den här sidan. Där hittar du också en länksamling över digitala verktyg. Gissar att det är verkligheten för många och att många av er har massor av bra tips att dela med er av. Nyheter från den engelskspråkiga världen presenteras på lätt engelska. Med Readtheory kan man arbeta med läsförståelse på den nivå där man befinner sig. Det första som händer när man loggar in på Readtheory (med inloggningsuppgifter som läraren förser en med) är att man gör ett så kallat ”pretest” – en slags diagnos för placeras på rätt nivå i systemet. Readtheory är ett bra komplement till den övriga undervisningen. Newsela – en (snygg!)

SpeakPipe - receive voice messages from your audience directly on your website. Travelling, 7-8 Background Transportation Vocabulary Guessing Game (4:14) Listen to sounds and guess what makes them.Transport 2 | Learn English | Vocabulary B2 (10:30) Learn travelling vocabularyESL Travel Plan Conversation (1:00) Animated dialogue, clear speechCome fly with me (4:39) Interview with a flight attendant Warm-up Pegasus Airlines Safety Announcement (1:11) A safety announcement acted by childrenVirgin America Safety Video Security Announcement song with lyricsFirst Class Flight (Mr. Booking a Ticket At the travel agent (6:50) Animated dialogue, English Basic CommunicationBooking a flight ESL video (7:35) A telephone conversationFake Airline Ticket Print your own ticket to any destination Vocabulary Check-in Self-Service Check-in (1:16) Instruction how to use the machineChecking in at an airport (1:30) A very natural situationSpeaking English at the airport (2:59) Sentences for check-in and security check On the Plane On The Airplane (3:32) A Roleplay from boarding to talking during the flight

Four speaking activities In this post, I would like to share four speaking activities that worked very well in my classes. There are two games to practise comparatives and superlatives and two activities to practise describing people. Four speaking activities – Superlatives and comparatives The first two activities help your students practise the usage of comparatives and superlatives. The first one is a simple board game. Ask your students to find something that will serve as their counter. Superlatives and comparatives – board game pdf If a group of students finishes early, ask them to play again. The second speaking activity demands very little preparation. Who is the best _________? Once they complete their questions, they work in pairs and read their questions to their partners. It is really simple, but it works. Four speaking activities – Describing people Print the following worksheet. Students must not show their worksheet to their partner. I hope that all the speaking activities will work for you.

Free Samples of Espresso English E-Books & Courses – Espresso English Do you want to try my lessons before you buy them? Go right ahead! Click the green button to download free sample lessons from ALL my products: Download your Free Lesson Sample Pack It’s a VERY large file – 300 MB – so it will take some time to download fully! If you love all the samples, I’d highly recommend purchasing the complete program, so you can get a 35% discount. Alternatively, you can use these individual links to get free samples. Right-click on each link and then select “Save” or “Save as…” to download it. Everyday English Speaking Course Vocabulary Builder Course – Level 1 Vocabulary Builder Course – Level 2 Advanced English Grammar Course American English Pronunciation Course English Listening Course Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course Business English Course English Idioms Course 1000 Collocations in 10 Minutes a Day E-Book 600+ Confusing English Words Explained E-Book Slang & Informal English E-Book Get English lessons by E-mail!

Speaking aids Probably you agree that these little things make a lot of difference and it is with good reason why people spend time, money and energy to get the right small objects to help them put themselves and their loved ones into the right mood. Why use speaking aids Post-it notes Walls Coloured paper Small objects To control turn-taking As metaphors Conclusion Why use speaking aids In contrast, we often expect that our students have the right mood to speak without having anything that would help them to be in the right mood to speak, or any prompt that would help the flow of ideas. These small prompts or small speaking aids get especially important when children get into the age when they want to speak about themselves more than e.g. about the little animals or fairies in a tale. In this article, I will give you some ideas what little objects to use and how to use them so that students aged 12 upwards find speaking easier and less stressful. Original idea by Karen Sekiguchi

Verb Tenses Interactive Grammar Game for ESL - Jeopardy Quiz Game Practice different Verb Tenses (Present simple tense, present progressive, past simple, past progressive, present perfect, future tenses and more) using this ESL Jeopardy Quiz Game. This game is also excellent for classroom teaching. Teachers can engage students in a classroom grammar review for elementary ESL, EFL Learners. Games are great for motivating students to learn. More Games Förbättra din engelska genom... discussion-game.pdf Free ESL Worksheets, English Teaching Materials, ESL Lesson Plans 10 Outstanding Websites for English Teachers - WeAreTeachers As a high school English teacher, I’m always using outside websites and resources. After all, if it helps my students and gets them excited about English, then I’m happy to try it. These are my best websites for English teachers. I’d love to hear your picks in the comments section. We’ll update this as more ideas for best websites for English teachers roll in! 1. Teaching Tolerance is “a place where educators who care about diversity, equity and justice can find news, suggestions, conversation and support.” 2. With the slogan “Meet your next favorite book,” Goodreads is a bit of technological wonder for readers. 3. So much more than just a place to catch cheaters, although it is very good at that. 4. Whether your students need clarification on grammar, style or proper citations, this site can help. 5. Handouts for virtually every writing issue your students could come across. 6. Let’s be honest: None of us really loves teaching grammar. 7. 8. 9. “Publish your passions, your way.” 10.